Courageous woman to the fore

By Sarashi Samarasinghe
This is a story about a courageous woman who faces a lot of difficulties in her life. The story reveals how many hardships a person should undergo when living.

Sandamini is the second daughter of a businessman named Randeniya and his wife Susila.

As the time passes, Sandamini runs away with a businessman named Richard where she gets rejected from the family.
Though Sandamini runs away from home, she keeps on thinking about her parents and her loved ones.
Some years after the marriage, Sandamini and Randeniya reveal the real truth about Richard, that he is not a businessman but a drug dealer.

At that period Sandamini gets to know that she is pregnant where there are a lot of shortcomings between Richard and Sandamini’s family life.

Sandamini’s father, Randeniya gets pressurised due to the arguments that happen between Sandamini and Richard where her mother gets worried.

Though Randeniya shows the family that he is against Sandamini’s behavior he always tries to separate Sandamini from Richard and to bring her back home.

Ultimately Randeniya seeks the support of the underworld to get rid of Richard where Richard gets killed by a gunshot.
After the untimely death of Richard, Sandamini goes to Richard’s work place looking for help.

Here, Richard’s business partner Ramesh brings a proposal to Sandamini where Sandamini gets enraged.
Sandamini takes the left over of Richard and gets in to the advertising field. Sandamini gradually becomes successful in that field along with her daughter Sureka.

Randeniya invites, Vinod Siyambalapitiya who is one of the giants in the business field and one of the most popular figures in the advertising field to get married to his eldest daughter Sithari.

Siyambalapitiya accepts the invitation and walks in to Randeniya’s house where he sees Sandamini and falls in love with her.
By capturing the heart of little Sureka, Siyambalapitiya gets closer to Sandamini while later on the effort that he made becomes unsuccessful due to a certain reason.

Sithari gets hostile with Sandamini while she decides never to marry when Ramesh ties the knot with her at an unknown circumstance.

Randeniya family collapses due to this incident once again while Sithari gets pregnant.
Though Sandamini faces a lot of clashes in her life, she never hands over her soul to anyone.
However Siyambalapitiya tries his best not to break his hopes on Sandamini while Richard comes back from the dead making many twists and turns in the story.

“This is one of my own story ideas where I wanted to reveal how many difficulties women face in life,” said director, Gihan Rohana.
According to Rohana, in the present society there are certain incidents which take place where most of the people do not identify their parents, siblings, friends and loved ones.
“So I came up with such an idea where each one could love for love and give some space for others “feelings as such,” said Rohana.

He further stated that they did all the shooting in Battaramulla area where they have got 110 episodes in the drama.
“We started shooting in August last year where we ended shooting in January,” said Rohana.
Rohana further emphasized saying that he received the fullest corporation from all the artists who took part for this drama as from the technicians.

“A 100% support was rent for me from the whole crew where I want to thank the whole team. Actually this creation was an outcome of a teamwork,” said Rohana.
According to Rohana this is the 12th teledrama direction of his.
“My first teledrama direction was ‘Sanda Ginigath Rathriya’ which was telecast on Swarnavahini,” said Rohana.
He further stated that the story was about a woman and love.

“Most of our husbands today think that their wives do not need their affection after marriage. But that is not true. So my plot in ‘Sanda Ginigath Rathriya’ is that a wife yearning for loves which she never receives from her husband,” said Rohana.

Apart from ‘Sanda Ginigath Rathriya’, Rohana has also directed teledramas such as ‘Chakrangi’, ‘Yali Hiru Nagena Thura’, ‘Katu Kurullo’, ‘Bath Amma’, ‘Samanaliyak Iki Binda’ along with many others.
“There are two teledramas yet to be telecast on Rupavahini within this year. Those are ‘Senehe Dasi’ and ‘Pinna Hari Sarai’,” said Rohana.

The main two characters of ‘Hima Kandulu’ are performed by Anjali Mallawaarachchi as Sandamini and Chandika Nanayakkara as ‘Richard’.

The rest of the cast are Siril Dharmawardhane, Kumudu Nishantha, Indika Subasighe, Shashika Ruckshani, Rebecca Nirmali, Morin Charuni, Lional Wickramage, Tharushi Perera along with many others.

Camera and lighting by Gamini Chamminda, art direction by Ajith Hathwalle, choreography by Ruchira Sanjeewa, editing done by Elmo Haliday while assistant direction by Madhuwanthi Wickramanayake.

‘Hima Kandulu’ is an Intermedia Production while the script and the direction is by Gihan Rohana.