B.P and Scout Promise - rally

Organised by the Sri Lanka Queen’s and President’s Scout Guild, the rally will be held on January 7 from 5.00 - 7.00 p.m. at the premises of National Scout Statue, in front of the Colombo Public Library and opposite the, Sri Lanka Girl Guide Headquarters Colombo 7, to mark the 100 years of World Scouting (1907-2007) and the Great Scout Promise.
This event would be coinciding with the founder of scouting Lord Baden Powell’s 66th Death Anniversary (1941-2007) and 99th Anniversary of launching of historic Scout Hand Book, named ‘Scouting, for Boys’ which was published on 8th Jan. 1908.


Loans for Hambantota

MP for Hambantota District and Chairman of the Janasuwaya Development Foundation, Sajith Premadasa, has embarked on a wide ranging programme to upgrade the livelihoods of low income families of Hambantota District through the provision of interest free loans to women in order to promote self employment.
The picture illustrates the provision of loans amounting to Rs. 5,000 each to 200 families from Hambantota Division by Sajith Premadasa at a cost of Rs. 1,000,000.


Melvin Anton’s dream comes ‘REAL’

They say that Artists have an extra ordinary degree the gift of imagination or vision. In their moments of inspiration they can see and feel the essential mystery, the spiritual meaning, of what appears to us as ordinary and common place. ‘Real’, Melvin Anton’s first one man exhibition of paintings takes place from January 12 - 14 at Lionel Wendt Gallery.


SLAHAB regional competitions and workshops

The Sri Lanka Association of Hairdressers and Beauticians (SLAHAB) has organised seven regional workshops from January 7 to February 18. These are in preparation for the Hair and Beauty Fair and Hair Asia Pacific 2007 to be held from March 2 – 5, 2007. The regional competitions and workshops will be held in Negombo, Matara, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura, Maharagama, Gampaha/Miriswatte and Kandy and will have hands on presentations and competitions in the fields of hair, beauty and fashion.

The competitions will include bridal portraits, a wide variety of hair styles for ladies and gents, bridal make up, nail art, stage make up, body painting, poruwa décor, oil lamp décor, bridal attire for Kandyan, Western and Indian, among others.


Galle Literary Festival

Sri Lanka’s first literary festival, ‘The Galle Literary Festival’, an event providing local and international visitors with a chance to meet their favourite Sri Lankan and international authors, will be held from January 10 – 14.
This premier festival will focus on celebrating Sri Lankan literature and raise awareness of Sri Lankan authors and their contribution to the English language.

The British Council will be sponsoring the 2006 Man Booker Prize winner, Kiran Desai, who will discuss her award winning book ‘The Inheritance of Loss.’ They are also sponsoring creative writing workshops for children between 11 and 15 years living in the Southern Province which will be conducted by the famous Sri Lankan authors Lal

Medawattegedara and Vivi Marie Vanderpoorten.
The four-day programme will be filled with writing workshops, panel discussions, topical debates, literary lunches and dinners, poetry readings, cooking classes, theatre workshops, and a children’s programmes.



To my mother Mary Kamala Tirimanne

“He maketh the barren women to keep house and to be a joyful mother of children Praise ye the LORD.” Psalm 113:9
It is two years since my mother passed away on December 5, 2004. With her tender care she brought up three of us in a meticulous manner. Amma was the heart of our family. Though we are Roman Catholics we had to grow up in a Buddhist environment. During our childhood she taught us to live in harmony with the neighbours and with each other. ‘United three of you will rise, divided you will fall’, she told me and my two brothers, Leonard and Anslem, very often. Even today three of us are bonded strongly because of her invaluable advice and guidance. She was a very good example to us. Every Sunday morning she used to get up early and wake up three of us too to go to the church. She never wanted us to get late for the holy mass.

Habitually every morning she used to prepare our lunch to take to school. When three of us were small she helped us very much in our studies. My mother was a great teacher to me and my two brothers. She made learning fun for us. When we grew up and entered the university to do professional studies, though she was not in a position to guide us in our academic work, she gave us lot of courage and instilled values in us to be good citizens. My mother taught us to see ourselves more deeply, with the richness of texture she saw in us all with a simple analogy she shared so generously. No doubt the happiest moments for her during our school days would have been at the annual prize giving day in the college, for obvious reasons. Amma totally devoted her life to raise us and make sure our lives were the best they could be according to the influences and controls that she could muster. It did not matter how ill or tired she may have felt, her family was more important.

She carried a special charm and a friendly personality that so easily endeared her to those who were fortunate enough to come in contact with her. She was such a blessing to everyone who knew her especially my father and three of us. She was a fine lady, very intelligent and sharp minded, living a simple life. During the holy mass that was offered to thank God for her life at the funeral, our own cousin brother, Fr. Kithsiri Tirimanne, ‘Siri’ as we call him in his sermon said, “Loku Amma spent a very simple and an exemplary life. I still recall my visits to her when I was studying to become a priest at the National Seminary”.

There were many rocky roads and many hills for her to climb, but she did all that very well by taking one day at a time. When my little daughter was born, Amma made it a point to come to our residence in order to look after her. Due to these, things were made very easy for us. She was always prepared to sacrifice anything and everything for the development and progress of her children.

When I rushed to the hospital to see her I never thought that it would be my last visit to her in life. The very first thing she did the moment I walked up to her ICU bed was to inquire about my younger daughter whom she brought up much affectionately.

She lived a full life, and was always very honest and straight forward in her views and opinions. Amma was a generous and a kind hearted person, who always considered others before herself. She loved life and had a great sense of humour. She was an extremely spirited, loving and brave mother who fought her debilitating illness to the very end.

Her sun will never rise again, and her moon will wane no more.
The Lord will be her everlasting light.
God saw you were getting tired and a cure was not to be
So he put his arms around you and whispered “Come to me”
With tearful eyes we watched you and saw you pass away,
Although we love you dearly we could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us- he only takes the best.
Dr. Bernard Tirimanne


Namal Uyana

A religious ceremony including an almsgiving was held recently to mark the 15th anniversary of the National Namal Uyana in view of the 2550th Sambuddha Jayanthi and to commemorate the late media personnel who were largely instrumental in declaring National Namal Uyana, a world heritage. Shown here is a Buddhist monk from Thailand who attended the ceremony receiving a sal sapling from Ven. Vanavasi Rahula Thera.


EFRASL officials

The EFRASL officials, Mahendra Seneviratne (President), Aminda Rodrigo (Secretary), Rohan Perera (Treasurer), Kapila Rodrigo (IPP) were elected recently at Rohan’s Conference Hall.


Doctorates awarded

Doctorates were awarded recently to several Sri Lankans in appreciation of their outstanding services to the nation. First Lady Shiranthi RajapaksA was the chief guest at the ceremony held at the BMICH.

The International Open University awarded a doctorate to Dr. Ajith Ranawaka of Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital for his unblemished career, free of corruption, malpractice or abuse of power. Dr. Ranawaka was felicitated for his services to artistes, media personnel and the ordinary folk. He is at present the medical advisor to the cabinet as well.

Scholars representing 104 countries attended the ceremony while Prof. Carlo Fonseka, Prof. Denis Aloecian, Dr..Geethanjana Mendis and Dr. Asoka Jayasena represented Sri Lanka.
Pictured here is Dr. Ranawaka, with several foreign delegates and First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa during the ceremony.



Powering 600 events Sound Vision presents ‘Neththara live’ with Bhathiya and Santhush featuring Ashanthi and Randhir and world renowned Channa Upuli Dancers on January 13 at S. Joseph’s College Sports Complex at 6.30pm


Flowers with feelings

The Shi-en Ikebana and Floral Art Society held its XIII flower exhibition, titled ‘Celebration’. The proceeds of this exhibition were in aid of the Thalassaemia ward of the General Hospital, Polonnaruwa. The drugs were obtained at a discount from A. Baur & Co. and the equipment from Eveready & Co.

This exhibition was sponsored by SriLankan Airlines and Cinnamon Grand Hotel. The media sponsor was MTV.

Shown here is the donation of drugs and equipment being handed over to Consultant Paediatrician, General Hospital, Polonnaruwa, Dr. J. A. Jayasinghe, by the President of Shi-en Ikebana & Floral Art Society of Sri Lanka, Vathani Canagasooryam.


Health meditation for thyroid patients

A special health programme organised by Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres, Sri Lanka will be held on January 7 at the Harmony Hall, 55, Peters Lane, Dehiwala from 2.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.

The programme includes: free medical consultation and medication by MBBS qualified doctors from 2.00 p.m. - 5.00 pm, health pictorial exhibition from 4.00pm - 5.00pm, a lecture on common thyroid disorders by. Dr. Sasikaran (MBBS – Sri Lanka. MS – Surgery) from 5.00 p.m. - 6.00 pm, and a special group meditation with guided commentaries for patients suffering from common thyroid disorders from 6.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.



January 9 & 10
‘L’arrière pays’ by Jacques Nolot (90 min - 1998) in French with English subtitles at the Alliance Française de Colombo – 3.00/6.30 pm

January 12
‘My Fair Lady’ by George Cukor (170min – 1984) at the Vibhavi Academy – 3.00pm

January 9
‘Soylent Green’ (97 min - 1973) at the American Centre – 6.30pm


January 7
An exhibition of paintings by Lakmini Amararathna at the Harold Peiris Gallery

January 8 - 10
An exhibition of paintings by Thilak Jayantha at the Harold Peiris Gallery

Book launch

January 10
‘Chosen Ground’ The Clara Motwani Saga by Goolbai Gunasekara at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo 7 - 6.00pm. The speakers will be Jezima Ismail and Somalatha Subasinghe

Public talk

January 7
‘At the end of sorrow is passion’, organised by the Khrishnamoorthi Centre at the Study Centre, Baddagana, Deewa Road, Kotte – 10.30am


This week lagna lord Mars is in 8th with Jupiter. Sun posited in 9th. You act with courage and enthusiasm. Sudden financial gains shown. Students fare well at studies. Have to go abroad to pursue higher studies. Inheritance due from father. Situation is favourable at work place. Suffer from stomach upset and chest pains.

Sun is moving in 8th while lagna lord Venus is in 9th. This is a week of mixed fortunes. You engage in religious observances and pilgrimages. Have to go on a journey to a distant place. Sudden windfalls seen from lotteries and bettings. Children’s health will be affected. But they show improvement at studies. Take care against heart troubles and abdominal pains.

Lagna lord Mercury moves in 7th with Sun. Improvement seen in business activities even though you have confrontations with partners. Financial gains from cheques and deeds. Will purchase new lands and houses. Have to act patiently in married life. Get the opportunity to take part in parties and functions. Troubles from fair sex.

Good fortune awaits as Sun is moving in 6th with Mercury and Mars, Jupiter posited in 5th. You are perseverant throughout the week. Good effects for those engaged in technical fields. Progress for children. You will get through exams and interviews. Speculation brings profit. Bothered by phlegm and calarrah.

This is a week of mixed fortunes. Sun is in 5th and Suturn moves in lagna (1st). Good period for those who pursue higher studies, gains from documental work. You may buy lands or build a house. Increase in assets. Students see improvements in their educational activities. Can be prominent in society. Phlegmatic conditions bring mental distress.

Favourable moving of Sun and Mercury in 4th. You will receive high esteem in society. You are courageous and perseverant. Will be in the company of higher dignitaries. Superiors at work helpful. Your activities will end successfully. Brothers and sisters will come to help you. May suffer from leg ailments.

Sun, Mercury posited in 3rd and Venus is in 4th. This is somewhat a good week. Peace and unity prevail in married life. Sudden windfalls seen. Will buy a land or build a house. Financial position stable. Enjoy good cooperation with neighbours. Will take part in picnics and functions.

The moving of lagna lord in lagna and Sun in 2nd with Mercury is a good sign. You will be successful in many fields. You will be treated in high esteem in society. Family affairs will run smoothly. Superiors at work place helpful. Increase in income from employment. Gains from financial dealings. Fair sex attracted. May get knee troubles.

Your planetary chart shows the moving of Sun and Mercury in lagna (1st and lagna lord Jupiter in 12th. This gives mixed results. Can be prominent in society through perseverance. You will be a force at place of work. Gains from documental work. You get through competitive exams. May renovate the house. Abdominal and urinary ailments prevail.

Sun and Mercury posited in 12th and lagna lord Saturn posited in 6th. You will enjoy mixed results. Opportunities to buy lands or houses. Those who engage in real estate business go through a successful period. Sudden windfalls seen. Loss from documental work shown. Family life is not happy as a result of confrontations. But try to be prominent in society.

Lagna lord Saturn posited in 7th and Jupiter posited in 10th with Mars. This gives mixed effects. You will be busy throughout the week. Change of position or promotion at work place seen. Increase in assets. Brothers will be benefited. Gains from documental work. Have to travel to a distant place. Abdominal and urinary ailments shown.

Sun and Mercury move in 10th and lagna lord Jupiter is in 9th. It denotes good effects. Present setbacks will be subdued. You will be a prominent figure in society. Promotion or elevation of position seen at work place. Progress for students. Success at exams and interviews. May get the opportunity to go abroad for higher educational pursuits Phlegmatic conditions bring mental worries.

Rahu Period

07 Sun. 04.24 - 05.54
08 Mon. 07.24 - 08.54
09 Tue. 06.55 - 04.25
10 Wed. 11.56 - 01.26
11 Thu. 01.26 - 02.56
12 Fri. 10.26 - 11.56
13 Sat. 08.56 - 10.26