Weekly indulgences at Cinnamon Grand

At the Cinnamon Grand, indulgence comes in many forms. We proudly present a dazzling host of choices when it comes to selecting a dining option. Be it an informal lunch with family, an intimate dinner with that special someone or a hearty Sunday meal, customers will not be left wanting in any capacity. Rounding off the scrumptious dining options are thoughtful extras such as free pool usage to indulge patrons even further. Make the Cinnamon Grand your stop for the best culinary promotions.

Saturday’s BBQ promotion kicks off at 5.30 pm at the Balinese inspired Breeze Bar. Enjoy a sizzling array of smoky BBQ dishes with the ultimate outdoor dining experience. The best of blues serenade, while you eat and patrons are free to take a dip in the pool. Dishes include mustard marinated pork chop, creamy potato salad, smoky tandoori marinated boneless chicken leg, tender sirloin beef, and juicy Lemon & chilli marinated Jumbo prawns! Appetizers range from corn on the cob and crunchy garlic toast to fresh bread rolls with butter and much more.

The Lagoon’s Maalu Maalu promotion gives customers a delightfully traditional all you can eat Sunday seafood lunch experience from 12.00 noon to 2.30 pm. Focussing on classic home cooked dishes, this buffet promises to echo memories of childhood meals! Free pool usage and a 50% discount on all local beers and spirits are part of this wonderfully unique promotion. Choose from appetising bites such as karalla, salaya and fried baby squid. The main meal overflows with flavour with an expansive spread consisting of dishes such as fried rice, devilled fish roe, prawn curry, cuttlefish and fish head curry. A selection of country vegetables will also be available. All this along with palate pleasing accompaniments such as pol sambol, pickle and dried fish. For just Rs. 1290/-+++, leave all inhibitions at the door and prepare to have a classic good time! Call 2497371 for details.

On Sunday afternoons, Cheers Pub is transformed into a traditional British Carvery! From 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm, patrons can indulge in a deliciously fresh Sunday roast menu, surrounded by the ambience of an authentic pub, for only Rs. 1190/=+++. The Sunday Carvery offers cooked meat freshly sliced to order for customers accompanied by a range of vegetables and gravy. roast leg of lamb, roast rib roll and roast chicken satisfy the hunger pangs of meat lovers. For bona fide British dishes look no further than Yorkshire Pudding, sage and onion stuffing, grilled tomato and grilled onions. As accompaniments, a choice of roast gravy, horseradish sauce, mint sauce and mustard is offered. Fresh vegetables include broccoli and cauliflower, Carrot, green bean, green bean and kernel corn, roast potato, parsley potato and boiled vegetables. All this coupled with the pub’s drinks menu ensures that customers have a stunning variety of beverages to complement their delicious meal.

Wednesday evenings play host to Echo’s outstanding infinity menu from 7.00 pm – 11.00 pm. Indulge in the best of authentic Italian fare for only Rs. 1600/-+++ with an all inclusive Antipasti buffet, soup, a choice of five main dishes and complimentary desserts. The expansive Antipasti buffet includes delectable starters such as Diavola cuttlefish, Marinated salmon, caesar salad with chicken, avocado prawn cocktail, chicken liver pate, fresh oyster and much more. Main dishes range from Beef scalloped with ham and cheese, Ravioli pumpkin lemon sauce, butter fried grouper filet, ricotta spinach pancake and chicken breast beaded. desserts include profiterole filled with ice cream, crème brule and lemon tart.
The Cinnamon Grand presents an extravaganza of dining options for your pleasure! Call 2497361/62 for reservations.


Thorana Lounge rocks!

February 24, 2009…… Reflections, the hottest band flown in from Manila, courtesy Cathay Pacific has won many hearts of the guests patronising the Hilton Colombo. The lively band’s interaction with guests, singing pop, rock, and soul music has put the listeners in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. The band has got a wealth of experience in the show business and have played at Hilton Nanjing, Hilton Kuching, Hilton Nagoya and the most famous bar in Kuching, Senso @ Hilton.

The newly opened Martini Bar will also enhance the whole ambience which operates from 6 pm onwards and the band plays from 8.30 pm daily except on Sundays. There are over 35 varieties of flavoured Martinis at the Martini Bar. From Classic Martinis which is gin based to Vodkatinis, and the must- to try is CIROC vodka based Vodkatinis. CIROC is an-ultra premium vodka that releases the true flavour of every cocktail. The sweet complexity of the de-stilled grapes draw out and complement the flavours of whatever it is mixed with.

The band members of Reflections are true professional entertainers with their wonderful voices and are great stage presenters. The band also has a mother and daughter combination. Arlene – with her exquisite voice sings standards, jazz and popular music and has got a natural talent for music and singing. Over the years, she has developed her own style and performed in various bands all over in the Philippines until she was invited to go to Bangkok, Thailand to sing with a well known jazz band of Russian and American musicians. Her daughter Relene is a young energetic vocalist with exceptional vocal skills who joined “Reflections” 4 years ago and was an immediate success with the clientele. Her ability to harmonise, sing a newer generation of music and play percussion brings a new dimension to the group.

Another star in the band is Sophia; the newest addition to “Reflections”. Her background comes from performing with live bands over the past eight years. Sophia sings a variety of pop, rock and soul. She also plays some acoustic guitar and has developed her own individual style and is a great addition to the band. The fourth band member is Chris. Chris plays the piano with great feeling and passion and sings with a very relaxed style. He has been performing professionally in Korea, Vietnam and China for the past 15 years. Chris has an extensive piano experience and plays the guitar. For more details please call the Food & Beverage Office on 2544644.