Young UK scientists in SL

The aim of this British Council project, co-sponsored by TransAsia Hotel, is to raise the profile of science and improve perceptions of science as a career option amongst the younger generation, by providing face to face contact with enthusiastic young scientists. These young ambassadors of science will be meeting with students and, in addition to sharing their expertise in their respective specialisations, they will be talking about working at the frontiers of current scientific knowledge in an attempt to inspire young students to view the possibility of a career in science as exciting, challenging and empowering.

It is hoped that these scientists, who are winners and finalists of UK FameLab 2005/2006, will provide students with positive role models who they can easily identify with and dispel negative perceptions about scientists as white-coated, self-absorbed and boring individuals. FameLab is a National Competition held in UK, where new voices of UK science and engineering are discovered. It is the ‘Pop/American Idol’ of the scientific world. The talented winners of this competition all study or work in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths. Their aim is to communicate their passion for science and show that it can be interesting and fun, given the right attitude and approach.


CPD programme

The Symposium and Panel Discussion of the College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka on ‘The devastation of Chikungunya and the aftermath - the GP experience’ will be held on Sunday, February 11, from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. at the Lionel Memorial Auditorium ‘Wijerama House’, 6, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07. The Moderator will be Dr. Preethi Wijegoonewardene and Dr. K Chandrasekher - Family Physician, Prof. Chandu de Silva - Professor of Pathology and Head Dept. of pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Colombo, Dr. Nihal Abeysinghe - Epidemiologist, Epidemiological Unit, Dr. Lalith Wijeyaratne - Consultant Rheumatologist, NHSL and Dr. Sunethra Gunasena - Virologist, MRI will be the speakers.
All doctors and medical students are welcome! Registration fee - Rs. 100.00


Valentine at the Fortress

This Valentine’s Day, lounge in luxury and be surrounded by serenity with your Valentine at the Fortress – the newest luxury resort located in the southern golden coast of Sri Lanka. The resort is offering a special Fortress Romantic Valentine’s Escape package just in time to celebrate that special day with the one you love!
The Fortress Romantic Valentine’s Escape Package is perfect for toasting the most romantic day of the year. A luxurious room, truffles and roses for your sweet heart and lots more surprises.


February 5: The Day of Solidarity with Kashmir

Every year, Pakistanis at home and abroad, observe February 5 as a day to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir who for the last six decades have been fighting to secure their inborn right to self-determination. Pakistan has been observing this day consistently since 1990, the year that marked the advent of a horrendous phase of death and destruction by Indian troops to suppress Kashmiris’ just struggle.

The people of Pakistan, on this day, hold rallies, walks, public meetings, seminars, conferences and demonstrations to reaffirm their political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir. On this day, all important dimensions of the Kashmir dispute are highlighted and human rights violations perpetuated against the people of Kashmir by Indian troops are projected in a factual manner. The international community is reminded of its moral obligations and appealed to come forward in a big way to play its role in resolving the Kashmir dispute in line with Kashmiris’ aspirations.

Several strong, legitimate reasons bind Pakistan and its people to express solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren. Most striking among those are the common cultural, ideological, geographical and emotional ties, which for centuries have fettered the people of both the areas into one unity. Kashmir, being unfinished business of Partition of the Indian subcontinent, the people of Pakistan have a strong feeling that the very task of the formation of their country will only be accomplished when Kashmiris get liberated from Indian subjugation. The core issue of Kashmir, between India and Pakistan, had led Pakistan to face several wars including that of Kargil. During the last six decades, Pakistan had to put aside its major share of fiscal resources to boost up its defence to prevent the looming threat to its security due to its support to Kashmiris’ inalienable right of self-determination, approved by the United Nations and international community.
Muhammad Usman Ghani


The wife of late Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, Mrs. Sugandhi Kadiragamar, Herman Marlinga Guneratne (right), a friend of Lakshman Kadirgamar at the unveiling of the Kadiragamar statue at the Liberty Roundabout on February 4.


Old Anandian 75-80 is 22

Old Anandian 75-80 group which was established in 1985 have over 600 life members today. The first OBA to have received legislative recognition, it is the most active ‘Old Anadians’ Group in the school at present. The first OBA in the country to have initiated a medical camp for past and present teachers in the school, it is also actively engaged in the welfare schemes pertaining to both primary and senior sections of the school. The main fund raising event for the year, the annual dinner dance is scheduled to be held on of February 17 at Water’s Edge, Battaramulla. Current President of the OBA, Thusitha Jayawardena and his committee have many projects planned for the new year.
Among them, awarding scholarships to needy students at Ananda College and selected schools in the suburbs of colombo, providing resources to needy schools.


Pictured is the eradication by human labour and machinery of alien plant species at Bundala National Park, which is supported by ODEL.

ODEL supports clearing Bundala National Park

In a continuing effort to serve the community, ODEL recently announced their involvement in the ‘Clear a Hectare Project’ currently underway at the Bundala National Park. This unique initiative, organised by the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka (WNPS) in collaboration with MAS Linea Aqua (Pvt) Limited, aims to rid a 60 hectare area of two highly threatening plant species - Cactus and Proposis Juliflora.


A native son, whose vision embraced the world

A successful businessman should have a photographic memory, uncommon common sense, an ability to learn fast, make quick decisions and luck.
This was Mr. Phillip Upali Wijewardene, the founder of Upali Group of Companies.
After graduating in Economics from the University of Cambridge, Mr. Wijewardene returned home to Sri Lanka to join Unilever, where he worked for two years.

The first business venture he undertook was to takeover a bankrupted confectionery factory belonging to one of his friends. With modern machinery and planned management, Mr. Wijewardene was able to turn it around in a short period, and established ‘Delta’ as a leading brand name in confectionery. The second venture he took over was a chocolate company in financial difficulties. With rationalizing of the product range and effective marketing, Mr. Wijewardene was able to make it a success. ‘Kandos’ chocolate is now a household name in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand having its manufacturing plants in these countries.

Since its small beginnings in early 60’s, Upali Group was in dozen fields varying from operating Upali Aviation (a domestic airline), assembly of motor cars (UMC Mazda and Upali Fiat), assembly of consumer electronic products (Unic and Denshi) and later management of tea, rubber and cocoa estates under Adams Peak, Grand Central and Perak River plantations, both in Sri Lanka and overseas. The cocoa trading office of Upali Group in USA was then housed in the World Trade Center, New York city, which handled all the industrial products made in Upali factories.
In 1978, Mr. Wijewardene was appointed as the Director General of the Greater Colombo Economic Commission, presently called Board of Investment, set up by the Govt. of Sri Lanka to attract direct foreign investment to the country, which he handled with great success.

Because of Mr. Wijewardene’s business achievements, he was featured in the Fortune magazine in December 1980, captioned as ‘Sri Lanka’s Dashing Deal Maker’. He was the only Sri Lankan to have had such a privilege.
Currently, the key business areas of Upali Group are publishing of newspapers - The Island and Divaina, manufacture of soaps - Crystal and Sikuru and chocolates - Kandos and Delta in addition to a travel company handling in and outbound passengers and a trading organisation.

Mr. Upali Wijewardene was a man of many parts. He was the Chief Basnayake Nilame of the ‘Raja Maha Viharaya, Kelaniya’. This position was inherited from his father, late Don Walter Wijewardene, son of Helena Wijewardene Lamathani, who renovated the present Kelaniya temple after its destruction by the Portuguese. His religious belief was such that whatever he produced, he first offered to the Kelaniya temple. Presently, his nephew, Mr. Dhammika Attygalle functions as the Chief Basnayake Nilame of the Kelaniya temple.

The name Upali Wijewardene was synonymous with ‘The Sport of Kings’, Horse Racing. He was the Chairman, Board of Stewards of the Sri Lanka Turf Club and was a keen turfite, who raced in Sri Lanka and England, where he won the ‘Royal Ascot’ with ‘Rasa Penang’ ridden by the world famous Jockey ‘Lester Piggot’. He also won the ‘Singapore Derby’ and ‘Perak Derby’ - 1980 with his horse, named ‘Varron’. He raced ‘General Atty’ too and won many races in England. He flew to all these countries, where his horses were racing in his private aircraft. He made it a point to fly from New Market to Nuwara Eliya to watch his horses and ponies racing there too. He would land in Katunayake Airport and make a quick tarmac change to his private helicopter to fly to Nuwara Eliya. Mr. Wijewardene was responsible in reviving pony racing and thereafter, horse racing during the time there was a lull in racing.

On February 13, 1983 while returning to Colombo from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Mr. Wijewardene and five others disappeared in his private Lear Jet over the straits of Malacca leaving no trace of the wreckage or survivors.
Rajah Sinnahuray J.P.
Hony. Secretary, Sri Lanka Turf Club



Deshamanya Justice P. Ramanathan

I would like to salute and pay tribute to a great, humble and generous human being, fondly remembered as “Rama” or “Uncle Rama” in our family. He was highly respected, not only in the professional world, but also amongst the common folk who came in contact with him. He lived for others and went out of his way to help others.
Even when he was unwell, he was always very positive in his outlook. He gave so much hope to all those around him. He tackled all the difficult situations in his public life with courage and confidence. There was a sense of balance in his decisions.

His eloquence cannot be matched in this day and age. A few are as articulate as our Rama. He had so much pride and joy in all that he did. We were so privileged to be his close friends. His abundance of humour made us laugh all the time.

His wife Mano brought tremendous joy to him. It goes without saying that much of his success and achievements were attributable to the unflinching support given by her.
Rama was humane and a thorough gentleman at all times. A fearless and courageous son of Mother Lanka, he was one of the greatest public figures Sri Lanka has produced in recent times.

Dearest Mano, Rama will be there in spirit to bless you in whatever you choose to do in the future. I have no doubt that you will follow his values and principles and continue to be involved in the various charities and organisations as before. Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with you at all times.
May his soul rest in peace and dignity.


My mother

My mother H. M. Vithanage is no more with us
She left forever recently as we were crying
I do not know why she wanted to go
People say this is the situation in Sansara.

In fact I feel sorry for my mother,
As she loved me when I was a child
Today I am living because of my mother.
I am unable to forget her forever.

I like to meet my mother in the future
It is so that is a great victory
I am asking my mother to become ‘Amma’
Anyhow do not forget us, Amma.

My mother is not to be seen now.
Anyhow always I see your smiling face.
‘Saunsara gamana’ is first like the Amma
May you attain the supreme bliss of nibbana.

M. G. Asoka Karunaratne



February13 & 14th
‘La Squal’ by Patrice Genestal (100 min – 2000) in French with English subtitles at the Alliance Française de Colombo –6.30 pm
February 13
‘Kabuliwala’ by Hemen Gupta (3hrs) in Hindi with English subtitles at the Indian Cultural Centre – 5.30pm
February 15
‘The Take’ at the BMICH - 4pm & 6pm.
February 16
‘The Corporation’ at the BMICH - 4pm & 6pm


February 11
‘Images of Globalisation’, exhibition of visual art work by Prof. Jagath Weerasinghe and book exhibition at the National Art Gallery - 9am to 6pm
February 11
An exhibition of art by R. Kauwshigan and students at the Harold Peris Gallery
February 11
An exhibition of paintings by Swarna Gunathileke at the Lionel Went Art Gallery
February 11
An exhibition of paintings by Kaushigan at the Harold Peris Gallery
February 11 – March 9
An exhibition of paintings by Janani Cooray, Indralatha Dharmasene, Inoka silva, Krishanthi Sepalika at the Thilaka Hotel, Tearway Gallery, Kandy – 10am – 9pm
February 16-18
An exhibition of Art by Bandula Bandara at the Lionel Wendt Gallery.
February 16-18
An exhibition of photographs by Varuni Anuruddhika at the Harold Peris Gallery


February 16 - 18
‘Guys and Dolls’ presented by Visaka Vidyalaya Old Girls Association.


February 11
‘Pradeepanjalee’, the 10th anniversary concert, a concert of innovative fusion music by virtuoso sitarist Pradeep Ratnayake, at the Lionel Wendt Gallery









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