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‘Janajaya’ Lottery for the New Year from the Development Lotteries Board

Development Lotteries Board, which has revolutionised the history of Lottery in Sri Lanka will launch a novel lottery titled ‘Janajaya’ with an attractive array of prizes for the New Year, on April 10. The Lottery which will have its regular draws to pick lucky winners on every Thursday and Sunday of the week, will conduct its inaugural draw on April 30, 2009.

The Development Lotteries Board (DLB), established on January 19, 1983, has offered many attractive prizes to lucky winners of its various lottery draws and contributed immensely for the wellbeing of the people of Sri Lanka, by directing its profits to the Presidents Fund. Among the beneficiaries are the recipients of the ‘Mahapola’ Scholarship for their higher education, patients who need financial assist¬ance for heart surgery, kidney surgery and treatment for cancer. It has facilitated the offering of financial awards for outstanding personalities in the fields of culture and sports. DLB, also plays an important role in granting relief to the victims of natural disasters.

DLB, which has won the confidence of the people during the last few decades conducts the ever popular ‘Saturday Fortune’ Lottery draw on every Wednesday and Saturday, ‘Development Lottery’ on every Tuesday and Friday, ‘Jayoda Lottery’ on every Monday and Thursday. All these draws offer an attractive range of prizes worth over many millions to respective lucky winners regularly.

To consolidate its position in the Lottery sector the DLB now offers ‘Janajaya’ Lottery which gives the opportunity for the lucky winner of the Super Prize to win a. brand new car, duty-free.

This is the prize structure of the Janajaya Lottery.
For matching a single number - Rs. 20/-
For matching any two numbers - Rs. 100/-
For matching any three numbers - Rs. 1500/-
For matching four numbers - Rs. 1,000,000/-
For matching four numbers and the Super Number - Rs. 2,500,000/- or the Super P1ize of the day or a brand new duty-free car and the balance prize money.
To win the Super Prize the lucky person should match four numbers out of 64 numbers and Super Number from among twelve numbers from another machine.

The income generated from the sale of ‘Janajaya’ lottery will be credited to the Presidents Fund and through it to a Cultural Fund. The Development Lotteries Board invites people of Sri Lanka to extend their patronage to the ‘Janajaya’ Lottery and win a f011une whilst contributing to the cultural uplift.