Dee R Cee – A different dream

By Sarashi Samarasinghe
Capturing the heartbeat of thousands of listeners through its album Mona Lisa, Dee R Cee has been on the musical track for the past nine years.

“We prefer to remain as an orchestra rather than being a band,” revealed Dee R Cee Leader Dinesh Subasinghe.
Dee R Cee started out by creating music for stage plays and hymn cassettes.

Dinesh, together with Ranuka and Chandumal, has recorded around 25 songs for their latest release.
Senehasa, Suwanda Dun Pem Male, Dangakara Sulenge and Suhadi are some of the songs that are in this new album. They mainly focus on the theory of love and affection.

“Some of these songs carry my personal experiences in love, both satisfactory and otherwise,” said Dinesh.
Dinesh is also working on his new CD right now, through which he intends to introduce a new musical instrument called the kingiri.

“This is going to be an unforgettable experience in my life,” asserted Dinesh.
The CD will contain songs by H.R. Jothipala to Rukantha Gunatilleke ,which were composed by musicians such as Dr. Khemadasa and Stanley Peiris.

“I also plan to use this same instrument to create music for our newest group CD,” he added.
The Dee R Cee members started out in the field of music by first singing at karaoke events, in church choirs, night clubs and hotels.

“Ranuka and I studied at Maris Stella College, Negombo, while Chandu studied at St. Mary’s College, Negombo,” said Dinesh.
“We have played for artists such as Ameradeva, to Bathiya and Santhush. We play all types of melodies, including Hindi, rock and jazz,” revealed Dinesh.

Dee R Cee has released four videos to date.
“Mona Lisa and May Aderai were the two hits and they reached many musical charts such as Sith Gath Gee on Rupavahini, Rasa Risi Gee on Sirasa TV, Ridma Tharanga on TNL and so on,” said Dinesh.

Dinesh has also directed music for around 19 tele-dramas, including Sili Sili Mal under the direction of Sunil Costa and Hummanaya under the direction of Chandrarathna Mapitigama.

“At the moment I’m working on the tele-drama Sherlock Homes under the direction of Sunil Costa,” he added.
Apart from tele-dramas, Dinesh has also directed music for movies.

“The first movie in which our orchestra received a chance to play was Hand Ball. It was a 20th Century Fox production,” said Dinesh.

At present Dinesh is working on Channa Perera’s new movie as the assistant music director.
Dee R Cee intends to compile and release a CD consisting of an uncommon collection of oldies, such as music by Sunil Shantha. The band hopes to release the album in about one year.

Right now the band is awaiting feedback for the song Ira Bahina Hendawa, which was released recently.
Dee R Cee also intends to join hands with Derana, Neth FM and Y FM in the near future to work out on many projects.

“I’d like to thank Y FM and Max Radio for giving us their fullest cooperation,” said Dinesh.
Dee R Cee fans can mail the band members on music.dinesh@gmail.com or chandu.fernando@hotmail.com.