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President’s broad view of Sri Lankan society

It is quite relevant to quote the revolutionary and broad view of the President about Sri Lankan society as appeared in the national newspapers. He has categorically declared that all the people of Sri Lanka belong to two groups - those who love the country and those who do not love the country. He has emphatically declared that there are no discriminatory divisions of majority and minority. All are equal citizens of Sri Lanka. Hence, the Sinhalese, the Tamils, Muslims, Malays, Moors, Burghers and all minor groups will be legally recognised as citizens of Sri Lanka

In fact, the above ideal view of a human society as publicly expressed by the President of Sri Lanka should revolutionise the thinking of the racialists and communalists in our country. Recently, some men of high positions articulated in certain interviews and meetings that Sri Lanka belongs to only the majority community of the Sinhalese. This idea of racial superiority antagonised other minority communities and there was commotion against such racial propaganda everywhere in the country. Therefore, the President’s new declaration of united Sri Lankan citizens should put an end to such communal propaganda in the country.

Besides, the President also should change the malicious minds of such subordinate officers working in the government services by re-orientation programmes at ministerial and diplomatic levels.

President’s broad concept of human society is to be the foundation of building up reconciliatory boards and other organisations all over the country. He should make it a point to include a representative from each of all the different communities in any set up of the state activities,

He also should compel all the government officers from ministers to the lowest ranks to gain proficiency in Sinhala and Tamil without any option. Then only the equal status of citizens will be guaranteed. In other words, none of the Sri Lankans must be subjected to any sort of discrimination.Thus patriotism must be the cornerstone of Sri Lankan citizenship.
Therefore, may I appeal to all Sri Lankans to adopt the ideal path shown by the president and co-operate with him to build up a Sri Lankan society sans ethnic and racial discriminations.

M. Y. M. Meeadhu,


World Press Freedom Day and homily of Pope John Paul II

An article in the Daily Star observing May 4 as World Press Freedom Day says, World Press Freedom Day 2009 was observed everywhere. This is undoubtedly a day when hundreds of thousands of media people all over the world collectively respond to a single theme and ponder how they can improve quality of journalism so that they can serve the people better. This year the emphasis has been on the role media can play in promoting intercultural dialogue for mutual understanding by eradicating hatred, ignorance and prejudice through an inclusive coverage of different opinions and values.”

In this context, it would be interesting for our journalists, pressmen and media to know what the late Pope John Paul II said of journalism as reported in the Telegraph Group London of 10.06.2000. “In a message to thousands of them, Pope John Paul II defined the task of the media as a sacred duty and urged its exponents to dedicate their professional skills to the good of humanity. Because it’s vast influence on public opinion, journalism cannot be guided only by economic forces, by profits or by partisan interest. Journalism must instead be felt as a task which is in a sense sacred, carried out with the understanding that the powerful means of communication are entrusted to you for the good of all, journalists have to understand that when they carried out their work properly they tender a precious service to truth itself and therefore to man.”
Although the media will certainly agree with the late Pope John Paul II, Christopher Lockwood from London had this to say on the Pope’s statement.

”Yet this homily preaching the value of the search for truth sits rather oddly with the Vatican’s refusal to open its archives to researchers exploring the relationship between the Church and the Nazis who Pope Pious XII notoriously failed ever to condemn. We know that Nazi gold was placed in the Vatican for safekeeping. But the Vatican is sabotaging our attempts to write the history of the Holocaust.” It could be seen from the above that information the journalists get should be factual and the informer should be truthful without distortion or personal feelings getting better over truth.

Under these circumstances, a reader or the public be assured of correct news or reporting. This is easily proved in our local news items differ in different newspapers. Also for commercial gains some newspapers refrain from publishing the views of the people for fear in drop of sales as such views hurt certain sections of influential institutions or politicians or religion. The final feeling of the public is to accept what is dished out by the editors.

G. A. D. Sirimal




In memory of my precious grandfather


Among the stars I see you still…

Yes I hear you well
From heaven above
I see you through stars
Shining through…
I feel you beside me
In each step of the way
In every memory
Cherished so deep…

Time has not robbed
Your laughter, your warmth
Your aura, the magic
Your spell on me.

Did you find the mortal world despicable?
That you left it so soon?
Why you sought to be with me
Among stars afar?
Thousands tales you left behind unsaid
Will you tell me the rest
From that immortal world?

Will you watch us
The guardian angel that you are?
Show us the way through storms
The lighthouse that you are?
Will you be with me always
Among stars afar
The brightest of them all
I know that you are…

Randima Attygalle





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