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Actress Liv Tyler has been offered a second career as a therapist after impressing psychiatrists with her skills, while preparing for a new movie role.
The Lord of the Rings star plays a therapist to Adam Sandler in dark new movie REIGN OVER ME and thinks she’d make a pretty good shrink in real life - and the real doctors she trained with agree.
Tyler reveals, “It was something I took very seriously. The story touched me so much and I thought it was important, that it was very real and not a caricature of what a therapist would be like.
“I actually have a shrink in New York who I love and I spent a lot of time with her, hours on end. It was kind of weird because I was actually learning some of her tricks, which suddenly made it very weird for me to be doing therapy with her.

Secret to marriage
Kate Beckinsale believes the secret to a happy marriage is lots of sex.
The Hollywood actress - who is married to Len Wiseman, the director of her hit film ‘Underworld’ - has revealed she and her husband enjoy a very passionate relationship.
Kate confessed to She magazine: “I’m very blessed to have a husband who appreciates me.
“Women feel sexy from feeling attractive and desired. Men feel sexy from having sex.
“If you can strike a balance where the man is having sex a lot and the woman is feeling desired enough to have sex, then you’ve figured out the secret to a marriage that’s alive.”

Will Smith’s
Japanese toilet

Will Smith doesn’t wipe his own butt, thanks to his hi-tec Japanese toilet.
The rapper-and-actor is delighted with the new gadgets he and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith have had installed in their home, which not only dispose of bodily waste but also clean the ‘user’.
Will raved: “We’ve installed these toilets from Japan in our new house in Los Angeles.
“They’re paper free. Wherever you sit on the toilet, somehow it hits the bull’s eye perfectly. It cleans and then dries you. It is just water and then air.”
Earlier this month, Will injured his shoulder fighting blood-thirsty vampires
The actor, who plays the last man alive in a world overrun by vampires in sci-fi film ‘I Am Legend’, was hurt while filming an action scene.
He was treated at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery and is still receiving physiotherapy.

Von Anhalt
Submits DNA Test
Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband has submitted a DNA sample in Los Angeles in a bid to prove he means to fight for paternity of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby daughter Danny.
Prince Fredric Von Anhalt came forward the day after the tragic model’s death last month , claiming to be the child’s biological father.
And as Smith’s companion Howard K. Stern and her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead await the results of a DNA test in the Bahamas to find out who the baby’s father is, Von Anhalt insists he wants to be a part of the proceedings.
The Hungarian royal believes Dannielynn is his lovechild - from a secret 10-year romance he had with Anna Nicole.
Scarlett Johansson’s surgery vow
Scarlett Johansson has vowed to have plastic surgery because she doesn’t want to become an “old hag”.

‘The Prestige’ star, widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, insists she will go under knife if her looks deteriorate when she gets older.
Scarlett, 22, said: “I will definitely have plastic surgery - I don’t want to become an old hag! I think if you’re comfortable with yourself that’s sexy, but if you’re not, then go for it.”
The blonde actress also admits she has a massive make-up collection, because she loves experimenting with different looks.
Scarlett explained: “I have a ridiculously large make-up collection. It’s out of control! In my home in New York, I have a huge table covered with cigar boxes full of beauty products.



















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