Staying strong

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

There might be times where a distressed teenager may wish to give up on life. Some may try to influence teenagers to do this and that or, if you are in sorrow they might just tell you to be strong.
I had to face many problems this year such as illness of my dad and missing my friends, who were there to help me in my entire dilemma. Some told me to be strong but, I could not understand how I could be strong.
Like many teenagers, I always took life easy. I had the easy, happy-go policy! Never did I bother to shoulder responsibilities, as I always knew my parents were there to handle things for me.
Here is the story; my dad now lies in hospital, and I have just come back from seeing him. Looking back I realised, that my he would not be able to be there for me like he always has. And that, my friend, is something I have to get used to everyday. I am not lonely as such, but alone. Staying strong? What is that all about? No one would really help you to be strong I think, its your inner strength, that works.
What I find even sadder in the whole process is how teenagers like you and I are made to deal with it. I know some and have friends who are discouraged by adults from sharing their grief.
Do you know distressed teens that are struggling to express their feelings? You know the story and you wonder how they make it through, simply because they go on in life like nothings ever happened. No wonder many teens turn to graffiti, art or whatever form it may take to express their innermost feelings.
During this period teenagers face many obstacles. When you miss someone close to you, life could be miserable. For me, I had to divide my time with work and home; it was very difficult for me at the beginning. Now I go to work when my mum comes home.
Even if Im at work I would always be thinking about my parents, if my mum had her meals or whether dad misses me since Im not around. It takes lot of strength to cope with such situations.
There were times where I have felt frustrated. Seeing my dad so ill was the very last thing I have ever dreamt of. As a family we had arguments when we felt frustrated, especially I did as I was the youngest in the family I always had my dads support me whatever I did or say, even if rest of the members oppose. He was the guardian of peace in our family and now maintaining peace among each other is up to us, when my sister and I fought he used to calm us down and explain that peace among us was the most important gift that we could give him.
I found it difficult to concentrate with my academic work, with all the hassle surrounding me. However, my family made it a point that I should never ever give up on my studies, as it would always help me in my future work and allow me to be strong.

What it takes for me to be strong and how you can do it
For me the support of my family helped me a lot to be strong, when my dad got ill I had all my family supporting me and they still do.
There might be times where you will lazy to take up responsibilities; you might want to shy away, dont take up challenges which will help you.
You might want to throw out your sorrow or go and hide some place where no one could find you but remember running away from responsibilities wont help anyone.
Talk to some one who would really understand your situation if it is not a relation it can be a friend.










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