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Christmas Carnivores and Christian Conscience

I refer to the above letter by Ms. Vanita Perera that appeared in an English Daily, not so long ago (December 20, 2008). Her letter, beautifully reveals the religious images linked with Christmas - to quote, of ‘the nativity scene as Baby Jesus lies among lambs in a manger or shepherds who watch their flock by night, contrasted with the commercial images during the same festive season, feasting on fattened turkeys, roast pork, smoked ham and honeyed lamb.

I see ‘eye to eye’ with the writer, that Christmas is a celebration of birth not death and so, why must we commemorate it with ‘mass killings’ laid out on a Christmas table. The reference to Adam and Eve, who left behind, among many other ideals, also a vegetarian diet, when they were banished from the Garden of Eden, is very appropriate.

I am inclined to believe (though I am not a Christian) that the Fifth Commandment, ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’, without any suggestion/mention of excluding animals, may be interpreted as what some Christians too accept, to mean that Jesus Christ included the animals too, in the Fifth Commandment.

I am the one with Vanita Perera that Christmas should be peaceful and joyous to all living beings.

Professor M. Sivasuriya
Colombo 8


Humbug of politicians with their allowances

Even before nominations to the Western Provincial Council was finalised by all parties, some expecting nominations and fearing that they may not be nominated, have started campaigning vigorously, with large posters and cutouts of them posing with their leaders.

However, it would be interesting to quote what the Telegraph had to say of politicians.
When politics is treated as just a career, not a calling, many of its practitioners will slip into the habit of chiselling what they can out of it. It is rare, for a week to go by, nowadays, without fresh evidence emerging of politicians milking their generous, self regulated, systems of allowances and expenses for all they are worth. The time, when a man or a woman would make their mark on one walk of life, before going into politics, to use the experience so gathered, to ‘put something back’ is long gone. Unfortunately, when politics is treated as just a career, not a calling, it is inevitable that, many of these practitioners will step into the habit of chiseling what they can out of it.

Could this be stopped? Of course, it could, if only the leaders of political parties select honourable men, who have not been charged for rape, thuggery, fraud, corruption, etc. are not given nomination. If this warning is not heeded by political leaders, although the public, newspaper editors and religious bodies have repeatedly voiced their displeasure, there is another effective measure or action. That is, the intelligent voters should elect honest men, who have entered the fray, from whatever party it may be, thus giving the leaders the unpleasant task of weeding them out.

Will the educated, intelligent voters of Western Province, prove that, they want decent, honest men to represent them in the Western Provincial Council. Waiting to see!

‘WP Voter’
G.A.D. Sirimal





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