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Posh Spice rings in 34

Posh Spice rang in the big 3-4 last Sunday night with a bash at a swanky Santa Monica, California eatery that attracted a surprising number of stars.

Victoria Beckham, in a strapless white dress, arrived at the party arm-in-arm with her colour-coordinated, buzz cut-sporting hubby, David.

The eclectic guest list included usual suspects such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, whose sunglasses-at-night-accessorised appearance at the party should quell those recent rumors of a rift with Victoria.

Also on hand were Posh’s new BFF, Kate Beckinsale and fellow size double-zero pal Eva Longoria, along with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Elton John, Usher and Heidi Klum.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale entered the soiree with two wrapped packages bearing a card reading ‘D&V’ (David’s birthday is May 2), while Diddy touched off reconciliation talk by showing up with sometime love Kim Porter (the mother of three of his children), whom he parted ways with last summer.

There was no word on whether Victoria threw caution to the wind and allowed some tasty, calorie-laden cake to pass through her rarely upturned lips.


Russell Brand pursues Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman is being pursued by womanising British comic star Russell Brand. The actor – who can soon be seen starring alongside Kirsten Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall – thinks he would be the perfect man for Kill Bill star Uma.

Russell told Nuts magazine, “Uma Thurman is lovely. She’s like a gorgeous statue that’s come to life. I just want to crawl up onto her lap and pretend to be a baby.”

However, Russell is not saving himself for Uma, and revealed he had a fling with a weather girl when he was in the US shooting Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

He said: “I must say it was tremendous fun. I just said, ‘Hello, give us a cuddle, please,’ and she went, ‘Right, here’s the weather.’ Let me tell you, it was stormy that night, with a very warm front!”

Russell, who is set to become a global star after winning rave reviews for his performance in the movie, also says he based his character Aldous Snow on a combination of different rock stars.

He added, “I based Snow on a number of people – one of whom was Sir Mick Jagger, who, in his heyday, was a gloriously aloof, sexually androgynous prince of decadence. And more laterally, Oasis stars Liam and Noel Gallagher.”
Uma is currently dating businessman Arpad Busson.


Baby break for Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is planning to take a break from acting after having her baby.
The Fantastic Four actress – who is expecting her first child with fiancé Cash Warren in June – will be in no rush to get back to work following the birth.

She said, “I’m just going to sit back and figure out what this whole experience of being a mother is all about, and taking that in.”
Jessica also revealed when she eventually returns to the movie industry, she would like to work with movie producer Cash.

She added, “I wouldn’t mind doing something with Cash. He’s incredibly smart and very business-savvy. I think him being part of anything means it’s going to be progressive and successful.”

Meanwhile, Jessica has revealed her latest movie The Eye was the “toughest” project she has ever done.
She said, “For several reasons, this is up there with the toughest movies I’ve done. We shot a lot in a very short space of time and I’m in pretty much every single scene from beginning to end.”

The Eye is a remake of 2002 Hong Kong film Gin Gwai. It focuses on a blind woman who has a corneal transplant which allows her to see into the future.


Harrison Ford’s drunken piercing

Harrison Ford was inspired to have his ears pierced after a drunken lunch. The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull actor was out with friends, who were both sporting earrings, when he decided he wanted to follow their trend.

Harrison, who took the plunge around 10 years ago, said, “A semi-drunken lunch with Ed Bradley and Jimmy Buffett, who were both wearing earrings, is what inspired me to get pierced. After lunch, I walked down Madison Avenue until I found the first jewellery store that pierced ears.”

Harrison has also spoken again about rumours Sir Sean Connery turned down the chance to play Indiana Jones’ father in the new film.

He said, “I’m old enough to play my own father in this one. Sean’s only 12 years older than I am. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, I had to play the character so much younger than I actually was in order to make it work. It was really a strain. I missed Sean, because he was fun, he was a hoot. Great comic chops. But it’s a different movie.”