Written in the Stars

This week Sun is in 6th with Mars. It is not a favourable situation. But you are active throughout the week. Some incidence may bring mental worries. Disputes arise between husbands and wives. They may be distanced temporarily. Abdomen and urinary illnesses shown. These ill-effects do not last long. Matrimonial activities will be delayed.
Sun moves in 5th house. There will be mental pain. Not good for spouse. Beware of accidents. Break up of love affairs. Children suffer from ill-health. Education of students disrupted. May get into trouble because of stubbornness. Be careful as there are chances of physical injury.
This is a week of mental worries as Sun moves in 4th house. You will go through painful a period regarding love affairs. There will be deception and misgivings. Students see improvement in their studies. Rise in your status at work place. Opportunity to pursue new fields; may turn to religious activities.
You are perseverant this week owing to the movement of Sun in 6th. But as a whole this is not a favourable period. There will be setbacks at place of work. You show a dislike in household chores. Have to incur losses in house building and buying of lands. Marriage plans will be delayed. May suffer from body aches.
The movement of Sun and Mars in 2nd house is not a good sign. Setbacks seen in in married life. Position at the work place is not so favourable. Objectives of job seekers will be delayed. Love affairs will meet with difficulties. Disputes arise among young people. There will be neck and throat illnesses.
Sun occupies the lagna with Mars. You will he involved in disputes. Delays seen in matrimonial affairs. Students achieve success at studies. Profits from documental work. You will undertake journeys to distant places. Will suffer from diseases pertaining to head. Take care in travelling as there may be accidents.
You act intelligently this week. This will help to avoid many troubles. Although you face difficult situations at work place, you can overcome these due to your farsightedness. You get support from paternal side. Students can improve their abilities. Profits from speculations; be careful as family unity can be affected.
Favourable week for you as lagna lord Mars and Sun move in 11th house. Income from employment increases. Paternal side helpful. Objectives of foreign job seekers will be fulfilled. You must endeavor to get the expected results. Sudden windfalls seen. Success may come your way. Be careful in handling family affairs as there may be disputes between husband and wife.
In your horoscope this week Sun and Mars denoted in 10th. Rise in employment status. Superiors helpful. Gains shown in the form of cheques and money orders. You are lucky at documental work. Good week for speculations. Setbacks for love affairs. Differences of opinion may lead to quarrels among young people. May suffer from hereditary diseases.
Mixed fortune await as Sun moves in 9th this week. Foreign trips will be materialise. Improvements seen at place of work. Objectives of job seekers become a reality. Property in the form of house and land due from marriage partners. Disputes do not arise although married life is troublesome. Have to experience financial difficulties. Students must take care because their studies may be disrupted.
Moving of Sun and Mars in 8th house indicates less good results. Quarrels arise in married life between husbands and wives. May be involved in accidents as a result of troubles and disputes. There will be differences of opinion between lovers. Not a good period for matrimony. Buying of land may be delayed. Students can pursue higher studies.
It is not favourable due tothe movement of Sun and Mars in 7th house. Disputes arise with business partners. Have to incur loss as a result. Beware of physical injurys. Married life will not be happy. Arguments may lead to quarrels. Husbands and wives will distance themselves for a while. Children’s education disturbed.



Sunday – 4.29 – 5.59
Monday – 7.28 – 8.58
Tuesday – 2.58 – 4.28
Wednesday – 11.58 – 1.28
Thursday – 1.28 – 2.58
Friday – 10.28 – 11.58
Saturday – 8.58 – 10.28