Over Vakarai massacre
US Tamil expatriates condemn GOSL

By Mendaka Abeysekera in New York
The Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates living in the United States, have urged the international community to intervene in Sri Lankan peace process and condemn what they call the “brutal, inhuman actions of the Sri Lankan government.”
Tamil organizations in the US issued a joint press release last week calling upon the international community to impose a moratorium on military assistance to the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and take tough action against the Vakarai massacre.
Association of Tamil Americans, Illankai Tamil Sangam – California, Illankai Tamil Sangam – Florida, Illankai Tamil Sangam – USA ,Ilankai Tamil Sangam- Houston, Texas, Ohio Tamil Association , Tamil Refugees Rehabilitation Organization , California Tamil Youth Organization - USA ,Tamil Welfare and Human Rights Committee – District of Columbia, World Tamil Women Organization – USA and World Tamil Coordinating Committee – USA, issued this joint press release.
They expressed condemnation over killing of at least 65 internally displaced people (IDPs) who were seeking shelter in a school in Vakarai.
Tamil organizations stated that they are also saddened by the international community’s lack of moral courage to condemn these brutal and inhuman actions of the Sri Lankan government.
They also urged the co-chairs of the peace process to explore modalities that will allow the peoples on the island of Sri Lanka to live with dignity, to determine their political and economic future without interference, and to ensure regional security.
The Nation learns that Sri Lankan Tamil expatriate groups try to pressure the US authorities to take bold action against the government of Sri Lanka, through newly elected Democratic Congressmen like Danny K. Davis, who visited the LTTE’s Political Headquarters in Kilinochchi and met LTTE leaders in April 2005.
A significant number of Democratic party politician’s have been openly supporting for Sri Lankan Tamil rights and demands.
At last mid term elections, anti LTTE Sri Lankans failed to unseat pro LTTE Congressman Danny K. Davis, the Democratic Congressman from Illinois but they were jubilant on their strong supporter, New York Congressman Vito Fossella’s success.
Congressman Danny K. Davis, who visited the LTTE’s Political Headquarters in Kilinochchi and met LTTE leaders in April 2005, won his Illinois 7th District seat by a comfortable margin.
Comparing to year 2004, the last election results, Danny
K. Davis, the Democratic Congressman failed to increase his vote bank and came down by 90,000 odd votes.