‘Sankara’ wins international awards

‘Sankara’, Prasanna Jayakody’s debut, film won the Special Jury Prize, the Silver Pyramid Award, awarded for the best director at the 30th Cairo International Film Festival competing with 18 countries. Through ‘Sankara’ he explores the spirituality and intellectuality of one’s mind.



Welgama inspects silica factory

Industrial Development Minister, Kumara Welgama, recently inspected the production activities of the silica powdering and processing factory in Naula regarding the possibility of the manufacturing of products such as glass, ceramics and computer software in Sri Lanka too, utilising silica sand as raw material.
It was revealed here that when silica is exported as value added and not as a raw material, a foreign exchange of U.S.D. 270 could be earned per metric tonne.


Kelaniya Aloka Poojawa

The Swadeshi Industrial Works Ltd., was the sponsor of the Aloka Poojawa of the historic Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya for the 8th successive time this year. The event coincides with the annual Duruthu Perahera.

The illumination of this sacred site took place from December 31 to January 3 under the patronage of the Chairperson of the Company, Mrs. A. M. Wijewardena.


New Year sing-a-long

The New Year ‘Sing-a-Long’ has been put together by the Royal Commonwealth Society so as to allow everyone who comes to participate in an unforgettable evening. The date is Saturday, January 27 beginning on time at 7.30 pm at the Banquet Hall of the BMICH. Sohan and the X-periments are putting all they have into making the ‘Sing-a-Long’ the happiest night of the year. There will be wonderful surprises added to the prizes that will be on offer. Your entrance will cost only Rs 350/- per head. The ticket cum songbook could be purchased from Torana, Liberty Plaza or The Autodrome, 304 Union Place, Colombo 2 on a first come, first served basis.


Clive gets Connoisseur Wine Diploma

The Labels Wine Academy in affiliation with L’Ecole Des Vins Bourgogne France launched a comprehensive wine education program to collectively uplift the service standards of the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. Mr. Clive De Costa Manager Bars of the Galadari Hotel obtained highest marks and attained the prestigious Connoisseur Wine Diploma.


General Arthur Richard Udugama

General A. R. Udugama was a very patriotic, charismatic, fearless, ex-army commander of the Ceylon Army. He was a gentleman officer with sterling qualities, a sportsman, agriculturist, planter and Member of Parliament (1970/1977) demised two decades ago.

General A. R. Udugama hails from a very outstanding noble family in Matale which was the breeding ground for warriors during the Sinhalay Kingdom in Kanda Uda Rata Kandy.

During the Kandyan rebellion/Uva Wellassa of 1817/1819, the descendants of General A. B. Udugama, Brig. John Hallangoda and Weera Moneravila Keppetipola Dissawe Madugalle, Pihilegedera, Kiulagedera, Butawe and Kurunagala Lekhamalage, Liberation Movement sought to liberate the island of Sinhalay/Ceylon from foreign invasions and British imperialists.

General A. R. Udugama was educated atTrinity College, Kandy. He excelled in his academic studies, sports, cadetting and was a Trinity College Lion in sports- rugby football, athletics and cricket. After his matriculation examination, he wanted to join Law College to qualify as an attorney-at-law which was prevented due to World War II in 1939/1945. He decided to join the army and was commissioned as an officer gentleman in the rank of 2nd Lieutant in the Ceylon Army Light Infantry (Volunteers) in the British Army. He was sent to Burma during the war to prevent the Japanese occupying Burma which was the Rice Bowl of Asia. He valiantly fought against the Japanese invaders and he was taken along with his colleagues who served with him very loyally. With the Allies Great Victory and liberating Asian countries viz. Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Korea by US and British Forces, General A. R. Udugama and his colleagues who served in the British Army were released from the Japanese army prisons as prisoners of War 1939/45.

He returned to his motherland/Ceylon and he took to agriculture/planting - traditional family occupations of noble Sinhala Buddhist families of Kandyan provinces at the time. But since the Independence of Ceylon in 1948 from British occupation, D. S. Senanayake, who was a great visionary, wanted to establish the Ceylon Army. D. S. Senanayake recalled all outstanding, patriotic, charismatic, fearless gentlemen/ officers who served the World War II 1939/45 to establish the Ceylon Army with a nucleus of officers, viz. General Anton Mutukumaru, Gen. Wijekoon, Gen. A. R. Udugama, Gen. Heyn, Gen. Sepala Attygala, Brig. J. F. Halangoda, Brig. C. Jayatillake and several others who served the Armed Forces who served in the Ceylon Army Light Infantry (Volunteers).

They established the Ceylon Army with training programmes at the Diyatalawa Army Training Centre very successfully with specialised divisions of the Ceylon Army viz. armour, artillery, infantry, signals, engineers, services, worked services, general services, pioneer services, and medical services.

General A. R. Udugama, being an infantry officer gentleman of the Ceylon Army Light Infantry (Volunteers), rose in his ranks purely on his own merit due to his leadership qualities.

He entered Parliament in the 1970 parliamentary general elections from the Matale District and rendered great service on security matters to the nation and country. Subsequently, he was sent as an ambassador to foreign services.
May he be born among us again till he achieves nibbana in his journey in sansara.

‘Netam Mama, nese, hamasmi, ma me so atta’
This is not mine, this I met, this is no soul of mine.
Fearlessness reflected

Capt (Rtd.) L. B. Lanka (Hilbawa) Jayaratne
Mrs. Irangamiedevi, Seneviratne, B. Hayaratne


Viharasthana Durakathana Namavaliya

The Sanasili Foundation has compiled and published the second edition of Viharasthana Durakathana Namavaliya, a directory of the Buddhist temples located in the Colombo District. Parliamentarian, Milinda Moragoda, created the directory in 2002 as a public service. The latest edition of the directory includes the names of the chief incumbents of each temple, telephone numbers and addresses.


Jayawardana briefs Archbishop

MP and Assistant Secretary of the UNP, Dr. Jayalath Jayawardana, who participated in midnight Christmas Mass on December 24, 2006, in Rome, at the invitation of Pope Benedict XVI, met Archbishop Pietro Parolin, the Pope’s Under-Secretary for Relations with States. Dr. Jayalath Jayawardana has briefed Archbishop Pietro Parolin about Sri Lanka’s situation at St Peter’s Basilica, in Rome.


Puppet show

Artlink 2007:puppet shows with Sri Lankan, French, German and UK artists organised by the British Council, Goethe-Institute, Alliance Francis and Vibhari Academy of fine Arts will be held at the Viharamahadevi Park open air theatre on January 18 at 6.00pm. Tickets Rs.100/= at the gate.


Installation of SLAAS General President

Ceremonial Induction of the General President, Dr. W. L. Sumathipala, President of SLAAS 2007 will take place on January 19 at 5 pm at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, 100, Independent Square, Colombo 7. Chief Guest of the occasion will be Minister of Environment, Agriculture, Irrigation and Mahaweli Development, Maithripala Sirisena. Guest of Honour will be Vidya Jyoti Prof. Dayantha S. Wijeyesekara. Policy prospective as well as the theme for the year ‘Education, Science & Technology Towards Managing Natural Disaster’ will be proposed and elaborated by the president during the gathering. Council Members. Past Presidents and Members of SLAAS are invited to attend that function.


European Union’s boon to Wahalkada D 2

The European Union through its implementing organisation, Care Iinternational - Sri Lanka, on December 5 began one of its multiple aids to Sri Lanka under the new project ‘Upward’ directly benefiting 147 families at Wahalkada D 2 in Horowpothana in the Anuradhapura district. The project was inaugurated with the signing of the tripartite agreement at the Horowpothana Divisional Secretariat at about 12 noon, in the presence of farmers and Government staff including Janaka Chandana Ranepura, the Horowpothana Divisional Secretary, while M.R.Jeevanand, Deputy Programme Coordinator of CARE Sri Lanka, Gamage Gunarathna, the Presient of the Surekuma Organisation for Community Resource Development and H. G. Mala Ranjani, the President of the Shakti Development Society, were the signatories.


Food promotions

Ceylon Continental Hotel
January 12 - 16
Indian Food Festival @ Tandoor -Authentic North Indian Restaurant - 7pm to Midnight
January 19 - 28
One Foot Sandwich Promotion @ La Patisserie de Paris - 9am to 9 pm
Galadari Hotel
January 10 - 17
Delicious Waffles @ Cafe 64 - Pastry Shop - 10.00am to 10.00pm.

Hilton Colombo
January 15 - 31
Berry Galore, Berry Promotion in all their outlets


D. F. Welikala

Mr. D. F. Welikala of Moraketiya, Pannipitiya passed away recently. He was a planter and a social worker in the area. Once he contested for the Homagama electorate as a Mahajana Eksath Peramuna candidate and later on he was the Special Commissioner for the Hanwella Town area.
Mr. Welikala was a religious handed person, a helping hand to the Buddhist temples in the area. I met Mr. Welikala for the first time when I came to Pannipitiya to build my home in 1969. He was a kind hearted person and became a close friend of mine since then.
He educated many children and some of them ended up as professionals like doctors. I have never seen him in an angry mood. His family members also follow his steps as social workers.
Mr. Welikala is no more in this world. But we cannot forget him easily. Indeed, this is the situation in sansara. May he attain the supreme bliss of nibbana.
M. G. Asoka Karunaratne



January 16 & 17
‘Betty Fisher et autres histoires’ by Claude Miller (101 min – 2001) in French with English subtitles at the Alliance Française de Colombo –6.30 pm
January 16
‘Them!’ (1954, 94 min) at the American Centre – 6.30pm
January 16
‘The Making of a Nation’ part 6 (English – 2 hrs 15min) at the Indian Cultural Centre – 5.30pm
January 19
‘Saturday Night’ by John Badham (118min – 1977) at the Vibhavi Academy – 3.00pm


January 14
An exhibition of paintings by Melvin Wanigasekara at the
Harold Peiris Gallery
Till January 21
An exhibition of paintings by Swarna Wijesinghe at the Harold Peiris Gallery

Public talk

January 14
‘Thought and Disorder’, (Ojai 1982 Talk 3 - audio) organised by the Khrishnamoorthi Centre at the Anula Nursery School, 310, H.L.R., Colombo 6 – 9.45am


January 14
‘Sesarani’ presented by Madhawa Ratnayake at the Lionel Wendt Theatre
January 20
A primary school concert presented by Stafford International School at the Lionel Wendt theatre

Music festival

January 19
Thiagarajar Aradhana Carnatic music festival to celebrate the genius of Thiyagaraja, Carnatic muic composer at the Indian Cultural Centre – 6.00pm


This week Sun, Mercury and Venus move in 10th. This denotes mixed results. You will achieve prominence at work. Can expect a change in employment. Fair sex helpful. Children fare well in studies. Aspirations of the job seekers will be fulfilled. Not inclined to religion. Chest and abdominal pains bring mental worries.

Sun and lagna lord Venus posited in 9th and Rahu-Kethu posited in 10th and 4th respectively. This is a week of mixed effects. May be inclined to religious activies. Dreams of foreign employment will become a reality. Progress for those pursuing higher studies. Good for matrimonial activities. Phlegmatic conditions will prevail.

Moving of Sun not favourable, Mercury and Venus in 8th. Unhappiness and disunity in family life due to confrontation among married partners. You will incur a loss in partnership business. Spouse may face accidents. Not good for documental dealings. Good results cannot be expected from competitive tests and interviews. May suffer from stomach upsets.

Week of mixed fortune as Sun, Mercury and Venus move in 7th and Jupiter posited in 8th. Disputes prevail in married life as partners act on their own accord. You are inclined to the fair sex. Good relations with neighbours shown. Sudden windfalls. Students show improvement in their educational activities. Bothered by stomach ailments.

Lagna lord Sun moves in 6th with Mercury and Saturn in 12th house. This indicates mixed effects. Though students do well in their studies sometimes they act stubbornly. This is a favourable period regarding employment. Opportunities shown for employment abroad. Or, you have to travel to a distant place on official duty. Take care against heart ailments.

According to your planetary movements this week brings sudden lottery luck. Extra financial gains from employment sources. Children get through exams and interviews. Artists can improve their talents. Foreign job seekers are lucky. You may organise a function. Your image is tarnished due to clandestine affairs. Beware of heart trouble.

Sun occupies the 4th house with lagna lord Venus. If you intend to buy land and houses this is a good period. Will buy new furniture for the house. Inheritance of property from father. Fair sex helpful. Will be able to make your affairs successful this week. Happiness and unity prevail in married life.

This is a favourable week according to your planetary chart. Favours of superiors at place of work shown and you meet with success through perseverance. Will become a respected person in society. Assets increase through sudden windfalls. Business will thrive. Those who are employed in clerical fields will be promoted.

The moving of lagna lord Jupiter in 12th and Mars in lagna (1st) is not a good sign. Even though you persevere you are not duly appreciated. Undue hurry may cause accidents. You act impatiently in household affairs. Although you inherit wealth from father it won’t make much of a difference. Medical expenses shown.

This is a busy week for you. Although you persevere, you will not get the expected results. Income sources good but expenses are also high. Gain from documental work. You might change your place of residence temporarily. Have to spend money on household items. May face accidents such as falls and bruises.

Sun posited in 12th and Rahu posited in lagna (1st). Your sources of income improve. You receive some sort of payment from work place. Gain from speculation shown. Increase in income of those engaged in business. May take part in a wedding or function. Children’s education is disrupted. Hands or legs may be injured due to accidents.

This is somewhat a favourable week for you. There will be a promotion or rise in employment. Favour and appreciation from superiors shown. May receive a bank loan to start a business if you have applied for it. Good for matrimonial activities. Efforts to gain foreign employment will be successful. Phlegm and stomach ailments shown.


Rahu Period

  • 14 Sun. 04.27 05.57
  • 15 Mon. 07.27 08.57
  • 16 Tues. 02.57 04.27
  • 17 Wed. 11.58 01.28
  • 18 Thurs. 01.28 02.58
  • 19 Fri. 11.28 11.58
  • 20 Sat. 08.58 10.28





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