Ronan on the run

She actually told me once that if I ever wanted to quit my day job I would be an OK shrink. I was like, ‘I think there’s something wrong with you saying that but thank you so much!’ Keating’s Cancer Run.
Irish pop star Ronan Keating is calling on fans to sponsor him to run the London Marathon next month (APR07).

The 30-year-old singer will tackle the 26 mile (42 km) course through the British capital, to raise money for Cancer Research UK - a cause close to his heart.

Keating mother, Marie, lost her battle with disease in 1998.
So far Keating has raised $6,000 (£3,000), thanks in part to a $3,000 (£1,500) one-off donation from his record label Polydor.

He writes on his website, “I’ll be running the London Marathon for the first time with my ‘Team Ronan’ colleagues Mark Plunkett, Barrie Knight and David Keoghan. We are hoping to complete the marathon in under four hours, whilst aiming for a fundraising target of £5,000.

“Cancer Research UK” is a charity that is hugely important to me. My mum, Marie, died nine years ago from breast cancer and I believe that if she had been more aware of the warning signs she would still be here now.”

Duff doesn’t bluff

Hilary Duff: ‘I’m Not Singing about Nicole Richie’ . . . Hilary Duff has laughed off rumours about two songs on her new album are about Nicole Richie, who is dating Duff’s ex-boyfriend, Joel Madden.
The teen-star insists she has no bitterness towards Richie - and that the songs are actually about her mother and father.

Duff says, “I’ve read that Gypsy Woman and Stranger are about Nicole but they’re not - they are about my parents.
“I want Joel to be happy, and if she makes him happy . . .
“Obviously he’s going to find someone else, like I’m going to do.” Meanwhile the teen-star is loving the single life, because for the first time in years she gets to make decisions for herself.
Duff ended her long-term relationship with Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden last year, and insists she’s too busy learning about herself to look for another man.
The 19-year-old says, “The last thing I want right now is to be in a relationship. When you’re in a relationship you make decisions based on what’s good for both you and someone else. So now it’s nice to make decisions based on what I want - it’s empowering.”

Mellow Lavigne
Avril Lavigne has credited marriage to fellow Canadian Deryck Whibley for turning her into a more mature, calmer person.
Lavigne, 22, and Whibley, 26, tied the knot last June and she insists the relationship has had a positive influence on her.
She explains, “I have a strong personality. (But) I don’t fight people anymore. I’m more mature and I just don’t think fighting is good.”


















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