By Sureni Dayaratne
The Ceylon University Dramatic Society staged its Annual Inter Faculty Drama Festival at the E.O.E Pereira Theater last Saturday 24th March 2007. Dramsoc has had a glorious tradition in the past with a legacy left behind by famous playwrights, actors etc. This evening of dramas proved that Dramsoc has many more years of promising theatre yet to come, bringing together a student community in all its diversity.
As the lights dimmed for the start of the performances the first in line was

Faculty of Science with
A Little Private Education by D. M. Bocaz-Larson, which revolves around an eager young teacher- Luke Stafford, played by Randika Gajanayake who learns first hand from his experience that running a school smoothly requires more than just good teaching skills. Especially when he finds out that the school owner Ms. Mabel Poke expects more….much more…from him. Things don’t get any better for Luke when he tries to escape her seductions. It gets worse when his vexatious sister Peg and an irresponsible plumber, Paul decide to dabble their fingers in matters. The play however ending up in a twist, kept the audience well entertained while Luke tried to divert Ms. Mabel Poke’s attention by dressing up to make him seem unattractive.
The next play was by the Faculty of Engineering who presented an adapted version of Quinten Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

What would be the first thought that comes to your mind when one mentions diamonds??? Nothing whatsoever the drama displayed. ……A criminal mastermind Eddie plans to attempt the greatest diamond theft the country has ever seen. He assembles a band of professional criminals –The Reservoir Dogs- who are specialists in their own fields and plan every bit of the operation so that nothing can go wrong!! Exciting but even perfectly planned dangerous games go wrong….as the Reservoir Dogs soon find out. As the six gang members sniff after each other to uncover the culprit shedding blood…blood … more blood and deaths…. things turn out very much different from the original plan.

Faculty of Medicine with Alice Gerstenberg’s Over Tones
With 6 directors involved and a complicated synopsis the play turned out to portray the disguised identities beneath the composed outer selves. With appearances kept up and masks worn the over tones constantly reminded the audience of one’ inner self. The characters Harriet and Margaret (along with their ids Hetty and Maggie) trying to get even with each other while at the same time trying not to show that both are trying to attain something for their benefit kept the audience well focused. The emotions / inner thoughts were portrayed well by the two ids and their facial expressions. The effective use of background props and costumes contributed to the overall performance.

The next play was Plaza Suite by the Arts Faculty 3rd and 2nd Years. With a bride locked up inside the bathroom, the stage revealed a hysterical mother who was later joined by a nervous father who were trying their best to get their daughter out of the bathroom (unsuccessfully) to get herself married. The young woman however does not want to plunge in to marriage afraid of what she and her husband might become- like her parents. The parents’ cajoling and persuasion seemed useless but the “to be” bride comes out only to her fiancé- Borden Eisler’s “Cool it off Mimmsy” , at which her parents were quite aggravated. They were exceptional. It was no easy task for 2 characters to carry out the play, while at the same time keeping the audience and the judges engrossed with their conversations and actions the whole time. Yet it worked out well….. Hashintha Jayasinghe who played the mother Mrs. Hubley’s role carried away the award for the Best Actress while the father’s role played by Nisansala Jayaweera was the judges’ choice for Best Actor!!!!!! They had it all…choreography was creative… acting was excellent …and the directing was brilliant. The silent movements and the performances had the audience in fits of laughter. The play also carried away the awards for the Best Drama along with the award for Best Director/s.

The final play The Weirdest Honeymoon by the 1st years of the Faculty of Arts brought to the spot light a usual couple who encounters unusual strangers throughout their honeymoon which kept them from doing what couples usually do on their honey moon. The cast surely did enjoy themselves on stage.
All in all, the evening kept the audience well entertained with the dramas and exceptional guest performances by the University group “Suli” , a few songs and superb guitar performances by other university students. I must add that the organizing committee, cast members, and a very lively audience brought together a memorable evening.


















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