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Injustice, bureaucratic indolence within Health Ministry, Dep

My fundamental rights, guaranteed under Article 12 (1) of the Constitution, is infringed from 1984, by an injustice caused by the Secretary, Director General, Health.

“Justice delayed is justice denied” is a hackneyed cliche. The Minister of Justice, judicial officials of lower rank, criminologists, newspaper editorials and the public keep repeating but, dispensation of justice not only continues to be denied but the delays have become incredibly longer. To those at the receiving end, it is not only justice denied but also a living hell.

The British Judge Lord Hewart , in 1923, had said “It is not merely some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done. The columnist Beachamber (J.B. Mortan 1893-1979) retorted, “Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be believed”.

My fundamental rights appeal to the Ombudsman, a Justice was fully investigated at three inquiries and the outcome was the recommendation in favour of me on 19.8.2002. An agreement was reached between him and the Health Secretary, which has been dishonoured, a dishonour of Act No. 17 of 1981 as amended by Act 10.26 of 1994.

My appeal to the Human Rights Commission of SL on the infringement of my fundamental rights, was defaulted by the respondent Health Secretary, all three times he was summoned on 10/6 and 29/7, 2003 and 12.8.2004-Ref summons HRC 177/04/L-4. A dishonour to the Human Rights Commission Act No. 21 of 1996 and punishable under Section 20 (3) of the Act.
On my appeal to the Minister of Justice, the Health Secretary, was instructed by the Minister on 18.3.2005 and 5.8.2005 for suitable action and the Minister of Constitutional Affairs instruction to the Health Secretary on 11.7.2007, to be considerate as to favour me with a reply, had also been ignored.

The Attorney General’s instruction to the Health Secretary on 23.3.2006, to look into my denial of due promotion too, had been ignored.

To substantiate my case, two officers of the Health Ministry had filed action in the Supreme Court against the Secretary & Director General, Health for their infringement of fundamental rights.

Hope this letter to the ‘Nation’ may draw the attention of the bureaucrats “Anonymous Whippersnappers”, the ruling servants, a wart on the nose of society, cause action in terms of the Code of Conduct for Public Officials, UN General Assembly Resolution 52/59 of 12.12.1996 and the Protection of Elder’s Act No 09 of 2000.

M. Chandran


Disgraced, but remains naughty

The gallant soldiers who served in Haiti are to be disgraced by the prudes in the United Nations, by ordering them back. The moot point is whether they are true to their prudery in all instances of sexual ‘misconduct.’ Did the organisation make any comment on the behaviour of the US soldiers who served in Vietnam, who left for their homeland leaving behind their offspring? Is the US government still paying reparations for the mayhem in that country? Is there any authentic published record of the conduct of the Yankees, in Afghanistan and Iraq and the British soldiers during their sojourn in oil rich Kuwait? Why single out Sri Lanka? Has the ethnic conflict anything to do with it?

The term soldier deprives men of human qualities. The left over facade is expected to fight and die, suppressing their inborn human and animal qualities and urges to which they are heir.

It has been told by researchers that the human male will want sex in some form at least twice a week, unless guided by strong will-power and self control, he sublimated the urge; which will, in any case, weigh heavily on his psyche, stimulating a breakout in unexpected ways. Take a cue from the animal world. The dog will not pass a bitch without stopping to sniff. It is so with the cat, the stag and the cock. The man will turn around to view the young girl who passed him. It is involuntary action! The cultured will hold back their emotions, only to break out as it did with the Haiti soldiers. The Lankan soldier should be decorated, not punished, for his long stint without the company of his women back home. Before passing judgment, read the books on wartime anecdotes of the hilarious happenings to men and women in search of each other’s company. During the many wars Britain was drawn into, the need of soldiers for female company grew to a crescendo, compelling the military top brass to ask the State for a regiment of women. With permission granted, the Women’s Army Corp (WAC) was formed. It was nicknamed the comfort corp. It gave new impetus to the morale of armed units.

The plan to punish the Haiti returnees is ill conceived. Those who are to sit on judgment, should search the inmost sinews of their hearts and, if they will face the naked truth, they will be surprised that the Haiti soldiers acted under nature’s compelling imperatives. As God’s children, society should willingly accept the Bible story in which God, having created Adam and Eve, the forebearers of human society, commanded them to go forth and replenish the world. Could the Haiti soldiers resist? The only sincere avenue is for all World leaders to band together, to halt all wars and refrain from keeping soldiers in barracks and in trenches, away from their women folk.

Reflect on the Sigiriya damsels on the rock face. Weren’t they for the solace of the guards manning the fortress?
The frescoes would have undoubtedly relieved the tedium of the guards.

Nature cannot be suppressed, for, it will break out in unnatural forms, demeaning the dignity of Man. In this instance, they are being punished for their God given virility and natural manliness. Back from the Front, they will be admired for their spunk and supposed fearlessness and virility that trails with such a conception. What irony! O tempora O mores.

John Senaratne


CMC heading aimlessly

The premier Council in Colombo, headed by Mayor Imtiaz and the members of the Spectacle group were elected by the voters of Colombo, because UNP leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe and the UNP’s Mayoral and Deputy Mayoral candidates Sirisena Cooray and Azad Sally appealed to the voters to elect the Spectacle group, in order to take control of the Council’s administration. After one year, we see a very pathetic situation, where a charge sheet has been issued on the Mayor and the Councillors, by the Chief Minister of the Western Province, charging them with corruption, mismanagement and incompetence. The inquiry, so far, has revealed large-scale financial corruption, as reported in the daily papers. Many of the officials too, have been involved in these corrupt activities, and therefore, it is necessary that action is taken against such persons, by the authorities concerned.

The ratepayers of Colombo whose contribution upkeeps the City the Council, the Staff, Officials and Elected Councillors, have had a raw deal, as the state of the roads, street lights, clearance of garbage have deteriorated to the worst levels in the history of this Council.

The Council’s Engineering Division, responsible for over 50% of the services, including the budgetary allowances, has collapsed, because there is no leadership in the management of this Department. Former Engineers Marasinghe Perera and Vas Gunawardene did a commendable amount of work during the tenure of Mayor Karu Jayasuiriya and Omer Kamil. How long more are the citizens of Colombo expected to suffer in silence? It is high time that the authorities concerned, the Western Provincial Council, the Governor and the Chief Minister took control of the situation and appointed people who would deliver the services expected by the ratepayer.

M.N. Jayasekera
Colombo 10


Statesmen and politicians

As we approach our 60th year of Independence, the nation can only pray for a statesman who can deliver justice, and with it, peace.
To illustrate the difference between a statesman and a politician, the following is quoted:
Statesmen look for breakthroughs, politicians thrive on breakdowns. Statesmen generate cooperation, confidence and creativity, politicians generate confusion, conflicts and controversies.
Statesmen strategise, politicians dramatise.
Statesmen lead, politicians mislead.
Statesmen improve the lives of others, politicians only improve their own.
Statesmen direct and strengthen their character, politicians misdirect and corrupt their followers.
Statesmen dream, politicians scheme.
Is our beloved nation fortunate enough to see the emergence of a statesman, to show for 60 years of Independence?

N. Fernando
Colombo 8


Sirasa Superstar

Comments made by Jennifer Van Twest with regard to the Sirasa Superstar selection, published in your esteemed journal of November 4, are in bad taste.
Two singers battled out for the top post. Both were talented and both were popular. Pradeep Rangana came out winner. There is no doubt that Pradeep was the right choice. It is wrong and unkind to belittle his victory. Some are bad losers. Such supporters find excuses for their failure to get the first slot. That is a failing in some people and we should sympathise. And Pradeep was magnanimous in victory.
However, Jennifer’s “twist” to drag religion into the issue, needs to be condemned and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Upali S. Jayasekera
Colombo 10


Environment Tax

Are our people aware that this Environment Tax of Rs 240 per annum is for each item owned - house, vehicle, mobile phones, land-phones etc. (Rs 20 multiplied by five, per mensem, if you have these five items). At the same time, it should be noted that this was an idea given by the Jathika Hela Urumaya to tax every household.  I wonder whether this is Hela Urumaya or Hela Karumaya!
M.Z.M. Nazim
Colombo 06.


Budget and slaughtering of milk cows

What I like most about the Budget is that the fine for slaughtering milking cows has been raised to Rs 50,000. But the only hitch is that those implementing it must be honest (a difficult thing to find in the public sector now) and they must be vegetarians.
Then they will be able to implement it. Those who don’t eat meat, have a conscience and I am sure, they will be sincere in their efforts to stop the slaughter. Otherwise, they will take bribes from the butchers and another well intentioned project will go down the drain. If it works, our country will be a much nicer place to live in, for us as well as for the animals.

C.R. Amarasekera
Colombo 3


Clash of opinion among the human organs!!

I am the one who controls the whole body. You have to follow my instructions, otherwise you are dead!
Without me you are blind. No use your living as everything will be dark.
I only breathe and have the sense of smell. Without me useless life! You can’t enjoy the aroma of good food!
Without me you can’t express yourself, sing, talk and be merry. No use living without me! Also I have the taste buds to taste the food you eat.
I only can hear all the talking, the truth and lies, the promises etc. Not worth living if you don’t hear what the others say (specially our politicians!)
I am the greatest and I only do all the work. Without me you are helpless.
I am the one who takes you from place to place and walk daily to keep you in good health. No mobility without me!
I am the one who has to digest all the food and the rubbish you eat and produce energy for your living. Can’t do without me!
You drink so much that I get cirrhosis and you die. So I am the most useful.
I only control your sugar by Insulin secretion, otherwise you will die of diabetes.
Small intestine:
I only absorb the good of the digested food and convert to sugar energy for your living. So I am equally important.
Large intestine:
I only take the residue of the left overs and if I shut myself everything comes to a standstill!
I am only holding you in one piece, otherwise you will collapse in a heap and can do nothing. So I am the most important!
I am the most important as I pump blood everywhere! Without me. you are dead!
We are all important in the life of a Human, and this clash of supremacy will continue forever!!

Kingsley Durairaj
Atul Kotte






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