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The April holidays are almost here, and you may have made plans to travel to your home-town to meet your loved ones. Yes, the Avurudu season has already begun! Shops and markets are loaded with Avurudu items and your parents too must be busy preparing for the celebration.
You can make this holiday your most creative, and enjoy it at the same time. You can make little gifts for your parents and grandparents. Sinhala/Hindu New Year is the time to meet relatives, friends and neighbours and express your gratitude and love with gifts. Sharing and caring in a special way on the festive day is what everybody expects and so you children make it a point to do it this year. Little gifts made by you, a lovely poem for your grandparents will make them happy and also proud of you. Itís also time to remember the poor people, their children who basically have nothing. Share whatever you have with them. You can give away things which can still be be used, but which you no longer use. It may be clothes, shoes, stationery, toys, etc. It would be a great gift for someone less fortunate at this time!
Do things differently, so that you will remember this New Year always!


Aunty Sulochana


Think quest: Astronomy

1. Why do stars twinkle?
Stars twinkle because the star light comes down to the earth through different layers of air.

2. Will the Universe ever end? (In terms of time)
The Universe could end because it started expanding billions of years ago and in the future it could start shrinking. However, no one really knows for sure.

3. Can you travel to the end of the Universe, does it ever end? (In terms of space)
Some say that the Universe is expanding close to the speed of light so you would have to travel faster than it is now possible in order to catch up to the end. So at the current time the answer is no.

4. How many stars can you see on a clear night?
Around 3,000 stars with your naked-eye.

5. Which planets can we see without a telescope?
Venus and Jupiter.
6. Why does the moon shine?
The sunís light reflects off of the moonís surface.

7. Does life exist on Mars?
Scientists thought that they had found life on Mars, but now theyíre not sure. Scientists are still looking for life on Mars.

Sent by:
Jith Benjamin
Grade 3, St. Peterís College,


Piumika Shenali
Grade 5 C,
St. Marys Convent,
















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