Ceylinco Diabetes Centre entices customers

An opportunity to win Glucometers, and receive free foot care packages, will be provided to all persons, who obtain a package from the Ceylinco Diabetes Centre, during the month of May, in commemoration of its 4th anniversary, the Centre announced this week.

The centre, the most advanced private facility in Sri Lanka, for the prevention and management of diabetes, said it will present 20 Glucometers, to winners, selected at a draw, at the end of May and offer a free foot care package, to every person who obtains a health check package, during the month.

“We are happy to conduct this promotion to mark our 4th anniversary, and to create awareness and promote better management of diabetes” said a spokesman for the Center. “The glucometer is an indispensable item, for diabetes patients, to monitor their blood glucose levels. Proper foot care is also important, to prevent complications, arising from diabetes.”

The free foot care package will consist of an assessment, by a medical expert of the visitor’s history of diabetes, an examination of the feet for deformities, an assessment of blood flow using a Doppler machine, and an inspection for ulcers, calluses, sore areas or skin diseases.

The Ceylinco Diabetes Centre is now located at 60, Park Street, Colombo 2 and offers, all the facilities for screening, detection and management of diabetes and associated complications.

The Centre conducts clinics in Diabetology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Nephrology, Vascular Pathology, Podiatry, Dermatology and Nutrition, and has a specialised Wound Clinic and a Diabetes Shop.

Established four years ago, in affiliation with the Washington Hospital Centre, the Ceylinco Diabetes Centre is a comprehensive private stand-alone facility, offering access to medical specialists, in many fields of medicine, associated with complications arising from diabetes.


Toshiba to prosecute ‘toner trademark infringers’

Toshiba Singapore Pte. Ltd. (TSP) has embarked on a rigorous campaign in Sri Lanka, to detect those selling counterfeit toners, for photocopying machines, bearing the Toshiba trademark. The initiative is part of TSP’s programme of protecting the brand name of Toshiba Original Toners, and is the first of many such initiatives, to be carried out, in the region by Toshiba.

“We are committed to ensuring that, our valued customers get the best in terms of quality and reliability, when they buy Toshiba Original Toners. We are deeply concerned that, they may, unsuspectingly, be recipients of fake and inferior Toshiba toners, that can cause heavy damages, to their photocopiers and could even result in totally incapacitating the photocopiers,” said Jun Kanamori, Senior Manager, International Operations, Electronic Imaging Dept. of Toshiba Singapore.

Consequent to the investigations, Toshiba filed three actions in the Colombo Magistrate Court, and one in the Maligakanda Magistrate Court, under the Intellectual Property Act. Search warrants, were thereafter obtained from Court, and the relevant locations raided. This resulted in the seizing of a large quantity of counterfeit Toners, and Toner Powder Bags, which were produced in Court,

Two of the cases have already been concluded, with the accused traders pleading guilty, to the charges and paying Toshiba Company monetary compensation,

Jeevantha Jayatilake, AAL with Muditha Abeyratne and Thilanka Polgampola appeared for the Toshiba Corporation of Japan.
Toshiba being a trade mark registered in Sri Lanka, receives protection under Intellectual Property Act No.13 of 2003. The fact that, Toshiba is a trade mark registered in Sri Lanka, precludes all third parties, from using the mark in whatever form, unless and otherwise express permission has first been obtained from the registered owner, any third party, who infringes the registered owner’s rights, by forging the mark and/or using a mark, similar to the registered mark and/or using the mark, in any way, which is detrimental to the interests of the registered owner, commits an offence, in terms of sections 184 and 186(4) of the Intellectual Property Act,

Toshiba controls about 35% of the marketshare, in photocopy machinery. Toshiba is a registered trademark in Sri Lanka and worldwide, and is a leading name in photocopy machinery and other consumer items.


Eagle’s Safety Campaign results in less firecracker accidents

According to records a significant reduction in firecracker related accidents was reported this Avurudhu season. This reduction has been linked to the wider awareness amongst the public on lighting firecrackers safely. This year too Eagle conducted its mass media campaign reminding the public to light crackers with care, and is pleased to have contributed to the safety and well being of Sri Lankan society. The hospital authorities also educated the public on the need to practice safety precautions while lighting crackers, which also contributed greatly to the significant reduction.

Eagle has spearheaded its Seasonal Safety Campaign since 1992 and the Company’s aim is to educate and create awareness on the dangers of firecrackers when used carelessly. Eagle conducts extensive multimedia and below-the-line communication campaigns during festive seasons. The need for awareness raising of this nature was identified, after 41 children sustained injuries and 4 went blind in the early 90’s, due to firecracker related accidents. Since the establishment of Eagle’s consistent and focused safety campaigns, firecracker accidents in children have reduced to near zero.

Eagle’s primary CSR platforms are Safety & Education, which have made distinct contributions to society. Eagle recorded many successes through far-reaching initiatives to reduce accidents, by inculcating safety-awareness on maintaining high safety standards at home, school, work and on the road.

“We have seen our involvement in CSR evolving into sustainable projects, built on the long-term needs of people and the environment, where our team evolves and implements projects that are designed to make a difference to the environment and our nation,” commented AGM Marketing & Planning, Amal Perera..

“CSR is part of the value-system ingrained in our corporate culture, and to us it is an accepted way of life. It goes beyond business objectives to create a continuous impact on society. Our entire business culture, how we run our business and how we do business revolve on the core concept of social responsibility,” stated Eagle’s Managing Director, Deepal Sooriyaarachchi. Elaborating further he said, “Eagle pioneered and practiced CSR, long before it became the buzzword it is today. Eagle’s CSR initiatives are designed to benefit all stakeholders; employees, customers and society.”

Some of the other initiatives implemented under Eagle’s Safety CSR Platform are as follows:

Spreading the message of safety

Eagle creates awareness on home-accidents highlighting day-to-day perils using multimedia campaigns and through 2400 sales agents - our “Safety Ambassadors” who are equipped with “safety tool kits” comprising brochures, CDs and illustrated children’s books. They inculcate countrywide safety awareness amongst children, teachers, parents and society at grass-root levels and beyond. Over 200,000 households have been reached and the number grows daily

Keeping one million pilgrims safe

Poson Safety was a concerted campaign launched nearly 15 years ago. It involved identifying hazardous bathing areas on the Poson pilgrimage route to Anuradhapura, and deploying life saving crews of the National Lifesaving Association, Sri Lanka Army and Police to patrol those spots. One million pilgrims habitually bathe at these spots during the Poson season, despite the hazards that they may pose. Eagle’s prolonged involvement in this project has had tangible results, having saved over 125 lives over the past 14 years. The project has the distinction of having won a commendation from the International Lifesaving Federation.

Road safety

One of Eagle’s most successful safety campaigns have been on road safety where the simple gesture of holding up a hand at zebra crossings, became generic among anyone crossing the road, and commanded respect from vehicle drivers and has significantly reduced accidents. The company seasonally embarks on outdoor billboard campaigns and below-the-line activities to promote the ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ initiative.

The National Safety Award

The National Safety Award emphasises safety in the workplace and has over the years, significantly contributed towards raising the bar in safety at the workplace. Held once in two years, the Award is a benchmark for industrial safety and organisational commitment towards an accident-free workplace, and is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Labour and the Employees’ Trust Fund Board.


Silver circle plc to develop local digital print industry

Silver Circle PLC, specialists in large format digital printers, imaging and graphics as well as sign industry equipment in Sri Lanka and Maldives, with the largest customer-base in solvent printers, have installed over 100 Infiniti, DGI, Mimaki and Seiko printers island-wide. The range of equipment handled by Silver Circle include Digital Printers, Architectural Drawing Plotters, Sign Cutters / Plotters, Laser Engraver / Cutters, CNC Routers & Engravers, Laminating & Mounting machines, Portable Display stands, LED displays Boards etc. There are also used machines available at attractive rates, for which service support is available.

The company is the sole distributor of the export models of Infiniti solvent printers assembled in China, DGI printers from Korea and Mimaki and Seiko high-resolution photo quality solvent printers from Japan in Sri Lanka & Maldives. Silver Circle is the sole distributor of the world-renowned Xaar Print heads and ink and is the only OEM partner of Xaar in Sri Lanka. XaarJet Ltd., U.K., manufacture print heads that are used in over 80% of all large and grand format printers and is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE)

Chairman, Silver Circle, Supem de Silva, has been a pioneer in the industry having set up the 1st Digital Imaging Studio and the 1st large format printer at the Kent Group of Companies in 1994, through German training and technology. This started off the digital imaging and printing industry in Sri Lanka. He has received training around the world over the years, and has been also responsible for officially launching Adobe Software and training in 1998, and installing the first Solvent Digital Printer in 2001 in Sri Lanka. It is with this background (extending to over 15 years) in the industry that de Silva started Silver Circle PLC and has been able to establish it as the premier service provider in the digital printing industry.

The experienced service staff count over 15 years of hands-on experience in most brands of large format printers and Digital Imaging. The senior technical staff receive periodic training overseas, and also receive training from Factory Engineers who visit Sri Lanka quarterly to keep them updated on new equipment and software.

De Silva said that there are more than 25 manufacturers of Digital Printers in China now, and not all of them have proper after sales technical support. “Therefore, it is imperative that you purchase the machine from a company that has a good reputation and after sales service”.

According to De Silva, the digital printing market in Sri Lanka is still very profitable compared to India where the printing prices are very low. “Most of our customers have been able to recover their machine value within the 1st year”. He went on to say that although there are many printers installed in Colombo, there is business for everyone and many have 2 or 3 printers working. “There is a lot of potential in the outstation towns as everybody wants digital printed banners / posters / sign boards /vehicle stickers /photo enlargements and do not want hand painted or screen printed material any longer”.

Silver Circle also provide a full turnkey solution where a person new to the industry can get advice and guidance in all areas of operation, equipment and training to run a business. “We also assist in preparing the return on investment, as well as the project report to arrange financing of the printers which have been approved by all the leading banks and leasing companies” said De Silva.

In order to develop the industry, Silver Circle in joint collaboration with the Ingrin Institute of Printing & Graphics Sri Lanka Ltd. will be conducting two workshops on April 25th and 26th, one aimed at persons interested in starting a Digital Printing business and students who want to enter / join the industry, while the other workshop is aimed at industry personnel, especially the printer operators and Managers. “They will gain an indepth knowledge on machine maintenance, calibration, format, new technologies, applications etc. relevant to the Digital Printing field. The bench/lecturers comprise Engineers from XaarJet PLC (UK) along with application specialists from India and Sri Lanka”.


Natural health company takes off the ground

An innovative range of natural health foods, nutritional supplements and cosmetics has been launched in Sri Lanka by Herba Naturelle Lanka Pvt Ltd, which includes one with an innovative take on a traditional herb.

A subsidiary of Herba Naturelle Limited, UK—a key player in the European natural health industry—the Lankan company is using its expertise to combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with Western herbalism to ensure the well being of ``body, mind and soul’’.

The company first made its mark in the UK natural health market with the revolutionary herbal cream for the treatment of eczema, which used gotu kola as a key ingredient, and subsequently decided to expanded its operations to Sri Lanka in June 2007.
Sri Lanka’s long history with Ayurvedic treatments, along with the abundance of therapeutic herbs available on the island, were key reasons for the company’s decision to commence its operations here.

“We were sourcing raw materials from Sri Lanka and India and this was a further inducement to shift to the region,” said John Perera, Managing Director of the Sri Lankan subsidiary.
Since its success in developing a gotu kola based treatment for eczema, Herba Naturelle Limited, UK has developed a variety of specialised and sought-after supplements and formulations to treat infertility, hair loss, and other reproductive and life-style related problems.

For the past year, the Lankan subsidiary has been establishing a manufacturing plant and laboratory to conduct research and development activities, as well as to enable the company to develop new products.
Herba Naturelle Lanka will also be the headquarters for operational aspects and marketing for the company, with a focus on health foods and beverages, herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals, and natural cosmetics.
The company recently developed a new herbal porridge that is now available in supermarkets.

The herbal porridge uses the traditional supplement of kola kenda, although with a new twist.
“Traditionally, kola kenda was limited to use in the home kitchen, although in more recently it has hit the streets of Sri Lanka with a glass of kola kenda available at the way side boutique. The difference here is the preparation method and the ingredients that go in it,” says Perera.

“We know for a fact traditionally the ingredients includes the herbs and rice (red rice or white rice) which needs cooking for at least 20 -30 minutes. Thanks to our research team we adopted a better and more convenient way of doing this. We replaced the rice with rice flakes (Traditionally known as Habala Pethi) and tried the format. All what you need is hot water of 85 to 90 degree temperature and in three minutes you have a wholesome, nutritious and a filling meal as a breakfast.”

Herba Naturelle’s porridge range comes in four flavours: the green energy range of Gotukola Kola Kenda, Walpenela Kola Kenda, and the fruity range of Fruitty Flakes and Fruitty Millet.

“Our objectives are to bring this traditional meal back to the breakfast table at home, and to create a new culture among the working class and the corporate sector where they could take this meal in a handy, 100 percent bio degradable paper cup to their office environment,” says Perera.

Perera adds the company is also the first in Sri Lanka to use this format of the traditional habala pethi in Kola Kanda in a commercial venture, as well as the first to come out with bio degradable packaging for such a product.

“We are confident that not only the traditional Sri Lankan who will try this but also the new generation will go for it. In this format and packaging we are able to take the Sri Lankan traditional goodness further to the international market. Our Herba Naturelle UK operation is going to be of immense importance in achieving this,” says Perera.

The company holds high hopes for the product locally and internationally, pointing out it was well received by Japanese food companies at the recent Foodex 2008 trade exhibition in Japan
The UK parent company was established in 1999 by Sri Lankans Herman and Anjela Jeganathan.


Signature takes ‘Shop-in Shop’ concept to outstations

H S Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd, the wholesale arm of the Hameedia Group, recently opened its first-ever outstation ‘Signature Men’s Wear Shop Corner’ in the North Central Province under the ‘Shop-In-Shop’ concept at Thilaka Fashion, Anuradhapura. The second ‘Shop Corner’ was opened at Mallikas in Aluthgama. One of the main diversified ventures of the Hameedia Group, the concept of the ‘Signature Men’s Wear Shop Corner’ is a significant project in sartorial excellence offering consumers in Sri Lanka, a true value-for-money product range.

Hameedia’s jewel brand ‘Signature’ caters to the entry market and has a young, trendy and sporty personality with the perceived image of a true value-for-money, menswear product range. Customers in the Anuradhapura and Kalutara districts now have the opportunity of shopping for their clothing requirements at these ‘Signature Menswear Shop Corners’ which feature the full range of menswear products under the ‘Signature’ brand.

Director of H.S. Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd. Hussain Sadique said, “When working on this ‘Shop-in-Shop’ concept, we found great value addition in the entire shop to display innovative products and create a new benchmark in men’s branded clothing. These two first ever outstation ‘Shop Corners’ provide a total solution for the complete man. This is also the initial step of a wider expansion process, whereby we plan to launch more such ‘Signature Menswear Stores’ and ‘Shop Corners,’ under the franchise and ‘Shop-in-Shop’ concept, in the key cities across Sri Lanka by the end of this year.”

Completing a decade of operations last year, H.S. Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd introduced the franchise and ‘Shop-in-Shop’ concept to the Sri Lankan market as a nationwide concept. “We have a great retail experience to share with our numerous business partners island-wide. The concept is further reinforced since we offer our full ‘Signature’ brand with suits, shirts, trousers, ties, vests, underwear, socks, hankies, cuff-links, tie-pins, sarong, t-shirts, denims, belts etc, with the ultimate goal of offering a better choice for the customer. This is also an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, who are looking for a win-win partnership with the Hameedia Group. It gives them a very good learning curve coupled with fashion industry behaviour, successful retail procedures, standardised store design of international repute, innovative visual merchandising techniques and great brands,” Sadique added.

Managing Director of Thilaka Fashion, Anuradhapura, Mr. Ariyathilake said he was happy to partner with a company of the calibre of Hameedia. “It enjoys prestige among its local and international clientele as a company which deals with originals only and a leader in men’s fashion.” Managing Director of Mallikas, Aluthgama, Samsudeen said it was a great opportunity for him to partner with an internationally successful local fashion company as Hameedia. “I am confident that fashion trends can be further developed and consumer behavior towards original brands further consolidated.”

In keeping with the Hameedia philosophy of perfection, great attention is paid to all ‘Signature’ products. They are sourced at the same Hameedia factory where the end products go through an exacting and high scale quality assurance process. The ‘Signature’ brand has enjoyed rapid growth in the Sri Lankan market and now commands a loyal and growing clientele island wide. The brand is now perceived as a tested and trusted brand among Sri Lankan consumers. Those wishing to join hands with the Signature Brand and obtain franchises could contact 0773030886 or inquire on brand@hameedia.lk / wholesales@hameedia.lk


LG introduces world’s first fingerprint security desktop computer

The Abans Group of Companies, in a recent announcement stated, the launch of Sri Lanka’s first Desktop Computer, featuring Finger Print Security Technology, manufactured by LG Electronics, the leader in consumer electronics and home appliances, around the world.

LG undoubtedly is in the forefront of introducing cutting edge, feature rich technology and Abans is proud to present, yet another product, with superior technology.

Until now, the option of finger print recognition was available, only on high-end, expensive laptops. LG has now made this technology accessible, to a wider audience, at an affordable price. LG Desktop computers are built to various certifications, and maintain high manufacturing standards.

With the growing necessity of data security, the introduction of the LG Finger Print Security Desktop Computer, enables consumers, to safeguard important and confidential data, in a secure device, which is refreshingly unique, in design and performance. The computer ensures enhanced security features, such as file protection, complete security of data, as well as, secure and easy web transactions.

With Finger Print Recognition technology, the need to remember, complicated passwords becomes a thing of the past. The biometric security feature allows login access, only to pre-identified users, through their finger prints, thus providing higher levels of security.

Abans offers consumers, the option of purchasing the LG Finger Print Security Desktop Computer, built according to their own configuration, or the standard computer featuring Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2Ghz Processor, Finger Print Scanner, 1GB DDR11 Memory, 320GB SATA Hard Disk, DVD Rewriter, 16 in 1 Card Reader, LG Multimedia Keyboard, LG Optical Mouse and LG F Engine 15” LCD Monitor preinstalled with Genuine Windows Vista Starter Edition.

Abans also offers Enterprise and Corporate customers, the LG Finger Print Security Desktop Computer, built according to their individual specifications. The computer is backed by Abans onsite service warranty, available at any location, in Sri Lanka
For more details and information on the LG Finger Print Security Desktop Computer, visit your nearest NeXxt@Abans, Abans Elite and Abans Showrooms located island wide.


Lifebuoy Hand Wash attracts multitudes at MedEx 2008

Lifebuoy’s innovative and interactive approach wins consumer accolades

Unilever Sri Lanka’s superior germ kill brand, Lifebuoy Hand Wash, stepped in to support the Colombo University Faculty of Medicine when they took on the role of Gold Sponsor of MedEx 2008, held recently at the BMICH.

The exhibition was the first held by the Medical Faculty in 26 years, and Unilever’s Lifebuoy Hand Wash joined MedEx 2008 to offer the public an unprecedented opportunity to acquire insights on the steps they need to take in order to lead healthier lives. Hasha Hisham, Assistant Brand Manager - Lifebuoy at Unilever Sri Lanka explained the reasons behind the decision to sponsor the event “The focal point of Lifebuoy’s involvement with MedEx was to better educate the public on the importance of washing hands in a thorough and correct manner. We wanted to create awareness on germs in general and the ill effects they can trigger when proper hygiene is not maintained. This message was in keeping with the entire theme of MedEx this year. With Lifebuoy we hope to educate and inspire Sri Lankans of all ages and from all parts of the country to adopt a lifestyle that displays awareness of, and fights against, the health hazards caused by germs.”


                                                Oasis Marketing receives ISO certification                                          

Chairman and Managing Director of Oasis Marketing Co. Pvt. Ltd. Sumith De Silva receives the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate from Chairman of Sri Lanka Standards Institution Dr. A R L Wijesekara