Janashakthi revolutionises Lanka’s motor insurance

Highest number of benefits to vehicle owners, passengers and pedestrians

Janashakthi Insurance Company Limited (JICL) has revolutionised motor insurance in Sri Lanka by providing policyholders with a wide range of benefits that go beyond those usually offered by a motor insurance policy, and, at no extra cost.
Motor insurance policyholders can now avail themselves of the widest range of benefits ever provided by a Sri Lankan insurer to date, with Janashakthi Full Option.

CEO / Managing Director of Janashakthi Company Limited Prakash Schaffter says that Janashakthi Full Option takes into account not only the needs of vehicle owners, but also their passengers and affected pedestrians as well, by providing them with a host of benefits that include many ‘firsts’ in the industry.
Janashakthi Full Option is the first to accept No-Claim Bonuses from other insurance companies and offers the highest percentage of No Claim Bonuses of up to 75 per cent. New vehicle owners are also given a 15 per cent No Claim Bonus upfront. An exciting alternative to the traditional methods of premium payments is offered with the Zero interest installment plan, which eases the strain of paying premiums in one lump sum. Policyholders are also given a grace period of an extra 15 days after expiry of the payment period of the policy, in the event of them forgetting the renewal date.

Janashakthi Full Option also provides the highest discount on multiple vehicles as well as loss of income support for owners of buses and three-wheelers. In the unfortunate event of an accident, Janashakthi pays for hospitalisation, and is the first insurer to offer personal accident protection and hospitalisation benefits to the passengers of the vehicle as well. The Janashakthi Pedestrian No Fault Scheme compensates the next of kin in the event of a fatal pedestrian accident, irrespective of whether or not the policyholder was at fault. Cash is also provided for a replacement vehicle, if the vehicle is garaged for more than four days.

Janashakthi Full Option is the flagship motor insurance brand of Janashakthi Insurance Company Limited and is recognised by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing at the SLIM brand excellence awards, as being the most innovative service brand in Sri Lanka.
These ground-breaking new additions to the industry are supported by an islandwide on-site damage inspection facility that requires no police reports. A claims settlement process and a 24-hour and 365 day fully operational Call Centre, assists motor policyholders by arranging for the immediate inspection of damaged vehicles and authorising repairs, either at the Company’s state-of-the-art Vehicle Collision Repair Centre or at a garage of the policyholder’s choice. Benefits also include free ‘natural perils’ protection coupled with flood cover.

“We believe in continuous product development, and will improve our product offerings to our policyholders to keep us a step ahead of competition by meeting ever changing consumer needs,” Schaffter explains. “A dedicated research and development unit works continuously on consumer insights and demands, anticipating the potential and future needs of our policyholders. This is in keeping with our brand promise of being the “Full Option” that delivers a superior product to policyholders,” he adds.


Caltex cares for visually handicapped graduates

Caltex Lubricants Lanka Limited responding to President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s request undertook to expand the office building of the Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates in Colombo.
“We are inspired by the work and commitment of the Sri Lanka Council of the Visually Handicapped Graduates towards the rehabilitation and training of the visually impaired people in the community,” says CEO / Managing Director of Caltex in Sri Lanka Kishu Gomes.

The donation made by Caltex would be used for the construction of the council’s head office and the auditorium.
Funds accumulated through the annual sale of flags (kodi sathiya) during the White-cane Day celebrations will continue to be used to purchase Braille paper, audio cassettes and batteries for the students.
The Sri Lanka Council of Visually Handicapped Graduates was set up with the aim of identifying needs and providing opportunities to the visually impaired youth.

The council has a membership of over 150 visually handicapped graduates and over 50 visually handicapped undergraduates.
The council is equipped to conduct computer training, English language courses and DC technology course and also have students following undergraduate courses in Sri Lankan universities.

The council also support the visually handicapped community through scholarship programme for undergraduates, teacher training programme known as ‘Diriya Saviya” in association with Youth Services Council (Tharuna Seva Sabhava) and Young Leaders Training Programme.
They also support the visually impaired through their distribution of white canes to the community, assisting with job placements for graduates and medical assistance.


Be a JAVA expert with SCJP

Start with Sun Certified Java Programmer Professional Qualification to enter high technology job market.
“Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Examination”, which is conducted by the Sun Microsystems USA online, is an internationally recognised professional qualification that any IT interested learner should acquire prior to his vocation or higher studies in IT.

The SCJP examination content covers the core language of Java Programming. In order for a programmer to certify with this exam they need to undergo a special training to obtain the in-depth knowledge in the Java language. The programmers who do not possess this SCJP qualification may be thorough only with the areas the programming environment supports. When they fall into different areas they have to learn once again from scratch to perform better in new areas which normally takes much longer time periods. The SCJP qualification assures that when a certified professional falls into a different programming area they can easily adapt themselves to the new environment immediately.

SCJP professionals are conversant in all core concepts in the Java language. Therefore it is recognised that they play an effective role in the industry. Their effectiveness is highly accepted as they know how to get used to pre defined areas ‘without reinventing the wheel’, and how to come out of errors without stagnating for long hours. It is recommended to consider SCJP qualification for their placements.


Singer donation to Cancer Hospital
Singer Sri Lanka donated four air conditioners worth Rs 400,000 to Cancer Hospital Maharagama, recently. (Left to right) Director Marketing of Singer Sri Lanka, Asitha Abeysekera, Director of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital, Dr Kanishka Karunarathne and Manager- Marketing of Singer Sri Lanka Kumara Samarasinghe at the handing over.


Commercial Credit helps Kandy General Hospital

Kandy based finance company Commercial Credit Ltd recently refurbished two wards of the Kandy General Hospital under the company’s corporate social responsibility programme. Refurbished wards were handed over in a simple ceremony attended by the company’s directors and the medical and other staff of the two wards.

The company’s chairperson Vagdevi Fernamdo addressing the gathering on the occasion thanked the director, deputy director, consultant neurosurgeon, doctors and nursing staff of wards No 73 and 74 for having given the Commercial Credit Ltd the opportunity to refurbish the wards thereby making life more pleasant for those who are involved in the day to day operations and also making life more comfortable for the patients.

Consultant Neurosurgeon Dr Jayantha Liyanage speaking on the occasion said that it was indeed a meritorious act to help the sick. He thanked the chairperson, directors and all officers of Commercial Credit Ltd. for their continuous help to maintain the two wards.
Chairperson Vagdevi Fernando unveiling the plaque. Members of the staff of the Kandy General Hospital and directors of Commercial Credit Ltd look on.


Tigo offers new experience

Tigo the latest mobile service provider which hit the country recently has a brand presence in 14 countries and is renowned for its innovative strategies, gave its Sri Lankan customers a new mobile experience recently.
Tigo’s latest promotion, ‘Roll the Dice’ was carried out at Majestic City last weekend, with an unprecedented crowd of over 2000 people participating and playing this game.
“Tigo had an unexpected crowd of over 2000 people who wanted to play our new game” said Commercial Director Tigo Aniljit Singh.

‘Roll the Dice’ entailed four participants [at a time ] being given dice which they had to roll and in the event the letters T, I,G,O, appeared simultaneously they stood to win a Tigo connection which has 5000 SMS free [ worth Rs 10,000 ].

“We were amazed that 4 individuals on their 1st throw won 5000 SMS each”, Singh said.
In addition a host of Tigo complimentries and other value added gifts and benefits were distributed during the weekend.
According to Singh, Tigo fun continues at both Majestic City and at Excel World. “We guarantee loads of entertainment and fun. All participants at Majestic City walked away with lots of prizes”.


Land Rover appoints Marvan as Brand Ambassador

The local agents for Land Rover in Sri Lanka, Frontier Automotive (Pvt) Ltd has appointed former Sri Lankan cricket captain Marvan Ataputtu as their Brand Ambassador for Sri Lanka.
This internationally reputed cricketer will be at key Land Rover events and promotions and will be the official Land Rover champion and spokesperson. The first official event will be in June 2007 when he will launch the all new Freelander 2 as well as the 2007 Range Rover.

According to CEO Frontier Automotive, Sheran Fernando, “Marvan joins the Land Rover “lifestyle” with a multitude of achievements, which include being in the winning team of the 1996 world cup. His exquisite technique has given him recognition all around the world as a premium sportsman. He is also a true family man, and his wife and two daughters are an inspiration to him”.

Marvan is currently on his third Land Rover, his first being the new Discovery 3. This was followed by the stunning super charged Range Rover Sport. “He has just placed his order for the flagship of the brand, the 2007 Supercharged Range Rover which will be testament to his achievement in life and sport, thus making him a true ambassador for this superlative vehicle” said Fernando.

“His global personality and acclaimed performance in international cricket is the perfect match for Land Rover, a brand that offers a modern line up of powerful and award winning 4x4 s” said Fernando .
Marvan is currently in the West Indies for the ICC world cup. “We at Land Rover wish him and the team every success in the forth coming world cup”.


Kotmale – Poised to capture local market

Kotmale dairy products which have earned a household name in Sri Lanka will soon be available in a variety of exciting flavours and brand new packaging. “The new products will entice the consumer, thus further strengthening their market share and their position as the company with the largest locally manufactured dairy product portfolio in the country,” a press release states.

Many Sri Lankans start their day with maybe one or more Kotmale products which constitute their breakfast and starting there, these products cross the paths of the Sri Lankan consumer many times a day without them even realising this fact. The reason being that ‘Kotmale’ has, what can without question be called the largest dairy product portfolio compared any dairy product manufacturing company in Sri Lanka.

Their product portfolio currently boasts – fresh liquid milk (either pasteurised to eliminate harmful bacteria or ultra heat treated for long life), cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, full cream milk powder, fresh cream and even ghee. Within each of these product categories exists a vivid variety, which caters to the need of every consumer and is capable of capturing the imagination of even the most selective child who considers themselves to be a connoisseur of milk based treats.

“Kotmale uses the least possible additives or preservatives, and that too in only the most essential instances, in the minimum possible quantities, maintaining the highest quality at all times – with techniques and practices which have been refined and fine-tuned over many years of experience and foreign technology.


Unimo partners with Nations Leasing

Unimo Enterprises Limited (UEL) a fully owned subsidiary of United Motors Lanka Limited recently joined hands with Nations Leasing, to promote Kenari and Kelisa passenger cars through special leasing packages.
The Kelisa will be available for Rs 23,724 per month, while the Kenari will be Rs 25,207 per month [ excluding Vat ], a very affordable price indeed.

Sales Manager of UEL Lionel Wijeratne said, “These two models, the Kenari and Kelisa that are manufactured by Perodua in Malaysia in total technical collaboration with Daihatsu Motor Corporation, Japan are poised to revolutionise the market in the small car category due to its phenomenal fuel efficiency.
The Kenari that was recently introduced to the market is equipped with central locking, power steering, power shutters, factory fitted air-conditioning, fog lamps and body kit, remote key less entry, CD/ Radio, 14” alloy wheels, spoiler and reverse sensors as standard features.


SLTnet goes 1 Gbps in international internet backbone

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) announced its upgrade of SLTnet the largest internet backbone and service provider in Sri Lanka, with multiple access to global Internet networks.
The upgrade involves the recent addition of 622Mbps (STM4-Synchronous Transport Module-4) capacity to SLTnet international internet protocol backbone (IPBB). SLTnet customers can now enjoy 1 Gbps (1000Mbps) of international IPBB capacity with direct connectivity to global ISPs in Asia, Europe and the USA. The next phase of expansion of SLTnet international internet bandwidth is already planned for mid of the year 2007.

SLTnet caters to the entire community in the island offering the best packages to suit each individual’s or corporate needs. Among the many benefits to customers, ranging from all segments of business, along with government and residential customers are high-speed connectivity, service quality, performance, reliability, backup and redundancy via satellite. It provides services such as Dial Up internet, ADSL high speed internet, internet Data Centre (iDC), IP-VPN connectivity, metro Ethernet services, VoIP service quality and IPTV content in the very near future. The system also has an assurance for redundancy as it has tied up with world’s tier 1 operators such as AT&T, Verizon & SingTel.








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