Stitch Fantasy

Well known handcrafts artist Indumathi Paranavithara’s second handicrafts exhibition Stitch Fantasy will be held at the Kandyan Arts Residency, Peradeniya Road, Kandy (opposite Kingswood College, Kandy) on August 26 from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.



Zahira College Colombo Scholarship Awards

The recipients of merit scholarships: F. H. M. Fazlur Rahman, Z. F. M. Abdul Fazloon, M. N. M. Wazeer, M. Muaz Ismail, M. L. M. Akmal, M. F. Abdul Carder, M. A. M. Ishan, M. Ibnu, M. Ishan, M. Z. M. Mudassir, J. T. Usman T. M. Arshad Ossan, M. I. M. Shammer, T. M. Fahad, M. B. M. Illiyas, T. Azurdeen Fareed, (Sports): M. Safraz Mukeeth, M. N. M. Raseeth Alabdeen Najimullah, M. N. M. Yoosuf, M. N. M. Hijaz, M. H. M. Hayzim, (other category): M. N. M. Mafaz, M. Hifaz Ismy and M. S. A. Ilham with the President of the Group of 60’s, Justice Saleem Marshoof, M. Farook Lantr

For the first time, the Group of 60’s of Zahira College Colombo honoured the distinguished past Principal of Zahira College, Muhroom Dr. A. H. A. Azeez by awarding scholarships in his memory, to 25 students G.C.E. (A/L 2009) students of Zahira College.
Mohamed Shihan Haniff, a past pupil of Zahira who is presently studying at the Faculty of Management, University of Sri Jayawardenapura was given a special award recognising his outstanding performance at the G.C.E A/L Examination in 2006.
The awards were presented by the Principal of Zahira College, T. K. A. Azoor. Governor Western Province, Alavi Mowlana, Chairman Board of Governors of Zahira College, Fowzul Hameed, Office Bearers of constituent bodies were also present on the occasion.


Ex-seminarians felicitate silver jubilee in priesthood

Rev. Fr. Irwin Morais OMI (Chief Celebrant), Rev. Fr. Leo Paul Ratnasekera (OMI) and Rev. Fr. Leon Babapulle (OMI) at the Silver jubilee Mass, at the St. Joseph’s Oblate Seminary, Kohuwela.

A grand felicitation ceremony to mark the 25th ordination anniversary of Rev. Fr. Irwin Morais OMI was held at the Oblate Juniorate at Kohuwala, on August 12. Much of Fr. Irwin’s dedicated priestly life has been spent at the minor seminary, where he taught students Maths, English, Religion and several other subjects. For nearly a decade he was also in charge of discipline and studies.
  After completing higher studies and spending a few years in rural parishes such as Embilipitiya, Kegalle and Dehigapitiya, Fr. Morais was put in charge as the Rector of St. Joseph’s Seminary, Kohuwala.
Fr. Morais also functions as the Moderator of the Ex-Seminarians Association, known as St. Eugene’s Association. 
 The felicitation ceremony got underway with Holy Mass followed by a get-together and lunch. Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference, Rev. Fr. Leo Paul Ratnasekera, Rev. Fr. Hilary Peiris and Rev. Fr. Leon Babapulle concelebrated at the Mass.
Former Rectors Rev. Fr. J.T. (Bob) Rodrigo OMI and Rev. Fr. Bernard Qunitus were also present.


Nonviolent Coexistence launched

The Foundation for Co-Existence [FCE] launched Nonviolent Coexistence: Moving Communities beyond Fear, Suspicion and the Weapons of War, Edited by Dr. Kumar Rupasinghe and Gayathri Fernando, on August 16, at the BMICH.
“This book is a reflection of the conflict and war in Sri Lanka. It came about as a result of the killing culture that has engulfed Sri Lanka and the culture of impunity which dominates the country where violence is prevalent in many walks of life. The people live in fear. These books are dedicated to those people who daily witness violence and to inspire them to fight against a killing culture,” Dr. Kumar Rupasinghe said.
What is ‘inspiring’ in this book is the publication of the fact that there were and still are examples of courageous individuals and groups in the world, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Desmond Tutu, Thich Nhat Hanh etc. who demonstrate the possibility of non-violent coexistence. It includes expert/practitioner perspectives, case studies and life experience from societies such as Israel/Palestine, Ireland, India and Sri Lanka where communal coexistence has been challenged by protracted conflict and could be inspired by accounts of the struggle to foster nonviolent coexistence.



Lesli Dahanayake

The passing away of Attorney-at-Law Lucien Gregory Weeramantry on August 17 has cast a gloom amongst the legal fraternity at Hutftsdorp and his wide circle of friends whom he had very intimately befriended over the years, both in Sri Lanka and abroad. It is not my intention to write about his unmatched international achievements of which I am certain many others more knowledgeable would record for posterity. I write this appreciation to speak of Lucien Weeramantry the lawyer I knew at the Bar and nothing more.
After I was called to the Bar in May 1959 I had the good fortune of instructing Lucien Weeramantry in my very first Case which was the Trial of the then National Football Coach in a cheque Fraud Case. Lucien, who was many years my Senior, in all humility insisted that I refer to him simply by his first name and never add the prefix ‘Mr’ or ‘Sir’ when addressing him which is usually the legal tradition adopted by juniors at the Bar when addressing their seniors. This instantly endeared him as a lifelong true friend for many decades to follow.
A couple of years later, 1961 to be exact, fate decreed that Lucien and 1 should appear for the defence of three of the main accused in the country’s most sensational murder Case, that of the Assassination of then Prime Minister S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike. Lucien appeared for the assassin Talduwe Somarama Thera and my clients were Mapitigama Buddharakkita Thera and H. P. Jayawardena, the 1st and 2nd accused respectively. Being in almost general control of the defence it fell on me to retain a Counsel for Somarama Thero, which was no easy task due to the political climate at the time. However Lucien Weeramantry when approached by me had no hesitation in accepting the challenge and the dedication he exhibited thereafter in the course of the Supreme Court Trial towards his client in the face of tremendous odds earned the admiration of all including the Trial Judge, Hon. T. S. Fernando, Q.C., who when addressing accused Somarama Thero before sentence of death was passed on him remarked, inter alia, “You have been defended by Counsel, who has throughout these long and arduous proceedings exhibited towards your case a devotion which has been the admiration of everyone in this Court. But having regard to the strength of the evidence against you, there has been, in my view, no Counsel yet born who could have saved you.” I do not think any Court in this country, least of all the Supreme Court, has ever paid such a glowing tribute to Counsel in a Case. Lucien Weeramantry fully deserved it.
In the ensuing appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeal Weeramantry filed a petition setting out 60 grounds and argued it for full five days before a Bench of five Judges presided over by Chief Justice Hon. Hema Basnayake Q.C. which again had little success. But Lucien was a great fighter and a further Appeal was presented to the Privy Council against the Appeal Court verdict. Having obtained the services of eminent English Counsel D. N. Pritt, Q.C., pro deo, Lucien and I prepared the necessary Brief to be sent over to London. In doing so I had referred to Somarama as “the Assassin.” When Lucien spotted this he was visibly upset and asked me to correct it to read “the alleged assassin.” Such was the devotion of the man to his client whose interest Lucien always held to be paramount. By this he also exhibited his control to legal phraseology.
Another moving moment which should not go unrecorded was when the day of Somarama’s execution drew near Lucien telephoned me the day before the execution and wanted me to accompany him to the death row at the Welikada Prison to see Somarama for the last time. We went there the evening before the execution but our mission did not succeed as the authorities refused to grant us permission to see the prisoner. Lucian however managed to convince the Prison Guards to at least inform Somarama that we had come to see him but were not granted access. The sight of the hangman hurriedly going about the last minute preparations for the next mornings execution was too much for Lucien’s human heart to bear and we left the prison in stunned silence.
Lucien Weeramantry was a gentleman to his finger tips, he was always well groomed and immaculately dressed and enjoyed the fruits of life to its full. He thoroughly enjoyed the life in Court in the mornings as much as he did the evenings. He was one of Hulftsdorp’s most glamorous lawyers at the time I joined the profession. Nothing could worry him because he was always strongly in control of any situation. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
R. Wickramarachchi


Lucien Weeramantry

This tribute to a media stalwart, who has made a significant contribution to the media, especially the Sunday Observer and Sunday Leader, will leave an impact which makes his memory linger in our minds.
Leslie Dahanayake, devoutly religious, intuitively gentle, unassuming in demeanor, loving, caring and generous and upright and with high ethical values, passed away on June, 24th after a brief illness.
Leslie entered the nursery class at St. Mary’s College Dehiwala and later joined St. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia. During a short period of the second World War he was at Gurutalawa, St. Thomas’.
He wanted to study law and studied Latin at these institutions. However later he decided that media was the inherent attribute in himself. Therefore after completion of his studies he started writing articles to various newspapers on different subjects. However, he had a liking to write on Buddhism.
Perhaps, on seeing the articles written by Leslie, who had a Doctorate too and possessed the essential attributes for an editor, the late D. R. Wijewardena of Lake House Group of Newspapers invited Leslie to join as Editor of Sunday Observer, the leading English newspaper at that time.From there he had been approached by Lasantha Wickramatunga, who seeing Leslie’s ability, requested him to accept the Editorship of the Sunday Leader, where he served until his unfortunate sickness. As he could not attend office and keep the Sunday Leader Editorship, he continued as a consultant until his demise.
Though he possessed a doctorate he never used it with his name. He was so unassuming and simple to the very core of his being. He always had a nod and a pleasing smile to greet anyone he met. He led an exemplary life.
I understand from his very caring, dutiful, loving wife that Leslie never feared death. He had known that it was time for him to take leave of his loving wife and children and other relations and friends.
He had no regrets in life for he had done his duty first by his family and then by the media, to the very best of his ability. He was a JP and helped the people who came to get services without any charge.
Leslie was a president of the Union of Journalism of Sri Lanka and was elected to the very prestigious position of the chairman of the Union of journalists for South-East Asia for a period of two years.
Leslie was cremated on Wednesday, June 27, 2007. Religious rites were conducted at his residence by Buddhist monks. A very large and representative gathering, from all walks of life were present at his residence as well as at the cemetery to pay him their last respects.

A Sangikadana was held at his residence on Sunday the July 18th to confer merits on him. He was also a dayaka of several Temples at Dehiwala.
This late tribute from me due to the fact that I was out of the country during this period.
I would like to end this tribute with a quotation from the Buddhist scriptures:-
“Viyohi Vuppayogo Dukkho
Appiyei Sampayoga Dukkho”
It is sorrowful to deport from the loved ones. Equally it is sorrowful to associate with the not friendly ones.
Leslie was always friendly to all.
May he attain the supreme bless of Nirvana.
Kirthjsiri Jayasinghe
Mount Lavinia



A ceremony to felicitate and pinkama to bless the Specialist Doctor Alansin Raja Gunatilaka of Hanwella Dideniya will be held on August 26, at Sri Bodirukkarama Vihara. Venerable Dodampahala Rahula Thero will preach bana on this occasion.
Dr. Gunatilaka was serving as a Specialist Doctor in Britain for 25 years. In 1986 he came to Sri Lanka and served many patients in various parts of the country free of charge for more than 20 years.


Toastmasters Club 24th Installation

The Colombo Toastmasters Club held its 24th Installation on August 23, at the Taj Samudra Hotel with the presence of Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Chief Guest.

Colombo Toastmasters Club, was the first club in Sri Lanka, founded in 1983 and having 60 members at present. There are 24 other clubs with around 700 toastmasters. 20 of these clubs were founded in the last four years.
US Ambassador in Sri Lanka, John Reed who served from 1982 - 1984 was a Toastmaster in the USA, and introduced the movement to Sri Lanka.

The Office Bearers being installed are: President, Kanishka Jayasinghe; Vice President (Education) Ranee Wickramasekera; Vice President (Membership) Prasad Galhena; Vice President (Public Relations) Ananda Chittambalam; Secretary, M Zawahir; Treasurer, A Kandasamy; Sergeant-at-Arms, Anuruddha Abeykoon.


The Glory of Gold with the Merry An Singers

Two months ago The Mary Anne School of Vocal Music entered students for the Sri Lanka Festival of Music, Dance and Speech which is affiliated to the British and international festival competitions. The judge Gordon Croft awarded 40 Gold medals to Merry An Singers competitors aged 6 – 24 along with the Outstanding Performers Trophy to the youngest and the oldest. The categories of music covered were Classics, Semi Classics, Gospel, Country and Western, Humourous and Pop.
These gold medalists will be in concert at The Glory of Gold, at the Russian Cultural Centre on August 31 and September 1. For further details call: 2580413


SLAF SVU housing project

Chairperson of Seva Vanitha Unit of Sri Lanka Air Force together with representatives of Ceylinco Sarana Niwahana laid the foundation stone to build a house for the family of deceased L. A. C. Dinesh, in Gonapeenuwala, Hikkaduwa under the Anula Fernando Housing Project of SLAF SVU.


Burgher Association Bollywood Night

The Burgher Association Members’ get-together has been organised by the Wattala, Hendala, Mahabage, Ragama, Kandana and Ja-Ela zones will be held on September 2007 at The Chef Reception Hall, No.217, Awis Town Road, (next to Pizza Hut), Wattala commencing at 7 p.m. Members and their Guests are welcome in their Bollywood costumes such as Kurtas, Shalwars, Turbans, Sashes, Bangara Skirts etc..
This will be an evening of music, dancing, fun and entertainment in Bollywood style. Indian cuisine food stall, DJ Music including a special session of Bollywood favourites and Bangara dance competition are on the cards. Special prizes for the best dressed Bollywood Male and Female. Many more prizes await.
For more details contact Patrick Cramer on 2945567, Yvonne Don Paul, Langston Jansze on 0714-338334 or Jerome Fernando on 0777739920


Manoj Arseculeratne

Although time flies by, months go by
You left us sometime ago
But you are always there by our side
And help us to bear the sorrow of losing you.

Those faint memories are painful
Remembering the good times we shared are treasured
You will always remain in our hearts
And will be a part of our lives forever,

It’s hard to think of a life without you
But we must be strong to carry on
Manoj, we pray to God to keep you by His side
Because we know, we’ll meet you someday in Heaven.

Your much loved ones.



August 29
The Notebook (2004, 123 minutes) at the American Centre, Colombo, at 6 p.m.

August 29 & 30
Lapin Chasseur by Guy Seligman (1991, 112 minutes) in French with English subtitles, at the Alliance Francaise, Colombo, - 3 p.m./6:30 p.m.

August 29 & 30
Polish film festival, at the Elephantine Theatre, at 3:30/6:30 p.m.


August 26
Macbeth by Ravi Bandu Samanthi Kalayathanaya, at the Lionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo 7.

August 26
Thatu by Jayasekera Aponsu, at the Namel Malini Punchi Theatre, 37, Cotta Road, Boralla, at 7 p.m.

August 31
Neinage Suduwa, at the Tower Hall, at 3:30/6.30 p.m.


August 29
Bharatha Natyam Recital by Prashanthani Yogaraja and Rishanthini Vamadevan of Rukmini Devi College of Fine Arts, India, at the Indian Cultural Centre, 133, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 4, at 6 p.m.

August 31
Vocal and instrumental recital by the students of Nadeshwaralaya Academy of Fine Arts, at the Indian Cultural Centre, at 6 p.m.


August 26
An exhibition of paintings organised by the Vibhavi Academy, at the Lionel Wendt Gallery, Colombo 7.

August 30 – September 9
An exhibition of paintings by Vajira Gunawardene, at the Barefoot Gallery, Colombo 3.


August 29 – 30
Environment and the Usage of Waster: Biogas, organised by the German Alumni Association of Sri Lanka and the Department for Agriculture, University of Ruhuna.

Public talk

August 26
Is It Possible For Man To Change Inwardly Without External Influence, organised by the Krishnamurti Centre, Sri Lanka, at the Anula Nursary School, 310, H.L.R, Colombo 6m at 9:45 a.m.


Lagna lord Kuja (Mars) in your 2nd house with Ravi (Sun) in the 5th brings you a week of mixed fortunes. Careless speech will cost your many a friendship at home and at your work place. There will be delays and obstacles to your children’s education, but they will succeed amidst them. Your Income will be good. Be extra vigilant during long journeys as you are accident prone.

Your lagna lord Sikuru (Venus) is in the 4th house this week along with Ravi (Sun) and Kuja (Mars) is in the 1st. You can successfully go ahead with purchase of property or construction work of house while overcoming obstacles. Hurdles will be the way of your children’s education and they will be afflicted by phlegm related ailments.

Your lagna lord Budha (Mercury) with Ravi (Sun) in the 3rd house makes this a week where your inherent capabilities will reveal themselves. They will be recognized and given due prominence. You will succeed in education. A good week for young romance. They will make wise decisions for their future. Be extra careful on your travels as you are accident-prone.

Ravi (Sun) and Guru (Jupiter) in your 2nd house and Kuja (Mars) in the 11th brings you a week full of problems and obstacles, but on the bright side, you will gain sudden windfalls. Rise in income for those involved in land/property trade. Agricultural and industrial ventures will bring you income.
With lagna lord Ravi (Sun) in the 1st house and Kuja (Mars) in the 10th you will forge ahead this week amidst illnesses, family problems and other obstacles. Your extra will power will make you succeed. Phlegm ailments, headaches and sinus problems will trouble you and your spouse this week.

Lagna lord Budha (Mercury) with Ravi (Sun) in your 12th house does not promise a favourable week for you. Problems in your career and your superiors will not cooperate. You will become lethargic at your work place. Those expecting employment will face delays. Expect many obstacles this week. Headaches, leg and phlegm related ailments will adversely affect your savings.
Your lagna lord Sikuru (Venus) and Ravi (Sun) in the 11th house will bring a significant increase in your income. Career and other livelihoods will bring extra income to make you happy through out the week. Those involved in business will see extra improvements. Expect assistance from father or females.

Your lagna lord Kuja (Mars) is in the 7th house and Ravi (Sun) in the 10th will bring you a favourable week ahead. Social service will bring you respect and recognition. You will experience improvements and promotions in your career and progress with the help of your superiors.

With lagna lord Guru (Jupiter) in your 12th house and Ravi (Sun) in your 9th throws obstacles in the path of a paternal inheritance this week. But a highly successful week for those engaged in higher education. Favourable week for foreign education, travel and employment. Not a favourable week for your career, as you tend to be lethargic.

Your lagna lord Shani (Saturn) with Ravi (Sun) in the 8th house portends a week of mixed fortunes for you. You will be afflicted by urine, stomach or phlegm related ailments. Loss of interest in your career as your superiors will not cooperate. You will develop secret romantic ties, and face criticism from society due to relationships with females.

Ravi (Sun) in your 7th house and Rahu in the 1st will bring you a restless week. Even though you will work with extra will, your haste will create problems. Your income will be satisfactory but you will not be able to control your spending. Misunderstandings with business partners and neighbours are indicated.

Your lagna lord Guru (Jupiter) is in the 9th house with Ravi (Sun) in the 6th brings you a favourable week. Ailments will diminish. Luck through documentation work. Success indicated for students in exams and interviews. A favourable week for those expecting foreign travel for higher education. Favourable for elder brothers.

Rahu period

Sunday: 4.04 to 5.34
Monday: 7.04 – 8.34
Tuesday: 2.34 – 4.04
Wednesday: 11.34 – 1.04
Thursday: 1.04 – 2.34
Friday: 10.03 – 11.34
Saturday: 8.33 – 10.33
(Applicable both day and night)









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