Dushyanth’s website launch

By Melina Jaimon
Dushyanth Weeraman is no stranger to the music industry, his inimitable style and talent has set him apart from other artistes.
Dushyanth is on the threshold of releasing his solo album, which will be jam-packed with originality and versatility. Among his biggest music influences are Michael Jackson, Boys II Men, Aerosmith, Usher and Craig David. He started producing his original music in the latter part of 2001 with “Paana Senehasa”, he released “Sandhu Maahaa,” in 2005, Obe Hasarel in early 2006 and “Jayththu Nonay” in late 2006, all his songs were well received by critics and music lovers alike.
In order to reach out to his expanding fan-base, Dushyanth has brought himself closer to the masses by releasing a website, which will keep his fans informed about his history, past and present.
www.dushyanth.com was launched on March 1, 2007. Speaking to Soul, Dushyanth said, “The main focus of this site is to let people find out what I have done, what I’m doing, what I’ll be doing in the near future, and who I am.”
The website includes his biography, articles which have been written about him and his involvements in the music industry and also a download portal which enables you to download a few songs released by Dushyanth.

The artist, speaking further about the features on his website said, “As for audio and video, people can again download or listen to the audio and they can view a few of my past performances and checkout some of the TV interviews I’ve done. There’s also a separate tab for lyrics, Every time I release a song, the lyrics will appear on the website.” If you wan to contact Dushyanth, you can do so through the web and send in your comments and suggestions, “any form of feedback, good or bad, is always welcome,” he said with a smile.
When you visit the website, an interesting feature that grabs your attention is the “Events calendar” which gives you detailed information of Dushyanth’s performance dates and venues.
If you’re a big Dushyanth fan, you can get special privileges as a member, if you register as one. He said, “Privileges can include, “free downloads and stuff, who knows what I’ll have for them in the future, maybe free tickets for a show of mine.”

Dushyanth said a special note of thanks to Asanga Abeywicrama and Subhash Vidhanapathirana who designed the website and the back-end programming respectively. He said, “I like to sincerely thank them for doing a great job at putting up my site exactly the way I wanted it. Note the fact that it’s a very user friendly site. “
Dushyanth’s latest single, “Karaliya” was released on March 17, speaking about it he said, “it’s an upbeat song and describes how guy’s view women dancing,” added with a cheeky grin.”
Catch him at his next performance at the, “Royalists on stage” show, on April 7 at the BMICH.


















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