BoI names Dialog Telekom the largest investor 2007

Dialog Telekom PLC Sri Lanka’s premier telecommunications service provider was recognised as the single largest investor in Sri Lanka at the Invest Sri Lanka (www.investsrilanka.com) felicitation event hosted by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BoI). The BoI reviewed foreign direct investment performance during 2007, with special emphasis on investments realised by investing companies during the year. The BoI recognised Dialog Telekom as the company with the highest level of realised investment in 2007 totalling USD 328 million in 2007.

Dialog Telekom PLC secured the top slot in investment rankings for the 3rd year in succession, having being recognised as Sri Lanka’s largest investor in 2005 and 2006 with investments of USD 90 million and USD 150 million respectively.

Commenting on Dialog Telekom’s contribution to the BoI’s impressive performance in 2007, Dhammika Perera, Chairman of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka said, “We see investment as perhaps the trigger of economic development which brings employment, new businesses and transfers new technological and managerial know-how to the host nation. Certainly, these opportunities have come to pass through our long partnership with Dialog Telekom, as we see a distinct growth in the ICT and telecommunications industries in the last five years.”

Dialog Telekom investments have been made towards strengthening the company’s mobile and fixed telecommunications, broadband and digital television infrastructure, which have hitherto delivered multi-dimensional dividends to the ICT sector and society at large.

2007 investments were predominantly directed towards large scale expansion of services across all regions of Sri Lanka. Associated infrastructure investments were also directed towards expansion of the company’s GSM and 3G/3.5G HSPA mobile networks, introduction of state-of-the-art Value Added Services and the establishment of a Broadband transmission network based on Fibre Optic and Microwave transmission technologies. Dialog also made investments in Customer Service and other support infrastructures with a view to expanding its network of support centres across Sri Lanka.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Hans Wijeyasuriya, Group Chief Executive of Dialog Telekom PLC said, “Dialog’s investments have been consistently and single mindedly focused on elevating Sri Lanka’s ICT infrastructure to world class standards, and to delivering world class connectivity services to all Sri Lankan citizens. Through an infrastructure investment programme, which was inclusive and nationwide in nature and philosophy, we are indeed proud that we have been able to make communications affordable and available to all Sri Lankans. We are grateful to our shareholders, led by our principal investor Telekom Malaysia, and the BoI, TRCSL and other government agencies, without whose commitment and support, this achievement would not have been possible. Additionally and very significantly, Dialog’s performance in terms of realised investment bears testimony of the talent and efficiency in terms of project implementation and execution of the Dialog Team and that of our technology and implementation partners, who together have shown that Sri Lanka can build and operate one of the regions most advanced multi-service, convergent communications networks.

A substantial portion of the total investment realised by Dialog and its subsidiaries was directed at fixed line Telephony and WiMAX based Broadband Services via Dialog Broadband Networks (Pvt) Ltd. (DBN), and Digital Television Broadcast Services via Dialog Television (Pvt) Ltd. respectively.

With a subscriber base of over 4 million, Dialog Telekom is also committed to delivering consistent and long term social dividends to the country. The company is currently recognised as one of the most preferred employers in the corporate sector and employs over 4,000 Sri Lankans. Indirect employment generated by Dialog is estimated at over 10,000 opportunities across the company’s nationwide sales and distribution network.


Asus unveils solid state drive notebook

Authorised distributors for ASUS in Sri Lanka and with a turnover exceeding 2 billion, stated that ASUS, worldwide leader in component and notebook computer design and manufacturing have unveiled the long-anticipated 11-inch 2lb all-in-one notebook featuring a 32GB solid state drive (SSD). The integration of SSD allows the ASUS U2E to be shock resistant and reliable. As a part of the effort to introduce eco-friendly notebook designs, the upcoming U2E is energy efficient thanks to both its SSD and the LED back-lit panel.

Sankha Jayaratne, Group Product Manager, EPSI Computers said, ASUS has always focused heavily on research and development and have a world class R & D team. This in turn helps in providing it’s customers the best in innovation, technology and reliability. He further added that in 2007, ASUS won 2568 awards. “That amounts to “7 awards a day in 2007!” It was also ranked in Business Week’s ‘InfoTech 100’ for the 10th straight year; and named the ‘Number One in Quality and Services’ by the Wall Street Journal Asia.

Jayaratne also stated that this product will be available at our showrooms, at The ASUS Centre, Colombo 4, Head Office, Galle Road, Colombo 3 and Kurunegala. by the 1st week of May 2008.

Commenting further, he said that The U2 is designed and crafted to deliver the highest level of luxury, and presents itself as a bona fide lifestyle accessory that is infinitely useful and versatile. The luxury feast extends to the notebook chassis, where its unity of form and function is showcased with the screen and keyboard designed to join seamlessly at the polished plated hinge – reminiscent of a cufflink-inspired design. Hand polished stainless steel frame and copper etch detailing exist in sublime harmony with premium leather, creating an interplay of warmth and cool high-tech aesthetic that mirrors the principle of perfection attained from visual and tactile balance.

Live Video Communication with ASUS Smart Logon Face Recognition Technology
The high-resolution webcam module is one of the smallest lenses available, and is integrated seamlessly into the U2’s LCD panel. For hands-free access, the webcam is complemented with the exclusive ASUS SmartLogon software that intelligently recognises its rightful owner and grants access to the computer accordingly after a positive facial scan.


Singhagiri Limited ties up with SLT for high-tech solution

Sri Lanka Telecom, the number one integrated communications service provider in the country has signed an agreement with Singhagiri Limited, a leading company with diverse businesses providing the company with an advanced data communication solution. SLT will be providing IP-VPN connectivity solutions for its island wide branch network by connecting 28 locations including their head office. SLT was successful in providing the total data communication solution on an exclusive basis after a period of two years.

SLT’s IP/VPN is capable of carrying voice and mission critical data securely and reliably and it is one of the main services SLT provides on SLT’s island-wide broadband network (IP/MPLS backbone) for valued corporate customers.

Speaking on the significance of the agreement, Shanka Marasinghe, Managing Director of Singhagiri Limited said, “The solution provided by SLT goes a long way in adding value to our business by enhancing capabilities, making operations smoother as well as enabling us to offer more products and services to our customers. This is set to cut down costs of inter branch data communication as well as the increasing of productivity, resulting in cost effective real time communications.”

“Through our unmatched services we are pleased to further enhance the business capabilities of Singhagiri Limited, as it is flexible as well as scalable, the solution will suit the company’s future expansion needs. The most important value Singhagiri Limited gets is to cut down costs of inter-branch communication and the increasing of productivity, which would result in cost effective real time communications,” Ajantha Seneviratne, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of SLT said.

With this communication solution SLT will facilitate the smooth operations of Singhagiri Limited by providing access to the largest international bandwidth for broadband services through SLTnet. It is the largest ISP in Sri Lanka having more than 2.6 Giga bps of international internet backbone, with multiple access to global internet networks. SLTnet caters to the entire community in the island, offering the best packages to suit each individual’s or corporate needs.


Dialog and IWS GIS launch pioneer mobile Satellite Navigation System

Dialog Telekom PLC in partnership with IWS Geographical Information Systems (Private) Limited (IWS GIS) announced this April the launch of the country’s first ever Mobile Navigation System. Dialog SatNav, a fully featured GPS based mobile navigation system incorporates a digital street directory of Colombo which includes Class A, B, C and D roads in the Colombo Municipal Council area and suburbs. Dialog SatNav also covers Class A and B roads across Sri Lanka.

The Dialog SatNav device enables users to navigate Sri Lanka’s road network using satellite positioning. The digital maps which form the heart of the navigation system support a range of advanced features such as the identification of ‘places of interest’ and ‘optimum routes.’ Dialog SatNav supports an advanced user interface complete with audio and visual prompts which serve to guide the user to a predefined destination. Dialog SatNav also enables customers to view maps in 2D (Dimension) or 3D (Dimension) format and to pre-configure frequently used routes.

“We are proud to partner IWS GIS in bringing Dialog SatNav to Sri Lankan consumers,” said Dr. Hans Wijeyasuriya Group Chief Executive Officer of Dialog Telekom PLC. “We are committed to connecting Sri Lankan consumers to the very latest in mobile technology. Dialog SatNav brings together the power of Satellite Global Positioning (GPS) technology and digital mapping by IWS GIS to empower users with a premium navigation experience.”

Annika Senanayake, Chief Executive Officer of IWS GIS indicates “This initial launch of Sri Lanka’s first ever voice prompted navigational tool is an exciting venture especially for the Geographical Information Systems Industry, and is quite literally putting Sri Lanka on the Global Map. The continued development of our databases strives to provide even more comprehensive and value added information for the consumer.”

Dialog SatNav Street Navigator is available at Dialog Future Centre, Future World, Modern Arcade, Anuradhapura, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala and World Trade Centre.


MillenniumIT awards scholarships to UCSC undergrads

Setting precedence, MillenniumIT awarded four scholarships to undergraduates from the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) last week. The scholarships, granted to second year students following Degree programmes in Computer Science and the Bachelor of Information Computer Technology (BICT) were based on academic performance and financial need.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the UCSC Auditorium, Ms. Samanthie Gunasekara, Head of People Management and Development, MillenniumIT, said the scope within the IT industry is enormous and, therefore it is up to these students to excel and create a positive impact in the ICT sector in the country. “We need a newer generation of great minds to keep us in the global ICT map.”

She added that it is important for these students to focus on academics and not have to worry about financial constraints that so often take their focus away from studies. “We also hope that in the ensuing years, these scholarships will encourage other students to follow their dreams.”

The selection criterion includes academic performance and interviews with members of the review committee. Three second-year undergraduates from the Computer Science programme and one from the BICT were selected.

“It is an honour to team up with MillenniumIT and we appreciate their initiative to support the needs of students,” said Dr. Anoja Dharmaratne, Coordinator at the Professional Development Center, UCSC. “We know how much a scholarship means to these students and encourage other companies to follow this example.”

MillenniumIT also has a scholarship programme for undergraduates in the faculty of engineering of the University of Moratuwa. Besides a financial grant provided for personal expenses, the students receive many other benefits such as having the opportunity of undergoing industry training.


Toshiba to prosecute toner trademark infringers

Toshiba Singapore Pvt. Ltd. (TSP) has embarked on a rigorous campaign in Sri Lanka, to search out persons selling counterfeit toners for photocopying machines bearing the Toshiba trademark. The initiative is part of TSP’s programme of protecting the brand name of Toshiba Original Toners, and is the first of many such initiatives to be carried out in the region by Toshiba.

“We are committed to ensuring that our valued customers get the best in terms of quality and reliability when they buy Toshiba Original Toners. We are deeply concerned that they may, unsuspectingly, be recipients of fake and inferior Toshiba toners that can cause heavy damages to their photocopiers and could even result in totally incapacitating the photocopiers,” said Jun Kanamori, Senior Manager, International Operations, Electronic Imaging Dept. of Toshiba Singapore.

Consequent to the investigations, Toshiba filed three actions in the Colombo Magistrate Court and one in the Maligakanda Magistrate Court under the Intellectual Property Act. Search warrants were thereafter obtained from Court and the relevant locations raided. This resulted in the seizing of a large quantity of counterfeit Toners and Toner Powder Bags, which were produced in Court.

Two of the cases have already been concluded, with the accused traders pleading guilty to the charges and paying Toshiba company monetary compensation.

Jeevantha Jayatilake, AAL with Muditha Abeyratne and Thilanka Polgampola appeared for the Toshiba Corporation of Japan.
Toshiba being a trade mark registered in Sri Lanka, receives protection under Intellectual Property Act No. 13 of 2003. The fact that Toshiba is a trade mark registered in Sri Lanka, precludes all third parties from using the mark in whatever form, unless and otherwise express permission has first been obtained from the registered owner. Any third party who infringes the registered owner’s rights by forging the mark and/or using a mark similar to the registered mark and/or using the mark in any way which is detrimental to the interests of the registered owner, commits an offence in terms of sections 184 and 186(4) of the Intellectual Property Act.

Toshiba controls about 35% of the market share in photocopy machinery. Toshiba is a registered trademark in Sri Lanka and worldwide and is a leading name in photocopy machinery and other consumer items.


hSenid expands to the African market

hSenid Business Solutions proves that, it’s a true global player by marketing its quality software solutions, in Africa. ‘We are proud to call hSenid, as a true multinational company, as it has kept steps beyond boundaries for the past 10 years’ says, Dinesh Saparamadu, CEO hSenid Business Solutions.

The reason behind the success story is that, Africa’s leading health development organisation, that is working across sub-Saharan Africa to improve health has signed up with hSenid Business Solutions (a subsidiary of hSenid Software International), to obtain a totally integrated Human Resource Management and Development solution, to manage their entire human capital.

hSenid is also proud to announce that, we were able to sign up with two more research centres in Africa, under the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), which is a strategic alliance of members, that mobilises science, to benefit the poor. They have decided to obtain a totally integrated Human Resource Management and Development solution, from one of the most preferred software solution providers in the world.

The combination includes, a company focused on bringing high-quality science and capacity-building, to bear on poverty reduction and sustainable development and a company, which carries out research and pilot projects on agroforestry, towards mitigating tropical deforestation, land depletion and rural poverty, through improved agroforestry systems.

With the experience of over 10 years in developing software solutions, hSenid is confident, of providing a fully web-based HRIS solution, that will bring the industry’s best HR processes, to our clients globally and locally. The solution will fine tune and streamline HR processes and make it more efficient, at making life easy for the HR staff, as well as for the employees.

hSenid Business Solutions, Sri Lanka’s number 1 HRIS solutions provider has offered software solutions, for more than 450 corporates in the region and continues to expand its presence, in the world. hSenid’s client portfolio includes some of the industry giants, such as Sri Lanka Telecom, Tigo, Mobitel, Brandix, Sri Lankan Airlines, Hilton Colombo Residence, Union Assurance, CTC, Jetwing Group, Metropolitan Group of Companies, DIMO, Hayleys Fibre Cluster, Ceylinco Insurance and many more.

With the growing number of staff strength and with a 24/7 dedicated support centre, hSenid stands tall as a multinational company, moving to the global arena, as one of the most preferred software solutions providers in the world.


First winners of Tigo Nokia 3110 promotion

Tigo, as part of their first year celebrations, launched the ‘Win a Nokia Everyday’ campaign thus taking SMS competitions to the next level.

As a result of this promotion, Tigo subscribers were able to win a brand new Nokia 3110 everyday.
To participate in this competition, all a Tigo subscriber needed to do was simply to SMS the word GPRS to 7272. With just one SMS a subscriber can enter the draw, while sending more SMS, which will obviously increase the chances of his or her winning.

Millicom International Cellular launched a successful new 3 As business strategy with the central themes of Affordability, Accessibility and Availability through investments in network and distribution with the objective of bringing to the market innovative first time services, friends and family offerings and reliable business solutions.


Kyocera Mita Singapore links with PC House Pvt Ltd.

A team of delegates from Kyocera Mita Singapore (KMSG), a leading service provider for Office Automation in South East Asia, congregated with the executive board of PC House Ltd., a leading IT solutions provider in Sri Lanka, on a market viability study visit at PCH Holdings office in Colombo, recently.

A company spokesman said, the primary objective of the visit was, to launch the exciting range of world renowned Kyocera photocopier to the local market. Growing trends and business opportunities available in the Sri Lankan Office Automation market, was also discussed.

Toshio Furumoto - Managing Director, and Simon Ching, Assistant Export Sales Manager represented Kyocera Mita Singapore (KMSG) while M. H. M. Rishan - Chairman of PCH Holdings, Jude Fernando Chief Executive Officer – OAC, Ravi Fernandopulle, General Manager – OAC and M. Ikram, Chief Financial Officer from PCH Holdings participated for the occasion.