‘Tigers never change their spots’ or the Brits, their ‘divide and rule policy’

The British Government has been prowling and waiting for an opportune moment to enter the ‘Sri Lankan terrorism issue’ and true to their colonial traits, they opt to side with the terrorists, rather than with the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka. Reason – the upcoming elections in the UK where certain regional MPs will be better off, if they woo the expatriate Tamil terrorist votes for them to win their elections! This is what British decency is all about.
It is easy for western governments to step in, when in our own country we have traitorous politicians of the likes of Ranil Wickremesinghe and his close confidantes in the UNP, who are keener to please their white masters, than to exhibit any sentiments of national pride (if they ever had any). Just like the British, the UNP, under the failed leadership of Ranil Wickremesinghe is, clamouring for electoral wins – at least these two have something in common. They, together with blood thirsty LTTE terrorists as their ‘common friend,’ deem to stand on the same side and pressurise a democratically elected government of Sri Lanka. It was only a couple of days ago, that our Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe is reported to have told EU members, “Sri Lanka was gloomy even during the day” - extremely honourable on the part of this Sri Lankan politician, who leads into ignominy, a once highly respected political party in this country - the UNP. On transit in India on his return journey to Sri Lanka he made it a point to issue a press release in which he said “Sri Lanka, is in big trouble…………!” We may also ask at this point, why did he go to Europe and with whose authority did he make such blasphemous statements at a foreign gathering? Freedom is necessary but when that freedom is abused, the people of this country will make our decisions when the time comes to do so - Ranil Wickremesinghe can be quite sure of that!
As long as the LTTE terrorists had their own way with the UNP government, Ranil Wickremesinghe, when he had gladly permitted the terrorists to encroach and expand their territory much against the will of the majority of the Tamil community living in the north and east, neither did the Protestant or Catholic Church in Sri Lanka, the INGOs, who are earning their living out of the Sri Lankan internal war, the NGOs nor the USA, the UK, Australia and EU countries as well as donor countries, the SLMM and Norway make any objections to terrorism being nurtured and promoted on a sovereign soil. They were all happy to be pampering terrorists because it was on Sri Lankan soil and not theirs!
No sooner than our armed forces began to push LTTE terrorists against the wall by attacking and destroying their sea power, weaponry, and their manpower - all those foreign powers with vested interests together with the connivance of the traitors in the UNP, have suddenly begun to talk about ‘human rights abuses’ and ‘press freedom,’ while Catholic Bishops Rev. Swamipillai Saundaranayagam and Rayappu Joseph have made press releases through the Tamilnet - the official website of the terrorists, supporting and sympathising with the terrorists and criticising the GOSL for attempting to wipe-out terrorism from this country, so that the majority Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim communities of Sri Lanka can live in peace and harmony! Ironic, isn’t it?
With this new development, British parliamentarians in their extremely democratic and decent manner, have even deemed it important enough to form what is called ‘An All Party Group of Tamils’ in the UK - they have even deemed it so important to their ‘national interests’ that the Tamil issue in Sri Lanka must be debated in the House of Commons! It now proves beyond any doubt whatsoever, that developing countries can never ever hope to live in peace and harmony as long as there is western interference in the internal affairs of our nations. Peace and harmony in our countries means that arms manufacturers in the west, will have to close down their operations. “NO” – they will never want that, as it is the most lucrative business in the world. May we ask why manufacturers in the west have been supplying weapons, dvoras, landmines and light aircraft to LTTE terrorists? Is it for the sake of peace? They create as much dissention within developing countries with terminology used so often to cheat our nations into believing that western aggressors ‘truly wish for our welfare.’ God forbid if there was any mercy in its true sense!
Today, we have the honour to welcome the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowen Williams and true to Sri Lankan hospitality, there is no doubt that he will be accorded a warm and right royal welcome, especially because he is an Anglican dignitary visiting our country. We welcome him with all our hearts. But, what will he do in return - reciprocate that hospitality? No, he will also tell our government leaders, that we must show mercy towards blood thirsty terrorists! That we must sit down to bring about “a negotiated settlement” with brutal murderers who do not understand what “humanitarian”, “freedom for majority Tamils” or “democracy” mean - they only understand the “governance of the barrel of a gun” and brutality! No weapons means, they become powerless- this is the blatant truth but of course, the Archbishop of Canterbury will opt not to understand this basic principle of terrorism.
The Australians in the meantime, are waiting until there is an opportunity for ‘UN peace-keeping forces’ to enter into Sri Lanka for them to join in as expressed by Caritas International and their Australian counterparts. The USA of course, has been using many a cat’s paw, including the UN, to do its dirty work. We can see how the web is being woven to complicate our lives and to let off ‘the Tigers’ for them to roam freely and find their prey!
Thank you western pundits - Never do unto others, what you would not have others do unto you!”


A letter to the recalcitrant JVP

The JVP wants the workers to establish an administration of the working class. What about the peasantry and the general public, which outnumbers the cussed workers? State employees have been referred to as kaalakanni heththe by responsible ministers of the state. Why not the workers seek to erase that concept of their class, before seeking to govern?
The JVP is rather out of date, for its suggestion was tried out in Soviet Russia where workers seized power. The administration deteriorated to a dictatorship under Stalin until some intellectuals retrieved and re-established a capitalist economy, which remains to this day.
A workers’ government was set up in Sri Lanka by Sirima Bandaranaike, which was prodded on by the leftist Sama Samaja and Communist parties. It was a woeful, miserable failure, which the broad citizenry wholeheartedly rejected and J. R. Jayewardene of the conservative capitalist oriented UNP was elected with a 5/6th majority.
K.D. Lalkantha of the JVP says that the workers could not expect anything from President Rajapaksa as his government held capitalist views. The President, a hardened trade unionist has wisely chosen the capitalist path. Why does not the JVP learn by experience and save the country from a befuddled period of governance?
The President is the leader of the country and the Finance Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Lalkantha wants workers to agitate ‘beyond mere demands for salary increases.’ Did Lalkantha want to create mayhem on May Day? Tilvin Silva charges the President with ‘shameless’ politics of nourishing his own family when his duty was to build the country. The poster calling for citizens to protect the Rajapaksa family is a simple request, though deliberately misunderstood by the JVP, which is only craving for power. It is a request to the people that the Rajapaksa brothers, who are at the helm of protecting the country from the LTTE miscreants, should be protected by the people.
Defence Ministry Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa escaped a suicide attack to lead the battle against the terrorists, but the UNP leader wants him replaced by a retired Army General. This is most probably to slow down and soon call a halt to the forward march. Hence, the JVP should join the President in protecting the nation.
Friends and relatives are the best support a leader could have. That is why the terrorist leader has had his son trained in aeronautical warfare who now heads the Tiger Air-Wing. His daughters who are studying abroad will someday return to command.
The female Tiger cadres and the leader’s family will lead the uncouth Tigers. He will want his family around him though in his early days he killed off his close friends. He is now Tiger Supremo. Will there be a time when the family will clash, as did Saddam Hussein’s family?
The JVP should know that the rights of workers were fought for many years, and are now enshrined in government legislation. Now what is left is to ban strikes, if this country is to be economically developed. Then the standards of living of the workers and citizens will escalate. The JVP leaders should be conscious of the fact that the citizens of the south, both employer and employee, should live and work peacefully instead of being at loggerheads to win ‘rights.’ In civilized society let us talk it out and do away with fighting. If the JVP insists on fighting, they should join the security forces. They could sensibly drop fighting and join the workers on Maga neguma, Wev neguma, Palan neguma and numerous other ventures that the Mahinda Chintanaya envisages, and help Sri Lanka shine again as the pearl of the Indian Ocean.
Jeremy Alles


Air power of the LTTE

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has attempted to bomb strategic areas, such as Katunayake and Palali for he third time. Although the damage caused is not extensive, it has to be admitted that some damage has been caused to life and property.
Unfortunately, it has not been possible to bring down these light aircraft with a short range, as yet. This may be due to the fact that we are not in possession of fighter aircraft to engage the enemy aircraft in the air, and also due to the lack of Ack Ack and votores guns, together with radars, search lights, height finders, and other modern equipment to attack enemy aircraft from the ground.
I think we have been caught rapping because we have not been mindful of the fact that the LTTE was getting ready to acquire air power, when they were constructing an airstrip at Iranamadu, a couple of years ago.
I remember as a soldier who served the Second Ack Ack Regiment of the Ceylon Garrison Artillery in World War II, the then army was able to repulse attacks of the Japanese aircraft, I believe their famous zero planes in 1942 as the army at that time (Ceylonese) was fully equipped to meet such challenges.
In the absence of vital equipment required to destroy the enemy planes, it is imperative that such equipment will have to be made available to the army so that the air power of the LTTE could be completely wiped out.
In the circumstances, I am sure the authorities concerned will appreciate the seriousness of the present pathetic situation, and take immediate steps to supply these vital equipment to the army, so that the air power of the enemy could be wiped out completely.
R. M. L. Ratnayake


Slaughterhouse in Wellawatte

In one of the Sri Lankan newspapers, I happened to read an article written by a patriotic citizen regarding a stealthy operation of slaughtering poultry birds near Wellawatta Railway Bridge, on the Duplication Road, at the end of Charliament Road, Colombo 6.
This place is considered as a tourist destination, but slaughterhouses spring on the beaches. Who is concerned of this trend of illegal slaughter? This operation commences at 4 a.m. and ends by 9:30 a.m. This is a slaughterhouse, as well as the distribution point to most of the sales outlets in and around Colombo.
This place is highly unhygienic, emanating a bad odour that makes the passers-by to hold their breath and walk away. On the weekends, waste products lay there till they are removed on the following Monday, provided Monday is not a public holiday.
Corruption is rampant in Sri Lanka and especially in the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), which is in complete disarray. The question we pose – whether it is permitted to operate slaughter houses in this tourist location too? Who is responsible to issue licence for such slaughter houses in tourist locations? Most of the officials who are responsible to detect such illegal slaughter are asleep till late in the morning by which time the operation comes to a close. What a pity about our government officials!
It is surprising to realise that this subject is coming under ministers such as Tourism, Environment, Health, Local Government, Buddasasana and the CMC. There is a saying ‘too many cooks spoil the soup,’ and this is what is happening today with too many subject ministers without a hierarchical authority to pull them up.
Will President Mahinda Rajapaksa keep an eye on them, and remove the sleepy ministers from his team of ministers, and assign this job to capable persons who can handle this issue?
Rajiva Senanayaka



Your magic lives on…

My aatha precious,
Our life together
Was not in days or years
An eternity, a samsaric journey
Of blood ties ceaseless.
A giant buffer you were
In turbulent weathers of life
Cradling me in that warmth,
You sheathed the whole humanity.

Electrifying thousands
With an aura astounding,
Your smile enthralling
Heaviest hearts.
Giving in abundance,
no rewards you sought.
Healing countless
With a touch miraculous.
You are not so far
I feel your magic,
Blessing me in dreams
In life’s testing times.

Gifted I am with words may be
Yet what words will speak
Of your love unconditional?
My aatha- my pride
My guiding light
The most delightful ‘chapter’
Of my ‘book of life…’
Randima Attygalle








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