Go radiant, go slim at Mosh!

By Shabna Cader
With less than a year under their belt of experience, Mosh Aesthetic Lounge is, without doubt, making a scene with their treatments and therapy systems. The lounge opens up to a wide spread waiting area and houses more than ten private rooms. Giving off a very simple yet elegant look, Mosh is on the go from the early hours of the morning up to the time they close up every evening. Soul met with up Shyam Singh, the chairman of the lounge to clarify what exactly Mosh has to offer.

Radiant look with Micro-dermabrasion

Micro-dermabrasion is a skin rejuvenating technique that was known as a crystal peeling system five and a half years ago when a type of powder was used to scrub dead skin cells off and allow new skin to grow.

As Singh further explains, micro-dermabrasion can be used even to get rid of old scars and leave skin glowing and results are almost instant. “If you did the therapy on half of a client’s face and leave the other half undone, you can immediately take notice of the difference as soon as the treatment is over because it is so effective and results are amazing,” he added.

“What we do here is use a more advanced technique than crystal peeling. What we have here at Mosh is called diamond peeling; I must add that this therapy and treatment uses no chemicals in it as it can, at certain instances, cause complications depending on a person’s skin type and pigmentation. The situation could become alarming because when skin is peeled off the layer that comes up to the surface could react in different ways, so for those who are skeptical have nothing to worry about this treatment.”

Micro-dermabrasion works by manually smoothing out, sanding as in sandpaper, the skin’s most outward layer. In turn, what this process does is accelerates form of skin exfoliation which, over eight or more weeks time, create the production of new living cells at the skin’s lower level. The result of micro-dermabrasion treatments is fresher, healthier skin with enhanced surface qualities including the all important quality of absorption.

This method is very effective from light peeling up to an intensive skin abrasion. The gently abrasive action exfoliates the outermost layers of the skin. “The procedure of the treatment can do away fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, scars and uneven skin tone and is combined together to give a more effective result with our Oxy treatments. It needs not to be done multiple times; just 2-3 times can prove to be helpful,” said Singh.

Painless skin treatments with Photo-pneumatic Therapy (PPx)

Photo-pneumatic Treatment, also known as PPx hair removal therapy is an FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved therapy and is the very first painless treatment for permanent hair reduction. It’s the upcoming replacement for laser treatment, was how Singh introduced the therapy, and does not leave any scars and needs no post-treatments. And unlike laser treatment which is only for white and fair skinned people, PPx is suitable for all types of skins.

It works manually with the use of a medicated flashlight that is very powerful and suction therapy that expands pores. This expansion gives room for the light to travel to the required areas which in turn -
• Kills the hair roots which leads to low growth of hair and completely stops the growth after a few treatments
• Lightens sunburns and scars with the use of different tips
• Kills germs that causes acne

It’s a very short process as working on the whole of both legs would only take up to 20 minutes. Therefore hands and even face would definitely take much less time. “Clinics and even most doctors use the same PPx system but the only difference is that it is a lot more powerful. In short it is thereby a medical device and takes only six treatments in all,” Singh said. Goodbye IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and hello PPx!

Get slim the easy way!

A very demanding treatment that is quite safe and has no health implications is the slimming treatment. With a success rate of over 95% this treatment is a combination of many slimming techniques including body wraps and endermology.
It is a combination of the best of techniques and is non-invasive, non-surgical and a method that does not require going into the internal organs to slim the body. Mosh has a slimming specialist who, in fact, studies the clients before treatments and assesses just how many treatments each would require and builds a programme accordingly.

It is safe for those over the age of 13 and below the age of 60 to use this slimming treatment. It may be made available to those aged less than 65 but it would be safer to confine the age limit to between 13-60. What the slimming treatment does is liquefy the body fat and burn and/or turn the fat into energy. This could also be diverted into the wastage system and have proven to be very effective. The minimum amount that can be lost is one inch whereas one could lose up to four inches off their body.

“We do not take the treatment lightly; it is a very serious matter working with liquefied fat because it could easily get stored in the heart which would cause complications. We use a vacuum suction therapy to drain the fat out if necessary and thereafter an electronic simulation system to firm the skin as most often the skin tends to sag after fat reduction,” said Singh.

Positively Mosh has made in big in the industry as clients keep coming back often with 100% satisfaction. All the devices and machines used are expensive Italian products and cause no negative health implications whatsoever. So don’t be skeptical, don’t be afraid to try out some of the treatments and see and feel the difference on your face and body.