Namal Uyana web launch

The website of the Jathika Namal Uyana was declared open recently at the Prime Minister’s office with Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake as the Chief Guest. Seen here is Ven. Vanavasi Rahula Thera presenting the environment friendly paper bag, manufactured at Namal Uyana to minimise the use of polythene bags.


Zonta Valentine’s charity ball

The annual Valentine’s charity ball of Zonta Club 11 of Colombo, will be held on February 10 at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel.

Sohan and the Experiments and Ultimate will provide music for dancing with Corinne and Ronnie Leitch doing guest spots. Four Air Tickets to exotic Middle Eastern and European destinations will be among an enticing array of prizes. The Cinnamon Grand’s excellent cuisine will ensure you dine splendidly. The Valentine’s King and Queen will be crowned. Ladies are invited to dress ‘romantic’.

A bottle each of scotch, wine, Bacardi and champagne will be on every table. For tickets call Oril on 4737111 or 4737883.


Banker receives PhD in Mass Communication

Nihal Ranjith Jayatilake, an Assistant General Manager of the People’s Bank and a Freelance Journalist has been awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Mass Communication by the University of Sri Jayawardenapura at its 33rd Convocation on January 31 at the BMICH.

The final thesis titled ‘Sinhala Newspaper and Advertising (1860 - 1906)’ compiled by him for his Degree has fetched him the distinction of the Ph.D. in Mass Communication. Having involved in an in-depth research and study, he has captured all the drama, controversy, excitement and achievements in the annals of Sri Lankan Sinhala newspaper advertising since its very early era, which has been documented with meticulous details providing an ideal source of reference on this subject.


Dhamma Examinations Award Ceremony

Colombo YMBA annual awards ceremony for the winners of the December 2005 All Island Dhamma Examinations, was held at the Colombo YMBA auditorium Borella on January 27. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, the Most Ven. Prof. Belanwilla Wimalaratana Thero was the Chief Guest and the welcome address was made by the President of the Colombo YMBA, Prasanna Goonethilake.

Seen in the picture from left to right – Nalin Abeysekera (Branch Secretary), seated Mr. Prasanna Goonethilake (President YMBA) and the Most Ven. Prof. Belanwilla Wimalaratana (Vice Chancellor Sri Jayewardenepura University)


Holy Cross 77th Sports Meet

77th annual sports meet of Holy Cross College, Kalutara was held on January 27, at the College grounds, Kalutara. Seen in the picture are the Chief Guest, Neil Samarasinghe (centre) Vice President - JKH, Head of Frozen Confectionery Ceylon Cold Stores Limited and Bro. Ranjith Perera (right) - Director, Holy Cross College.


AIS plans first carnival

Asian International School (AIS) first carnival will be held on February 10 from 3 to 10 pm.
The carnival is the brainchild of Mrs. Dushyanthi Parakrama, head of the junior school and organised by the Interact Club of AIS. One of the most interesting and innovative stalls is the ‘my paper heart’ which will be selling custom made soft toys.

‘Hocus pocus’ is one of the most widely anticipated stalls. This will have several girls reading palms, fortune telling with the crystal ball, and selling love potion. There will also be a multitude of games stalls with games of skill, traditional games and not so traditional games. The food stalls will include a chocolate factory, Indian food stall and a candy stall, rides and a house of horror are also available.

The highlights of the evening will be the three shows performed by the students; music and movement show including performances by the AIS choir; the rock shows with a performance of two bands; and a fashion show organised by Rukiya Abdulhussian.
Entrance tickets priced at Rs. 100 will be sold at the gate.


Peace conference in Delhi

Chairman, Foundation for Co-exesitence Kumar Rupasinghe with Sonia Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress on the occasion of the conference on Peace, Non-Violence and Empowerment in New Delhi, January 29-30, 2007.


Lankan attorney in ICANN

An attorney-at-law based in Sri Lanka, Jayantha Fernando, has been selected to serve as a member of the ICANN’s panel of experts for the review of generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) registry services worldwide. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the global Internet governing body, responsible for Internet resource allocation worldwide, based in Marina Del Ray, California.

Previously Jayantha served as the Associate Chairman of ICANN Nominating Committee becoming the first Sri Lankan to hold a leadership position within the internet regulatory body.

Jayantha holds a specialised LLM in IT & Communications Law from the University of London, which he completed on a prestigious British Chevening Scholarship. He currently works as the Legal Advisor of ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA).


Muslim Aid Forum on future projects

Muslim Aid – Sri Lanka, the field office of the London-based humanitarian organization, held its inaugural Sri Lankan Partners’ Forum at the Galadari recently to discuss post-tsunami development work carried out throughout the island by their partners.

Yet another important objective of this event, presided over by the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Muslim Aid, Mr. Saif Ahmed, was to identify the different requirements of people living in various parts of the island, in order to decide what projects should be funded in the future.

Founded in 1985 in London, Muslim Aid is working with the British Government’s Department for International Development, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the United Nations, the Muslim Council of Britain and other agencies. The funds disbursed for projects here amounts to over 100 million rupees.


PhD scholarships for Lankans

A presentation proposing a scholarship scheme, conducted by North Dakota State University (NDSU) for PhD hopefuls from universities of Sri Lanka was held at Trans Asia Hotel recently. The presentation was held with the participation of Minister of Education, Susil Premajayanth, former Minister of Higher Education, Kabhir Hashim, the professors of the NDSU, Vice Chairman of the University Grants Commission, Gunapala Nanayakkara and other distinguished guests. This event was organised by the Guidance Counsellor and Foreign University Placement Advisor, Priyanthi Dissanayake.


Courtesy call on Saheb

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Alhaj M.H.Mohamed, who took oaths before President Mahinda Rajapaksa, is seen paying a courtesy call on His Holiness, Dr. Seydna Mohammed Burhannudin Saheb (TUS), at ‘Saifi Villa’, Colombo.


Erik Truffaz Jazz Concert

‘Erik Truffaz Quartet Jazz Concert’, held recently at the British School Auditorium, organised by the Alliance Francaise de Colombo featuring the French trumpeter, Erik Truffaz Quartet and his band, was indeed a gala evening of entertainment for both young and old jazz music lovers. The show featuring the renowned Sri Lankan tablist, Ravi Bandu Vidyapathi and the sitharist, Sarangan Sri Ranganathan added to it being an awesome evening of music.

Erik Truffaz’s solo performance on trumpet was truly distinctive and the featured pianist, Malcolm Braff showed a great melodic sense. The piano, drums and bass mixes perfectly balanced Erik’s tunes which were sweet, pleasing to the ears, enticing and inspiring. He played a variety of driving rhythms. Despite the western drums overpowering the soft ragadhari melodies of the sithar and the thala of the thabla, the pieces altogether were scintillating to the enthusiastic listeners.

The audience heartily approved Erik’s tunes and his ensemble, even the classical instrumentalists by giving quite an ovation as they ended their sets.

Erik Truffaz, born in 1960 in Switzerland started performing as a trumpet player at the age of 10 in his father’s dance band. Discovering Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, at 16, inspired him to join the Geneva Conservatoire, where he expanded his repertoire with works by Mozart and Verdi.

He then started his own band, Orange and played his own compositions. His jazz fusion artistry was rewarded with the famous Prix Special du Jury du Concours National de la Defense in 1991 and he has then appeared in many festivals such as the Montreux Jazz festival, and toured in Europe and the rest of the world.
Since 1994 he has released several albums, in which he stretches the boundaries of contemporary jazz by incorporating drum’n’bass, rap and hip-hop rhythms.



50th Birthday Remembrance

* Tissa Dias

We miss you son
Dear Tissa. You missed your fiftieth birthday by a few months when you were suddenly snatched away from our midst. On January 28 was that special day, which we waited in anticipation to share with you.
But then did we know when you waved at us on the morning of July 26, 2006, while leaving home for office that it was your last farewell to us.

We could not a have a glance when you closed your eyes to the world, leaving your home, your loving wife, Champika and your two sons you loved so much and the rest of our family.
We had our daily chit-chat in the mornings and evenings which remained until he passed away.
You always brought my cup of tea in the morning and spoke to me on subjects ranging from politics, religion and family matters.

Tissa, we think of you lovingly and reminisce on your photograph now adorning the walls of our home, your charming smile, loud laughter and undying love and gratitude which we will always cherish.
May you rest comfortably in the blissful and everlasting peace of Nibbana
- G.F. Siriwardene

The shock and sorrow is unbearable
Tissa, our two sons and I, our brothers and sisters, relatives, your school friends, friends at Pelawatta, ANCL friends, and neighbours were all waiting to wish you, and make you happy this day. But six months ago, you left us all unexpectedly, even you were unaware. The shock and sorrow is still unbearable to us.
Even though your life span was short you lived a full life. Your good qualities bring us happy memories and we are proud about you. I was lucky to have such a wonderful husband. You were like my shadow. The way you loved me as a friend, brother and father cannot be explained in words. You were ready to discuss anything openly and you had patience to listen to me.

Our happy married life is blessed with two lovable sons. Everything you did was for our happiness. I know you would never want to leave us alone in this life.

You had a lovable look and a magnetic smile. Through your eyes we saw honesty in your heart. The way you talk, the jokes you shared are unforgettable.

Tissa, you were the world for us. Now we live in a world without you. Every passing second without you in our lives, we feel loneliness. The pain is unbearable.

We can see you everywhere in our house and we can hear your voice. We cannot forget the hardship you went through to build this house. The last two Sundays both of us planted several indoor plants in pots, when I asked you about the name of a plant, you said you didn’t no. Then I answered it is ‘dutu sathutu’. You laughed and told me don’t you have better name for that. The conversations with you were always very enjoyable.

The pets in our home also feel your absence. You call Brian, our dog ‘balu puthraya’. The black cat Kaluwa or Lara is your favourite pet. When you come home the way Lara shows his happiness by turning its head upside down I can still remember. The gold fish in the pond were fed by you every morning.

You loved your vehicle and considered it a treasure. You maintained it always in good condition. When you come home in the evening we hear the horn, we all feel happy then that thaththa has come home.
- Champika Dias



February 6 & 7
‘Le bleu des villes’ by Stéphane Brizé (105 min - 1999) in French with English subtitles at the Alliance Française de Colombo –6.30 pm

February 10
‘Death of a President’ by Gabriel Range (115 min – 2006) at the Vibhavi Academy


February 9 - 11
‘Images of Globalisation’, exhibition of visual art work by Prof. Jagath Weerasinghe and book exhibition at the National Art Gallery - 9am to 6pm

February 9 - 11
An exhibition of paintings by Swarna Gunathileke at the Lionel Went Art Gallery

February 9 - 11
An exhibition of paintings by Kaushigan at the Harold Peris Gallery

February 10 – March 9
An exhibition of paintings by Janani Cooray, Indralatha Dharmasene, Inoka silva, Krishanthi Sepalika at the Thilaka Hotel, Tearway Gallery, Kandy – 10am – 9pm


February 6 & 7
Caryl Churchill’s ‘Far Away’, presented by The British Council at the Namel Malini Punchi Theatre, Boralle – 7.30pm

February 10
‘Charandas’, by Prarakrama Niriella, at the Rukmani Devi Memoreial Theatre - Negombo - 3.30 pm and 7.00pm


According to your planetary movements this week, favourable situations prevail in employment activities. Change in status at place of work, superiors helpful, get due inheritance from paternal side. Not inclined to religious activities. Confrontations arise in family life. You will suffer from stomach upsets and phlegm.

This week Sun is positioned in 9th and lagna lord Venus in 10th. According to this planetary situation you have to face many problems and troubles. Peace in the family is affected due to difference of opinion among life partners. Too many problems lead to mental worries. Unfavourable situations arise at work place. There will be disputes with superiors. Take care against heart troubles.

Lagna lord Mercury is in 9th with Rahu and Sun is in 8th. This is not a favourable week. You are disgusted with family life and constantly worried over house and land problems. Relapse of an old illness. Setbacks for educational activities. Have to spend money on medical treatment. Disputes arise among lovers. Job seekers can fulfil their objectives.

This is a week of mixed fortune as Sun moves in 7th and Saturn moves in lagna. Can pursue education successfully despite difficulties. Those who are engaged in the technical field can improve their abilities. Opponents will be subdued. Family life is not so happy as they act on their own accord. Bothered by headaches and phlegm.

Planetary chart denotes the deterioration of health this week. You will suffer from ailments such as migraine and catarrh. Asthmatic patients should be very careful. Will be involved in clandestine affairs. May be disgraced in society due to undesirable behaviour. Incur loss from business activities. Care should be taken in dealings with neighbours. Will buy properties amides setbacks.

The movement of Sun in 5th and lagna lord Mercury in 6th with Rahu does not give good effects. Confused situation in day-to-day affairs as you act in a haste. Brothers helpful. Good week to buy lands and houses. Brothers experience good effects. Progress for students. Arguments may lead to disputes. Suffer from abdominal pains and headaches.

Mixed fortune awaits you this week. Your assets will grow through dedication. Financial gains from lotteries and betting. Rise in status for those employed in armed services. Society will appreciate you. Inheritance of property from paternal side. Take care of children as they may be involved in acts of stubbornness.

You get good effects as Jupiter is in lagna and Sun is in 3rd. Progress in employment. Superiors will be of assistance. Get promotions and privileges at work place. Increase in assets and income. You are active in household affairs. Students improve heir abilities. There may be trivial disputes in married life. Have to be careful in property dealings.

High expenses seen this week as Sun occupies the 2nd and Mars is in lagna. You have to act with patience as you may confuse your affairs. Peace in family life is affected because you have undesirable connections. Not on good terms with neighbours. Beware of accidents. Suffer from stomach upsets.

According to star movements this week you get mixed effects. Create problems at work place as you act on your own accord. Family life is not so happy. Unnecessary expenses seen. Legs may be injured due to accidents. Care should be taken in activities this week. Financial problems prevail. There may be throat and neck ailments.

Venus moves in lagna with Rahu and Mercury. Sun is in 12th. This gives mixed effects. Freedom is limited due burden of work. Troubles as you act in hurry. Have to spend money on spouse’s ill-health. Disputes arise regarding house and lands. Children’s stubbornness brings mental worries. Progress at work place. Income is good though expenses are high.

Lagna lord Jupiter is posited in 9th and Sun in 11th. It is a favourable situation. Get prominence at work place. You can dictate terms on others. Increase income for those engaged in technical fields. Increase in assets. Good time for higher studies. Opportunities arise for employments and scholarships abroad. Inheritance due from father. Sudden windfalls seen.


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