Order of Australia’ Award

Australia’s highest award, ‘Order of Australia,’ given by the Governor General of Australia was awarded to the founder president of the Sri Lankan Study Center for the Advancement of Technology and Social Welfare, (SCATS) Australia, Gamini Perera, from the Governor Prof. David de Krester at Government House.


Colombo Maristonians’ Gala Dinner Dance

The Colombo Maristonians through the OBA, Colombo Branch will have their Annual Gala Dinner Dance on July 14, commencing 9 p.m., at the Grand Ball Room, Colombo Hilton.
The Colombo Maristonians have supported their Alma Mater extensively in the past by sponsoring Teacher Capability Enhancement Training Programmes, Career Counseling for senior students funded by the Bro Paul Nizier Memorial Scholarship-Fund.
The Annual dance will have Sohan and the Experiments and Ultimate as the bands in attendance and promises to be a worthy fund raiser.


Shadow theatre: A King’s Journey

Goethe Institute presents a puppet theatre performance from Germany on June 13 at the Namel Malini Punchi Theatre, Borella at 11 a.m. and 6p.m.


Elders Helping Programme ceremony

Western Provincial Councillor Dr. Jayantha De Silva was the chief guest at the Elders Helping Programme ceremony held at Campbell Park, Borella recently.


The Month of October

Organised by the International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo (ICES), Heshani Edward’s documentary film, The Month of October, will be screened on Friday, June 15, at 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., at the ICES Auditorium, 2, Kynsey Terrace, Colombo 8
The 25 year old separatist war in Sri Lanka is responsible for over 60,000 deaths. In that same period of time almost twice as many people committed suicide in Sri Lanka. In fact, suicide is the number one killer of Sri Lankans aged between 15 – 49.
In the month of October 2005, acts of self-harm and suicide killed 11 people in one rural hospital in the Polonnaruwa District and claimed the lives of 400 people across the island. This documentary follows the lives and deaths of victims, the doctors, social workers and scientists who are struggling to save them.
Heshani Edward is an independent documentary maker, script writer and television producer. She works mainly on social, environmental and development issues with the emphasis on women and children. (Running time 56 minutes)
The filmmaker Heshani Edward will be on hand for a short discussion for the 5.30p.m. show.


Bharatha Natyam recital

A Bharatha Natyam Recital by the students of Natya Kala Mandir was held on May 30 at the Indian Cultural Centre. It was choreographed by Director, Natya Kala Mandir and teacher at the Indian Cultural Centre, Kalasuri Vasugi Jegatheeswaran.


The eye of the beholder

The eye of the beholder, an exhibition of photographs by Dhanushka Amarasekara will be held at the Barefoot Gallery, Colombo 3 from June 12 to 24


‘Last Mile’ Centres

In a new private-public partnership, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) dedicated a cyber-center that links international and local businesses to bring modern information technology to some of the furthest reaches of Sri Lanka. The cyber-center, known as Easy Seva, the first of 25 that will be launched over the next four months by the US-based Synergy Strategy Group (SSG) with support from USAID. Additional implementing partners include multi-national firms Qualcomm, Dialog Telekom and Microsoft, and local companies InfoShare, the National Development Bank, and Lanka Orix Leasing Company.
“Getting rural areas plugged into the internet and global commerce is enormously important for Sri Lanka,” said U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission James Moore at the center’s opening. “It represents instantaneous access to the world.”
USAID Mission Director Rebecca Cohn said the center represents a new innovative business model to promote rural wireless broadband access that demonstrates the ability of technology to empower individuals and strengthen communities. The centers will also provide rural residents a chance to acquire employment skills through online training, search for new jobs, and receive micro-loans and other banking services in addition to calling relatives overseas at low rates.
Rebecca Cohn cutting the ribbon on the first Easy Seva centre in Matale. At left is shop proprietor Chamel Berenger.


Bishop’s College PPA Sports Meet 2007

Bishop’s College grounds will be filled with past pupils’ all waiting to show that they are still young, full of energy and capable of winning races for their Houses on Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 1.00pm.
For the Third time, The Bishop’s College Past pupils’ Association have organised a sports meet for their members, which will remind them of their school days. The girls will participate through their Houses, stay in their beautifully decorated tents, have their refreshments almost the same as yesteryear and even be judged for the March Past!
This time though, the age groups for the events will run from 19 years to over 65 years.
To foster close ties of friendship the Past Pupils’ of Holy Family Convent, St. Bridgets’ Convent, Ladies College, Musaeus College, Visakha Vidyalaya and St.Pauls Milagiriya as well as S. Thomas’ College, Royal College, St. Josephs College, St. Peters College, Wesley College and S.Thomas’ Prep School have also been invited to send participants representing the age groups from the 50’s to the 70’s. To add to the excitement there is a surprise Old Boys event too.
The first ever sports meet organised in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the school in the year 2000, and the second in 2002, were a resounding success. The opportunity to reunite with old friends and go back to the carefree school days will undoubtedly bring friends together this time too!
All those who wish to participate should send their details with the year of birth and house c/o the PPA office at the BC auditorium 11, Perahera Mw, Colombo 03, before June 10, 2007.


Global Aids Week of Action

A few days ahead of the G8 meeting in Germany, Positive Hopes Alliance and Three Wheel Drivers’ Collective against the spread of HIV and AIDS, two recently formed organisations, supported by ActionAid to raise awareness and combat stigma and discrimination in Sri Lanka, have celebrated a candlelight ceremony to commemorate the Global Aids Week of Action and demand the G8 to comply with their promises pledged in 2005, access treatment to all. The G8, the club of the eight richest nations, met in Heiligendamm, Germany, from June 6 - 8.


Solo art exhibition

Palitha is a graduate of the Institute of Aesthetic Studies of University of Kelaniya. He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Presently he serves as an Education Administrating Service Officer.
All the art works of the Mask Museum established in Ambalangoda with the sponsorship of the Republic of German in 1980, were done by Palitha Jayasekara.
The art works and sculptures of Myohoji Japanese Peace Pagoda, constructed in Ampara and Rumassala, the memorial statutes of peace at Habarana Junction, Kuruwita and Ampara were done by this well-known artist.
He had been serving nearly 14 years as a Director of Education Eesthetics Studies at Ampara, Mahoya, Dehiattakandiya Zonal Education Offices in the North Eastern Province and now serves at the Zonal Education Office, Ambalangoda.
During a period of 14-years with his first-hand experiences of war he was able to organise exhibitions and workshops of art with the school children in the Trincomalee, Baticaloa and Ampara Districts, which were highly appreciated by the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities.
His sixth exhibition was held from May 18 to 20, at the Lionel Wend Art Gallery, Colombo.


Playground from New City Gardens

The New City Gardens Residencies Children’s Playground was officially opened by Angela Bailey from the United Kingdom on May 5, 2007. The play items were donated by the staff of the Tullamore Court Hotel Co. Offaly Ireland in memory of their dear friend and workmate Bridie Kelly.


Indulge your father at the Mount

This Father’s Day pamper your father to an extravagant Father’s Day lunch at the Governor’s Restaurant Mount Lavinia Hotel. Take a dip with him in the pool or simply spend some quality time by the Indian Ocean on Sunday June 17.
Enjoy, dinner vouchers, a chance to win original Polaroid sun glasses, raffles, glasses of special wine and many surprises. Take time to show him your love, gratitude and admiration this Father’s Day at the legendary Mount Lavinia Hotel. Call 2715521 ext 430 for further information.


Prize Giving

The 58th prize giving of the Pepiliyana Sunethra Devi Raja Maha Vihara, Sri Sumangala Sunday School will be held on June 10 under the auspices of Ven. Kamburupitiya Nandarathana Thero.



June 12
Boys don’t cry (116 Minutes), at the American Centre, at 6 p.m.

May 12 & 13
De battre mon cœur s’est arrêté by Jacques Audiard (107 min – 2004), in French with English subtitles, at the Alliance Française, at 3:30/6:30 p.m.

June 14
In search of a road by Dharmasena Pathiraja’s at International Centre for Ethnic Studies Colombo 8, at 3:30/5:30 p.m.


May 12
Bharatha Natyan Recital by Faculty Member of Kalashetra, Hari Padman at the Indian Cultural Centre, Colombo 4.


June 10
Man the Man, at the Elphinstine Theatre, at 3:30/6.30 p.m.

June 14
Makka at the Elphinstine Theatre, at 3.30/6.30p.

June 15
Charandas at the Elphinstine Theatre, at 3.30/6.30p.m.

June 16
Veyo, a children’s play presented by Ulpath children’d drama group directed by Ajith Krishantha Saram at the Lionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo 7.


June 10
An Exhibition of paintings by the pupils of Latiffa Ismail at the Lionel Wendt Gallery, Colombo 7.
June 15-17
An exhibition of paintings by Thusitha Priyanakara at the Lionel Wendt Gallery, Colombo 7.


ARIES – Mesha
With Ravi (Sun) in the 2nd house and your lagna lord Kuja (Mars) in the 12th this is not a very auspicious week for you. You will undergo mental agony, especially in romantic affairs and body-wise be subject to bruises and fractures. Disputes with spouse indicated.
TAURUS – Vrushaba
Sikuru (Venus) with Shani (Saturn) in the 3rd house and Ravi (Sun) in the 1st brings you a week of balanced fortunes. You will make your own decisions. Recurring headaches will trouble you. Your wise decisions and words will sustain family harmony. Heartburn in romantic affairs. A successful week for those engaged in education.
GEMINI – Mithuna
Lagna lord Budha (Mercury) in the 1st house and Ravi (Sun) in the 12th brings you a week of mixed fortunes. You will tend to take patient and wise decisions. Will attain leadership in your place of work where your active progress will earn you praise and recognition from superiors.
CANCER – Kataka
Shani (Saturn) and Sikuru (Venus) in your 1st house with Ravi (Sun) in the 11th brings a week of mixed fortunes. Romantic affairs will bring you mental agony. Problems likely to erupt between spouses. This week will tend to keep you away from home.
LEO – Sinha
Lagna lord Ravi (Sun) in your 10th house and Kethu in the 1st and Rahu in the 7th brings you a week of mixed fortunes. You will exert mort effort at your place of work. Success for those expecting employment. Students will be successful in their educational activities. Windfalls from documentation work. Romance will cause pain of mind. Obstacles in the home front.
VIRGO – Kanya
Lagna lord Sikuru (Venus) with Shani (Saturn) in the 11th house and Budha
(Mercury) in the 10th portends an auspicious week for you. Success in career for those working efficiently. You will become popular but problems indicated in your family. Your lagna lord Budha (Mercury) will negate most of you misfortunes.
LIBRA – Thula
A week of mixed fortunes for those in Libra, with lagna lord Sikuru (Venus) with Shani (Saturn) in the 10thand Ravi (Sun) in the 8th. You will be afflicted by head and phlegm related ailments throughout the week. Romantic affairs will bring mental agony. Disputes between spouses indicated. Hurdles for those engaged in education.
SCORPIO – Vruschika
Lagna lord Kuja (Mars) in the 8th and Guru (Jupiter) in the 1st indicates a week of mixed fortunes. Your efforts will be compensated. Minor disputes between spouses indicated but this will not obstruct progress of the family.
Favourable for your children, especially in their educational affairs. A week where you tend to spend more time on religious activities.
Ravi (Sun) in your 6th house and lagna lord Guru (Jupiter) in the 12th brings you a week of balanced fortunes. Unity between spouses and wise decisions in family matters will add more fortune. Success in career. But the week is not favourable for romance. Expenses high, health satisfactory.
Ravi (Sun) in the 5th and lagna lord Shani (Saturn) in the 7th will bring you a week of mixed fortunes. Will attend to daily life with cooperation of spouse. Minor disputes indicated but will not affect family life. Long distance travel indicated. Success for those engaged in education. Success through documentary or clerical work. Afflicted by stomach or urine related ailments.
With Ravi (Sun) in the 4th house and lagna lord Sikuru (Venus) with Shani
(Saturn) in the 6th, this week you are in for a windfall or property inheritance from your paternal side. Fortune indicated from your spouse’s side as well. Assistance from your superiors in career. Take extra care during your travels as accidents are indicated.
PISCES – Meena
Lagna lord Guru (Jupiter) in the 9th house and Kuja (Mars) in the 1st brings you a favourable week. You will work with extra will. Your haste will cause accidents, so take extra care. Success in construction of residence.


Rahu period

Sunday: 3.54 to 5.24
Monday: 6.54 – 8.24
Tuesday: 2.24 – 3.55
Wednesday: 11.25 – 12.25
Thursday: 12.55 – 2.25
Friday: 9.55 – 11.25
Saturday: 8.25 – 9.55
(Applicable both day and night)









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