September 1 - 15
Ocean and Climate, an exhibition of posters by the French Institute for Research and Development, at the Alliance Française Auditorium, 11 Barnes Place, Colombo 7.

 Public talk

September 7
Thought and the divisive process, organised by the Krishnamurti Centre, Sri Lanka, at the Study Centre, Baddagana, Duwa Road, Kotte, at 10:30 p.m.

  Book launch 

September 7
Heart of Silence, a selection of English poetry written by veteran journalist and critic Elmo Fernando, at the Kalutara Children’s Library Auditorium, at 4 p.m.
G.A.Matupema will review the book and recite some of its poems. Senior Journalist Siri Abeysekara will talk on Elmo and his society. The event is organized by 3-G Literary Movement in Kalutara


September 2
Je Déteste Les Enfants Des Autres by Anne Fassio (2007, 90 minutes) at the Alliance Francaise, 11 Barnes Place, Colombo 7, at 6:30 p.m


Stitch Fantasy

-Two shows in Kandy and Gampaha

A creative needle-work exhibition entitled stitch fantasy by veteran needle craft artist Indumathie Paranawithana will be held on 5, 6 and 7th of September from 9.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. at Samapath Hall near Devon Rest Kandy, and on September 19 and 20, at Nivahana Hall opposite Yashodhara Ladies College, Gampaha at the same times..

More than hundred items of net, ribbon, Brazeelian, Hand and Haradanger Embroidery Work and Candle Wicking, Casuthi Cross-Stitch, Paper Quailing, Paper Tall, Black Work, Stump-Work and Parchment Craft are among the exhibits that will be on display..

Also on display will be an exhibition of books authored by Indumathie on Ribbon, Hand, Brazeelian and Hardanger Embroiderery work.


Colombo Plan International Society Office Bearers – 2008/2009

Patron: Secretary General, Colombo Plan Secretariat, Patricia Yoon-Moi CHIA,
Vice – Patrons: Dr. P. R. Anthonis, Sanath Weerakoon
President: Upali S. Jayasekera
Vice Presidents: D. S. D. P. R. Senanayake, PC, B. Anton Jeyanathan W. I. Gunawardena, A. C. M. Shafeek, P. Baskarasingam
Secretary: Sam Chandrasena
Asst. Secretary: Sanath Dissanayake
Treasurer: Tilak Fernando
Asst. Treasurer: M. W. de Costa
Committee Members: Amaradasa Gunawardena, Sriyani N. Perera
Dr. Sunethra Gunasena, W. A. C. Weerasinghe, Thushitha Munindrasasa, J. Weerasignhe, B. H. Passaperuma, Dr. V. U. Ratnayake, L. Bombuwela, H. A. Jayasekera, Eugene M. de Silva
Trustees: Dr. M. Fahmy Ismail, Dr. H. W. Perera, V. K. J. Ramanayake
Member Auditor: Chitral Jayawardene


Ceremony to award 100 Mahatma Gandhi Scholarships to Students

The Government of India has launched the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Scheme. Under this scheme, around 3-4 meritorious students at the O/Level are selected from every district of Sri Lanka and provided with a scholarship of Indian Rupees 1,500/- per month for a period of two years i.e. until they complete their A/Level studies.

This year, the year of commencement of the scheme, 100 Sri Lankan Students have been granted the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship. The students have been selected on the basis of merit-cum-means.

High Commissioner of India Alok Prasad awarded these scholarships on August 14, at the Kularatne Hall, Ananda College, Colombo 10.


‘Thoughts for the day’ / ‘Culture of Islam’ Programme on SLBC on Fridays

On ‘Thoughts for the day’ programmes, quotes from the Quran/Hadees are broadcast on Friday mornings at 6 a.m. on the SLBC on frequency 95.6 MHz – English Service. The Presenter is Naadira Ramiz / Suzannah (Suzie) Jamaldeen of Al Muslimaat, an Association of Muslim Women and Girls, Dehiwela.

On Culture of Islam programme, interesting topics from an Islamic perspective are broadcast over the airwaves of the English Service of the SLBC on 95.6 MHz at 9 p.m. The Resource Personnel are Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Naadira Rameez, Saadiqa Fouz, Fathima Shifani and the Moderator is Sherifa Thahir (all are members of Al Muslimaat).


Dilini Silva wins Sri Lanka Prize at CIM (UK)

Miss. Dilini Silva who completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, CIM (UK) was adjudged Sri Lanka’s Best Student in “Strategic Marketing in Practice” at the examination held in June 2007.

Dilini holds a Bsc (honor’s) degree in IT from Metropolitan University of London and a MBA from the University of Wales. Her MBA dissertation was based on Multinational Corporations.

She’s a member of Rotary International. Presently; she is at the Monash University in Australia following her Post Graduate studies in International Relations, leading to her Doctorate (PhD).

Prior to her departure to Australia to further her studies, she was the Director Marketing at Skyline Pacific Real Estates (Pvt) Ltd, a Consultant to Nucleus Entrepreneur Foundation (project by Gtz) and also the Senior Advisor to the ‘Dumindha Silva Foundation’, a charitable organization founded by her Brother – Western Province, Provincial Councillor – Dumindha Silva.

She’s a student from Ladies College Colombo 7 and the daughter of Lal Silva and Malkanthie. Silva is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Sri Lanka (FCA) and is the Managing Director/CEO of CIC Feeds Group of Companies.


Annual Meeting of the Science Association – SLASME

The annual session of the Sri Lanka Association of Science and Mathematics Education (SLASME) was held recently at Lyceum International School in Ratnapura. The chief guest was the principal of the same school, Susila Witharana, a well qualified and most experienced scientist who has now taken to education.

In her address she pointed out that local examination statistics have shown that science education and mathematics education have not improved in Sri Lanka over the last few decades. The reason for this she said, cannot be attributed to lack of monetary allocation, or intake of teachers for training colleges, which have increased. Nor can one say that children have deteriorated in intelligence, as psychologists have pointed out subsequent generations have become more intelligence due to the evolution of the human brain. Therefore as she apologetically pointed out, the blame goes to teachers and teaching methods adopted in this country.


Newly refurbished Jinnah Hall inaugurated

The High Commissioner of Pakistan, Mr Shahzad Chaudhry, on 22 June 2008 inaugurated the newly refurbished Jinnah Hall in Kandy, completed with the friendly assistance of the government of Pakistan.
The Jinnah Hall, named after the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was founded with the assistance of the Government of Pakistan immediately after the partition. Later, in subsequent years, Pakistani government kept assisting in uplifting and expanding the facility, which has now acquired the status of and icon of Pakistan-Sri Lanka traditional friendship.
The latest extension includes a highly modern mini-auditorium, a computer centre, a library and a hall for around 350 people. Under the current project two new floors have been added in the existing building of the Hall, which remains a centre for various social gatherings and community functions in the City. The project has been jointly completed by the High Commission for Pakistan and the Kandy Muslim Traders Association (KMTA) at a cost of around 6 (six) million rupees.

Inaugurating the newly established Pakistan Auditorium and business centre in the Hall, The High Commissioner of Pakistan, Shahzad Chaudhry declared it as a gift for the Kandy City and its people. He said that addition of new facilities would hopefully be remembered for a long time as a gesture of goodwill and affection by the people and government of Pakistan towards the people of Sri Lanka and particularly those of Kandy.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr L.D.Aluvihare, Mayor of Kandy welcomed the assistance provided by the Pakistan government in putting up an ultra modern conference and business promotion facility for the people of Kandy. He expressed his hope that the facility would be used by all the communities in the city, which was an icon of multi cultural harmony in the Island. He appreciated the quality of the completed project and congratulated the Kandy Muslim Traders Association for a project very well done. President of the KMTA Alhaj Muhammad Usoof, Mufti Rizvi and some other speakers also spoke on the occasion.


Expressions captures essence of Japanese art

By Pradeep Ruwanpura
“Nihonga” or Japanese-style paintings, is a term used to describe paintings that have been made in accordance with Japanese traditional artistic conventions, techniques and materials. Based on traditions of over a thousand years, the term was coined in the Meiji period (1868-1912), to distinguish such works from Western-style paintings.

I have been fascinated by the simplicity of Nihonga for a long time and was able to experience the magic of this art during my stay in Japan from 2000-2005 whilst reading for my PhD in Biochemistry at the Tokyo Medical Dental University. During this time it was my good fortune to meet Mr. Inoue Seisui, an eminent artist and a teacher of Nihonga, whose teacher too was well recognised as a painter at the imperial palace. Mr. Seisui became my teacher, mentor and guide and encouraged me to realise my long time dream of painting Nihonga, and I was fortunate enough to learn the basic concepts of Japanese style paintings. Nihonga is typically executed on washi (Japanese rice paper) or on silk, using brushes. The paintings can be either monochrome or polychrome. If monochrome, typically Sumi (Chinese ink) made from soot mixed with animal glue is used - hence the term Sumi-e (e, pronounced ye, meaning painting). If polychrome, the pigments are derived from natural ingredients: minerals, shells, corals, and even semi-precious stones like garnets or pearls. Animal glue is used as fixative for these powdered pigments. In both cases, water is used; hence Sumi-e is by definition a sub-genre of watercolor painting.

Initially, Sumi-e were produced for hanging scrolls, hand scrolls or folding screens. However, most are now made to be displayed in frames, similar to Western-style paintings.

By studying Sumi-e, I was not only learning the brush strokes and principals of the art itself, but also experiencing the Japanese way of seeing nature and understanding life. I learnt to express my feelings through Sumi-e which is more of an exercise of meditation and discipline rather than a mere method of painting.

Alliance française de Kandy will hold an exhibition of Japanese style paintings titled, “Expressions” by Pradeep Ruwanpura. Governor Central Province, Tikiri Kobbekaduwa will declare the exhibition open on Friday, September 5 at 6 p.m. The exhibition will continue till September 12.


Al Nasser Ahadiyyah celebrates Islamic Day & prize giving at Tower Hall

Al Nasser Ahadiyyah School, Grandpass, Colombo held its Islamic Day and Prize Giving Ceremony at the Tower Hall, Colombo recently. Here ITN Director Purawalar Hashim Omar receives the first copy of Souvenir from the chief guest Parliamentary Affairs Minister Al Haj. M.H. Mohamed. Al Nasser Maha Vidyalaya Principal Khairun Nissa, former Member of Parliament Lilantha Perera and Ahadiyyah School Principal Ash Sheik S.M. Jaufer are also in the picture


Loans given to 300 women

Hambantota District UNP MP and Janasuwaya Development Foundation Chairman Sajith Premadasa awarding Rs. 5,000 loans each to 300 women in the Lunugamwehera Division of Hambantota District at a cost of Rs. 1.5 million











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