Another Charlie’s Angel?

Drew Barrymore has revealed she is keen to get together with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu for another Charlie’s Angels movie.

“I’m so into it - Charlie’s Angels III,” hinted the actress. It’s been six years since the girls brought down the bad guys in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle but Drew (33), wants Cameron (36), and Lucy (40), to get back into their designer killing gear to have a crack at a third film.

“They’re hard movies to make, but they’re fun,” she added. Nancy Juvonen, Drew’s producing partner at Flower Films confirmed a potential reunion: It’s percolating up. It’s rising to the surface.


Paul McCartney maybe getting remarried

Paul McCartney may be ready to walk down the aisle a third time. This time, it’s to his current girlfriend, Nancy Shevell. Though they have only been dating for a year, Nancy and Paul have known each other for over 30 years, and his children adore her.
Even Paul’s daughter Stella McCartney, who was highly vocal about her dislike of Heather Mills, approves. Nancy separated from her husband of over 20 years in 2007, and their divorce became final last month, leaving the couple free to get married. Sources close to the couple say that the marriage might happen very soon.


Winslet and Mendes fly separately for kids

Kate Winslet and her husband Sam Mendes avoid flying on the same airplane because they are terrified it will crash and leave their young children orphaned.

The couple, who are raising their son Joe and Winslet’s daughter Mia from her first marriage, were left traumatised after Mendes was originally due to fly on a plane that was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. All 64 passengers and 125 people in the U.S. government building in Washington D.C. were killed but Mendes had changed his plans and hadn’t boarded the aircraft. And the lucky escape was the moment his relationship with the Titanic star “went from being friends to something deeper”.

And as a result of the terrifying incidents, Winslet and Mendes refuse to take any chances - journeying separately to ensure a plane crash won’t leave their children without parents.
“Wherever possible, Kate and Sam do prefer to travel in separate planes. It is not always possible but, for obvious reasons regarding the children, they do travel separately when they can,” said a spokesperson.


Is Kirsten Dunst dating Josh Harnett?

Kirsten Dunst is rumoured to be enjoying a new romance with fellow Hollywood star Josh Harnett after the pair was reportedly spotted enjoying an evening out in New York.

The actress, who has recently been linked to actor Justin Long and filmmaker Jacob Soboroff, was spotted having dinner with Hartnett at a Manhattan sushi restaurant on Thursday (January 22) night.

“They were whispering and smiling at each other. At times it looked like she wanted to grab his hand, but stopped. She was especially smitten with him,” revealed a source.

Dunst and Hartnett, who has recently returned to the U.S. following a run on the London stage, are believed to have first met on the set of 1999 movie The Virgin Suicides.


Brian Littrell’s son is looking good

Popular boy band, Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell’s son looked healthy and happy last week when the couple took him out for walk. Littrell’s son Baylee was diagnosed with Kawasaki’s Disease about a month ago. However, he was seen enjoying himself at the LA Market with his parents!