Rani Mukherjee to tie the knot?

It’s been said that Rani Mukherjee will soon be tying the knot. Wanna know who her Dulha is? Who else but Aditya Chopra. The two had been dating each other and are now making plans for a wedding. The marriage is said to be fixed for February 10th next year. The couple will start their new life in a luxurious hotel in Jodhpur. It is the most expensive place in India to get married. The couple has chosen this venue to have their wedding.. It is also said that this wedding will be a private affair and the media will not be allowed to witness the marriage...
Looks like the stars are influenced by Abhishek and Aishwarys’s wedding and don’t want to involve the media at their wedding. So it will be a private wedding with just good friends and relatives. All the fans of Rani will be disappointed that they cannot catch the glimpse of their favorite star at her wedding. This is unfair, since Rani’s fans will want to see her on this special occasion.


‘The Price of Sugar’ exposes dark side of globalisation

The medieval working and living conditions of Haitian migrants plying their trade in the Dominican Republic’s sugar cane fields is the subject of a hard-hitting new film released here this week.
Director Bill Haney says his documentary; ‘The Price of Sugar’ exposes the dark side of globalization as it chronicles the attempts of a priest to improve the lot of impoverished migrant workers in the Caribbean nation.
“This is the agricultural equivalent of a sweatshop, the dark underbelly of the global economy,” Haney told AFP in an interview.
The workers spotlighted in the film have crossed into the Dominican Republic from neighboring Haiti, lured by the promise of steady work and wages at higher levels than are available in their homeland.
Once the workers arrive, however, they find themselves trapped in shantytowns known as ‘bateyes’, earning 90 cents a day and toiling from dusk until dawn under the watch of aggressive armed guards.
Often the workers are housed in barracks resembling labour camps, with barbed wire fences preventing their escape.
Health care is almost non-existent: one harrowing scene shows a man who has treated a gaping wound by smearing it with toothpaste.
Adding insult to injury, the workers are not paid in cash. Instead they are given vouchers for food that can only be redeemed at a store run by the plantation where the prices of goods are vastly over-inflated.
In many cases, the shocking conditions endured by the workers are just a few miles away from the exclusive beach-front resorts that cater to tourists from the United States and the Caribbean.
“There are almost three societies in the Dominican Republic,” Haney says. “You have the average society for the Dominican, another society for the elite and the tourists. And then there’s where the Haitians live.”
“The Price of Sugar” studies the efforts of a Catholic priest, Father Christopher Hartley as he attempts to improve the conditions of the Haitian workers in the face of opposition from the sugar trade and government.Haney says he was drawn to Hartley, a Spanish priest who arrived on the island in 1997, doing work for his US charity that provides health care for children ‘Infante Sano.’
“It was pure chance,” Haney said. “We kept hearing about this priest trying to build a hospital for people who don’t have access to the healthcare system, significantly Haitians.
“We went to see him to see what kind of equipment he wanted, and as we got to know each other he offered to take us on a tour of his parish. And what we saw shocked us.”


New ‘Star Wars’ Series on TV soon

The ‘Force’ may soon be coming to you on your television..
George Lucas is planning a live-action television series which will be a spin -off of the “Star Wars” films.
Lucas told The Los Angeles Times he has just begun work on the series, which will not include the principal characters of Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader in the Star Wars films..
“These series are about minor characters,” Lucas told the Times on Tuesday.
Lucas wouldn’t reveal details, but joked that the series would be about, “The life of robots.”
Lucas, 63, already has another television series in on the cards. Lucas film Animation has been working for months on the computer-animated “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”
















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