Kim Cattrall refuses to be Ugly

Kim Cattrall turned down a role in Ugly Betty. The actress, who played man-eater Samantha Jones in the hit US TV series, was offered a part in the new award-winning sitcom but felt it wasn’t right for her.
Kim revealed: “I turned down Ugly Betty. I think it’s a fun show, but I don’t regret it. I didn’t really think it was me.”
The 50-year-old actress also revealed she has no plans to marry 27-year-old boyfriend Alan Wyse, even though she has never been happier.
Kim – who has been married twice before, said, “I have no plans to marry – there’s no reason to. I’ll never get married again. We have such a great time as we are and I don’t want anything to spoil it. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and I want it to stay that way.”
The sexy blonde actress is currently filming the Sex and the City movie in New York, but she is reportedly clashing with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.
Kim Cattrall allegedly stormed out of the Sex and the City reunion party at New York’s Butter restaurant last month. Tension between her and Sarah Jessica was said to be the reason for the big screen adaptation’s lengthy delay.


Michelle Pfeiffer addicted to wrinkle cream

Michelle Pfeiffer is addicted to buying wrinkle cream. The 49-year-old actress – who plays a hideous-looking witch obsessed with gaining eternal youth in new film Stardust – admits she is a sucker for skincare adverts.
Michelle said: “I see commercials and they’re very convincing. I think, ‘Oh, I’d better get that cream, I’m going to really regret it if I don’t.’ I have so many products, I’m not kidding you. And you have to be a chemist to work out how to use them, and they all give me a rash.”
But the star insists growing older is helping her overcome her cream obsession. She said: “I certainly feel the pressure to look good that other women feel and, at times, it’s a struggle. But the older I get, the less of an issue it becomes. The people you love get seriously ill, the people you love die. You see people struggling with real issues and that put things into perspective.”


Cate Blanchett’s Clive crush

Cate Blanchett begged producers to cast Clive Owen in her new movie because she had a crush on him.
The Oscar-winning actress fell for the British hunk when she saw him in the movie Gosford Park and was desperate for him to play her lover, Sir Walter Raleigh, in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.
Cate said: “I swooned for months after seeing Gosford Park. When Clive’s name came up for the role, I was like, ‘Oh, please!’”
The 38-year-old beauty – who rocketed to stardom playing Elizabeth I in the original movie, Elizabeth – also revealed she wished she’d looked uglier in the sequel.
She said: “I wanted to make a movie about a woman ageing. I personally wish the lighting had been even harsher. This is a woman realising and having to accept she is getting older. It was a huge issue for Elizabeth, because her fecundity and her virginity were her political power. And when that was beginning to wane, it was destabilising to her.”







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