Indian award to NPC Executive Director

The Jury of the Inter-Faith Harmony Foundation of India has conferred the prestigious National Award for Peace, Tolerance and Harmony to Dr. Jehan Perera, Executive Director of the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on April 22, at the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in New Delhi.

The award - the Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti National Award 2006, for Peace, Tolerance and Harmony will be presented by the former Prime Minister of India, Shri Inder Kumar Gujral. Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is one of the most revered Muslim Saints from the Indian Sub-Continent. Indian Prime Minister - Dr. Manmohan Singh will deliver the inaugural address at the award ceremony.
The Inter-Faith Harmony Foundation of India is a Forum for Inter-Faith Inter-Civilization Dialogue promoted by Indian Muslims and comprises distinguished and highly placed public personalities.


Violence Against Women Post-tsunami launched

Shri Prithviraj Chavan, Indian Minister of State at Prime Minister’s Office, met with tsunami-affected women from Sri Lanka, India, Maldives who are in Delhi to launch the report Violence Against Women post-tsunami before the SAARC governments. The report, endorsed by an alliance of more than 160 organisations, underlines the need for policies that ensure that women’s rights are protected in the wake of all disasters.


Fall in love with affection . . .

Stone ‘N’ String offers a collection of ten-carat gold ‘Everyday-wear jewellery’ this Avurudu season. The ‘Message Jewellery’ carrying messages of affection such as ‘I love you’ and ‘Be mine’ are also available.


Avurudu Raban at Hilton Colombo

To celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Hilton Colombo is prepared to bring some interesting holiday packages as well as a little bit of culture to the hotel with traditional Sri Lankan activities.
Thus, there will be mouthwatering Sri Lankan sweet meats such as kavum, kokis, athiraha and milk rice at the Fine Things from April 12 to 14.



More than 300 animators will attend the four-day annual orientation seminar of La-Kri-Vi, a Catholic movement dedicated towards the well being of children, at St. Vincent’s Home, Maggona, from April 19 to 22. The theme for 2007 is “Let us protect children’s rights,” as children are recognised to be the most important resource of a country and the hope of the future.

The programme will consist of talks by resource personnel, panel discussions and workshops, exchange experiences, evaluations and plan strategies for the future, to work out the annual plan for 2007/ 2008. At the Annual General Meeting that will also be held, diocesan chaplains, district coordinators and all animators will take their oaths of commitment to work as volunteers of the movement.

The La-Kri-Vi movement was started here also by a French Oblate priest, Rev. Fr. Felix Mevel OMI and was affiliated to IMAC in 1968. The name La-Kri-Vi is an abbreviation with the initial letters in Sinhala which means “Valiant Children in Action.” La-Kri-Vi celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2004. The La-Kri-Vi movement is an action-oriented Roman Catholic voluntary organisation working for the integral development of the Sri Lankan children between the age of 5 and 15 and is run by the children themselves under the guidance of volunteers who serve as promoters (animators) of the movement. Rev. Fr. Joe Cooray OMI, is the National Director, La-Kri-Vi whose national office is at 271, Deans Road, Colombo 10. (Telephone 2699347)

Any parish or community who wishes the wellbeing of children and peace in the country could join hands with La-Kri-Vi to protect the children’s rights and build a new world through the unity of the children of all nationalities and religions, which is greatly needed in our country at present.


Avurudu at Amaya Resorts

Make your get-a-way this avurudu season at Amaya Resorts and Spa, with special attractions: special theme nights, traditional avurudu games and various fun-filled programmes. Many more gifts and surprises! From April 11 to 17.


Easter Praise and Worship

A special service of ‘Easter Praise and Worship’ will be held today, (Sunday) from 12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m. at the Cathedral of Christ the Living Saviour, Bauddhaloka Mawatha (adjoining the BMICH)
Colombo 7.

This service, which is open to all, is designed to inspire a personal experience of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will also proffer personal blessings upon individuals through anointed prayer. The Speaker and Minister at this service, conducted under the umbrella of the ministry of ‘Peace for All’, will be Dr. Vijaya Corea, who will deliver a cogent message on ‘The evidence of the Resurrection and its relevance to you today.’


Evero launched in Matara

Industrial Development Minister Kumara Welgama opened the ‘Evero’ factory in Hittativa, Matara under the Rata Negumata Gamata Karmantha Programme as part of the Mahinda Chinthana.
The MDF Laminating factory is a total investment of Rs. 350 million. Employment opportunities for 350 have already been provided. The objectives of this are to export furniture, such as Everoform steel almirahs, and mattresses, to the foreign markets, and provide 500 jobs. Media Minister Laxman Yapa Abeywardena, Presidential Co-ordinating Secretary Anura Gunarathne, Southern Provincial Councilor Handunge, Sisira Paranagama also participated at this occasion.


International School Award Ceremony

For the first time in Sri Lanka five Sri Lankan Schools, namely, Kegalle Vidyalaya, Kegalle, Mahmud Ladies’ College, Kalmunai, Maliyadeva College, Kurunegala, Rahula College, Matara, Sangabodhi Vidyalaya, Nittambuwa, received the prestigious International School Award (ISA). The award ceremony was held on March 31, at the British Council Main Hall, with the Education Minister, Susil Premajayantha as the Chief Guest, and the British High Commissioner, Dominick Chilcott as the Guest of Honour.

International School Award is an award which celebrates, encourages and recognises the international dimension in schools. Sri Lanka is the second country outside of UK to introduce this accreditation scheme (India was the first).
The ISA is an accreditation scheme for curriculum-based international work in schools. This scheme offers a framework within which to develop international collaborative activity, and co-ordinate international curriculum topics across the school.

ISA is a vigorous process to ensure the schools submit a dossier of evidence showing the range of international work across the school year, and how that international links have benefited students, teachers and parents.
The above schools initially developed an action-plan for one academic year, which indicated approximately eight to ten classrooms, and whole-school based international projects. These projects were from diverse subject areas, involving students belonging to different age groups (grades). After the action plan was assessed and approved, the schools started working on the projects. Action plan provided the necessary framework to obtain the award.

Teachers from different areas of expertise in the local school, the school community and the teachers from the UK partner-schools were drawn together to work towards obtaining this award. Each participating school finally submitted a dossier of evidence for assessment.
The Global Schools Linking web page was also launched at the ceremony by the Country Director British Council Sri Lanka, Gill Westaway.


A landmine free SL

The United States joins Sri Lanka in observing the second annual International Day of Mine Awareness and Mine Action on April 4. Sri Lanka has made impressive strides to rid the island of mines. The National Steering Committee for Mine Action, under the Ministry of Nation Building and Development, has set ambitious goals for the future, and the United States has been a partner with Sri Lanka from the beginning of the mine clearing effort.
In 2002, the U.S. Department of State deployed a Quick Reaction Force of skilled de-miners from the U.S. mine removal program in Mozambique. This was followed by a State Department- funded partnership between the Sri Lankan Army’s Engineering Brigade and RONCO, a de-mining contractor, to build a permanent de-mining capacity in the Sri Lankan Army. Over the last five years, the State Department has spent almost $10 million training and equipping nearly 900 humanitarian de-miners as well as providing vehicles, computers and equipment to the de-mining squadrons of the Engineering Brigade, making it the largest and most productive unit, clearing 5 million square meters for resettlement and agriculture. The U.S. Department of Defense has shared innovative mechanical technology, including the MAXX + clearance system, a modified commercial-off-the-shelf mini-excavator with rotating blades, for field evaluations of technology with the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) humanitarian de-mining unit.

International Non-governmental Organisations (INGOs) such as the Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI), the One Sri Lanka Foundation and the HALO Trust have come together to eliminate the threat of land mines and restore the economic livelihood of the citizens of Jaffna. Funded by a $4 million Food For Peace grant from the United States Government, HALO Trust is clearing thousands of square meters in Pandattarippu and Sarasalai South, as the first phase in HDI ‘s plan to clear 450,000 square meters of land to be used for the revitalisation of Jaffna’s dairy farming industry. The project will directly benefit 1,300 farmers and their families. Land O’ Lakes, a leading American dairy producer, will implement the dairy development component of the project, which is expected to triple the supply of fresh milk available in Sri Lanka. This outcome will spur the further development of private sector dairy processing, allowing the Sri Lankan Government to decrease imports of expensive dried milk, thus making valuable funds available for other development efforts. As indirect beneficiaries, hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the currently mine-affected villages in Jaffna will be able to safely walk to work, to school and to work their farms.

“We are proud to be a close partner with Sri Lanka in increasing the local capacity to detect and clear mines,” stated U.S. Ambassador Robert Blake. “Despite the return to violence, dedicated de-mining squadrons from the Sri Lankan Army, INGOs such as the Humpty Dumpty Institute and the HALO Trust and private partnerships from Land O’ Lakes are still dedicated to removing mines and economic redevelopment. We hope we will be able to assist the government in making the Sri Lanka mine-safe and productive so Sri Lankans can go about their daily lives free from the fear of mines.”

The Leahy War Victims Fund, administered by USAID and implemented by the INGO Motivation Charitable Trust is providing $3,746,100 for a project that enhances opportunities for people with mine-related disabilities. This program includes the training of Sri Lankans overseas to become physical therapists and prosthetic technicians, introduces polypropylene prosthetic technology to Sri Lanka and expands rehabilitation services to include vocational training, job replacement, peer support and advocacy for mine victims. The program has issued 231 leg prosthetics and 99 orthotic braces to mine victims from the Jaffna Jaipur Centre for Disability Rehabilitation. The center has also provided physical and psychosocial therapy to 500 patients. There are also plans to open an office in Mannar in partnership with a Catholic charity.



April 8
Bridge to Terabithia at the Majestic Cinema, Colombo 4, - 10.30 a.m./1.30 p.m./ 4.15 p.m./ 7.00 p.m.

April 10
Fargo (98 minutes) at the American Centre, Colombo 3, at 6.30 p.m.

April 10 & 11
La Naissance de l’amour by Philippe Garel (94 min – 1993) in French with English subtitles, at the Alliance Française at 3.30/6.00 p.m.

April 17
Dead Man Walking (122 Minutes) at the American Centre, Colombo 3, at 6.30 p.m.

April 17 & 18
Si je t’aime, prends garde à toi by Jeanne Labrune (110 min – 1998) in French with English subtitles, at the Alliance Française at 3.30/6.00 p.m.


April 10
Ananda Samarakoon Samaru Gee at the John De Silva Theatre, Colombo 4


April 20 - 22
Exhibition of Paintings, by Thushara Kumarasinghe, at the Lionel Wendt Art Centre, Colombo 7

Public talks

April 8
An Action that is not the Outcome of Thought organised by the Krishnamurthi Centre at Anula Nursery School, 310, High Level Road, Colombo 6, at 10.30am.

April 15
Is There Something Sacred organised by the Krishnamurthi Centre at Anula Nursery School, 310, High Level Road, Colombo 6, at 9.45am.


This week your expenditure will rise as Lagna lord Mars moves in 11th with Rahu and Sun moves in 12th. Money is spent unnecessarily, even though you make an effort to earn. Losses will be incurred from documental work. Good relationships with brothers and friends will prevail. Home-front satisfactory; May be afflicted with stomach upsets.

Lagna lord Venus posited in 12th, Sun and Mercury posited in 11th. Profits from financial dealings indicated. Assistance from superiors at work place indicated. Enhanced income received from lands. Progress will be made educational pursuits. Expenses incurred on recreational activities. Can expect favours and promotions and privileges at workplace. Disputes arise in family life.

Sun is in 10th with lagna lord Mercury while Venus is in 11th. This gives good effects. Promotions and other benefits seen in employment. This week you have special interest in the occult. Gains from documental work. Job seekers will be called for interviews. Good period for artistes. Friends will be helpful. Those doing higher studies will find their aspirations fulfilled.

Saturn moves in lagna and Sun moves in 9th with Mercury. This is a favourable week. Financial gains through cheques and drafts. Get accolades from superiors and dignitaries. Opponents cannot harm your employment status. Place of residence may be changed. You must take control of your expenses. Take care against accidents.

This is not a favourable week as Saturn posited in 12th and Sun posited in 8th Differences of opinion with superiors will create losses. Incur loss from documental dealings. Mental distress will prevail. You have to act with far-sightedness. You or spouse may be involved in accidents.

Lagna lord Mercury is moving in 7th with Sun. and Venus is in 8th resulting in mixed fortunes. Increase your income through hard work. Activities using intellect bring good results. Profits from businesses and partnership dealings will be forthcoming. May suffer from stomach upsets.

The moving of lagna lord Venus in 7th and Sun in 6th is favourable for you. Peace and happiness prevail in married life. Financial gains from documental or literary work. Superiors assist you in your official work. Fair sex will be helpful. Be watchful of children as they may be involved in misdeeds. Much traveling foreseen.

Jupiter is in lagna, Sun and Mercury move in 5th .Progress in educational pursuits. Unexpected expenses at the beginning of the week. Success in exams, and you will be called for interviews. Take care in dealings with others. Problems regarding house and property may arise. Work diligently despite setbacks. Get assistance from friends. Heart patients should take care.

Mixed fortune awaits as lagna lord Jupiter posited in 12th while Sun and Mercury posited in 4th. You are perseverant and self confident. Have to control your temper as it may lead to family confrontations. You may have worries over children. Act carefully as you may have legal problems. Heavy expenses foreseen. Phlegm and stomach upsets may cause concern.

Planetary chart shows the moving of Sun and Mercury in 3rd and Venus in 4th. This is a week of mixed results. Make arrangements to beautify the house. Good period to buy vehicles. Travel to a foreign country may be indicated for some. You are inclined to religious activities. There may be trivial family matters that cause concern.

This is a week of mixed effects as Mars and Rahu in lagna Sun and Mercury in 2nd. You work with dedication. Have to control your temper at work place. Confusion may be caused in your activities due to hasty decisions. Good returns from educational pursuits. Beware of minor accidents.

Lagna lord Jupiter moves in 9th and Mars, Rahu moves in 12th. You are subjected to criticism of others as you act on your own decisions. Differences of opinion with spouse may occur. Engage in beautifying the house. Sudden financial gain foreseen; Get accolades from superiors at work place.








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