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Sunday June 28, 2009

Jaffna products reach Colombo
In a clear sign of growing North-South commerce 28 lorry loads of northern produce, including two freezer truck loads of famed crabs
and prawns were dispatched to Colombo from there early this week.
Jaffna Government Agent K. Ganesh revealed last night
that because of the growing... SEE INSIDE

NFF gets ministerial posts this week
Ending months of speculation, the National Freedom Front sources said yesterday that NFF MPs Nandana Gunathilake and Piyasiri Wijenayake will be sworn in as ministers next week. However they ruled out the
possibility of
their Chairman Wimal Weerawansa accepting any... SEE INSIDE

Sri Lanka charges IMF of politicising financial aid
Sri Lanka on Friday accused the International Monetary Fund of politicising financial aid for delaying the 1.9 billion dollar bailout it requested for the post-war resettlement and reconciliation process
 in the country. SEE INSIDE

                  “Law Week 2009”              

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka yesterday inaugurated its Exhibition and Legal Aid Clinic as part of its “Law Week 2009” programme at the Courts Complex at Hulftsdorp. Among those present on the occasion were acting Chief Justice Ms. Shirani Bandaranayake, Attorney General Mohan Pieris, President of the Court of Appeal Sathya Hettige, BASL President W. Dayaratne and its Secretary U.R. de Silva. Here in the picture acting Chief Justice and the Attorney General is seen inspecting one of the stalls.
                              (Pic by Rukshan Abeywansa)


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Foreigners among those arrested over plot to kill President
Police Intelligence have commenced investigations to take into custody two politicians said to be involved in a plot to kill the President with the aid of certain INGOs. SEE INSIDE

Birds die of Salmonella virus – Warning to humans in the area
The cause behind the death of the several birds in the vicinity of the Hambegamuwa Tank in Tanamalwila has been identified as an infection of the salmonella virus in the water, according to Dr. R. M. Ariyadasa, Provincial Director of the Department of Animal Production and Heathcare for the Uva Province. SEE INSIDE

Royal honours its heroes
Royal College has made arrangements to honour and pay tribute to old Royalists who paid the supreme sacrifice to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, and to honour and felicitate Royalists who are in active service of the Sri Lanka
Armed Forces, Police and the Civil Defense Force. SEE INSIDE


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SLPI condemns reappearance of white van
The Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI) condemning the abduction of journalist Krishni Ifham early this week and taking her in a covered van for several hours for questioning, issued the following statement:
“The Sri Lanka Press Institute is deeply disturbed about the re-appearance of the dreaded white van, when journalist Krishni Ifham was bundled into a vehicle outside her mother’s Wattala home and driven apparently to Kandy by three persons.... SEE INSIDE

Grand Show Tonight
A rarely scene before combination of local talent performing the hits of the biggest legends of yester year will be unleashed at the Waters Edge Grand Ballroom today (28)."The local talent will come together for a one night only performance and the presentation of the event will be done by YES FM. According to the organisers of the show, the music will transport the audience down memory lane, a time when the singers were truly stars personified both onstage... SEE INSIDE

Defeat of LTTE – victory of one of Asia’s oldest democracies
“The end of the Sri Lankan conflict should be seen for what it is; a victory of one of Asia’s oldest and most established democracies over one of the great scourges of our time: Terrorism.
“While 64 years after the end of the Second World War the Allies continue to celebrate with great fanfare the end of a war that lasted six years, Europeans now have the nerve to accuse the Sri Lankan government of engaging in “triumphalism” — this a bare month after ending a war that lasted 25 years and inflicted great suffering on Sri Lanka,” states... SEE INSIDE

Rs 130 million allocated
The government has allocated 130 million rupees for the education of the 70,000 students living in IDP camps in the Wanni, Vavuniya and Mannar districts, disclosed Deputy Minister of Education Murugam Satchithanandan who is overlooking the education sector in the IDP camps on the instructions given by Senior Presidential Advisor Basil Rajapaksa.
Among these 70,000 students are A/level, O/Level and year five scholarship students. SEE INSIDE

Extremist Muslim youth expected to surrender before crackdown
Batticaloa Police and the military have now received information that more than 300 extremist Muslim armed youth operating in the Eastern Province will surrender with all their sophisticated weapons on or before July 2, Eastern Range (Central), DIG Edison Gunatilleke said yesterday. SEE INSIDE

High prices blamed on Avara
Vegetable prices going up is “nothing unusual”, Director of the Agrarian and Research Training Centre V.K. Nanayakkara said.
“The price is high in June and it has always been so. For the last so many years this has been the case and prices will go down by September,” explained Director Nanayakkara. SEE INSIDE

CCD unearths Tiger haul
A stock of tents donated by the NGO’s as tsunami relief and a large haul of military items were unearthed by a special police team led by SSP Vaas Gunawardene, Director of the Colombo Crime Division(CCD) which were buried near Swarnam Base at Kadiraweli on Wednesday (24) and Thursday(25). SEE INSIDE

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Election time is here again!
It is elections galore as the country comes to terms with the end of the Eelam war and the latest contest up for grabs is the Uva provincial council, elections which will be held on August 8, perhaps not co-incidentally the same day on which polls are being held for the local authorities in Jaffna and Vavuniya.
It is perhaps fair to pose the question as to whether any purpose will be served by the Uva provincial poll, with the ruling United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance (UPFA) likely to emerge winners by a clear and handsome margin. SEE INSIDE

Calls for Presidential poll vault vetoed
President Mahinda Rajapaksa is thoroughly piqued by recent wild speculations that he is planning to extend his term of office through a Constitutional gimmick, rather than face a presidential election. These speculations even went to the extent of one weekly newspaper last Sunday carrying it as a news report.
Such a shameful act he had not even thought of, considering the fact that his popularity with the masses is at its zenith at present, and a victory at any poll at this juncture is a foregone conclusion. The President discussed the matter with his closest ministers and finally, called on Information... SEE INSIDE


Right of access Justice not charity
Not so long ago, a friend of mine was attending a function at a five-star hotel in the city. Inevitably, as happens at such long events, he needed to heed the call of nature. When he asked the staff where the bathroom was, he was discretely handed two plastic bottles; the bathroom in this lavish hotel could not accommodate him in his wheelchair.
And, while my friend was busy figuring out just what he should do with those bottles, my husband and I were busy wondering which restaurant we could go to with some of our elderly friends, whose previously agile legs did not move them about quite like they used to. We were discovering there were very few places where there was no risk of falling
down stairs or tripping over broken pavements. SEE INSIDE

Prabhakaran and LTTE - End of an era
Approximately 15 years before the news of Prabhakaran’s sudden death filtered through to Colombo on May 17 this year, and the thunder of firecrackers echoed throughout the country, I had bought 100 firecrackers, in wishful anticipation of this event. Of course, no such thing happened then, and two years later, I lit the crackers for some other more regular occasion before they went stale.
In those days it was considered eccentric to anticipate such an event and expect to celebrate it. At the time, Prabhakaran and the LTTE were popularly considered invincible. Battles between Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces... SEE INSIDE


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The World Champs are in town
Sri Lanka and Pakistan have always enjoyed good cricketing relationships from the time when Sri Lanka was a non-Test playing nation. The bond became that much stronger when the Pakistan Cricket Board President Abdul Hafeez Kardar, deeply impressed by the performance of the Sri Lankan team in the first unofficial Test played at Lahore in 1974, volunteered to raise the question of Test status for Sri Lanka at the International Cricket Conference as it was known at the time.  SEE INSIDE

An issue of attribution of credit
The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) decision to approve the use of video referrals to challenge umpires decisions will not only be welcomed by players and officials connected with the game but also by one individual in Sri Lanka who has been staking a claim to be recognised as its originator.
Although the TV umpire referrals will not be in force during the upcoming Ashes series between England and Australia it will be put in place by October this year.
The controversial review system lets players request that umpire’s decisions are reviewed by a third official using TV pictures. It was given a trial in four Test series starting with the Sri Lanka-India series played in Sri Lanka last year.  SEE INSIDE


Devolution of power within a unitary state - Vitarana
With the military defeat of the LTTE now the debate over devolution of power has taken a different turn. The All Party Representative Committee (APRC) though it was not literally an all party body due to the conspicuous absence of some of the main political parties in it has already come up with some proposals aimed at a political solution to the north and east.
The Chairman of the All Party Representatives Committee (APRC) and Minister of Science and Technology... SEE INSIDE

APRC does not represent all parties -Warnasingha
Spokesperson for the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), Nishantha Sri Warnasingha refutes the notion of ‘all party representative committee’ and reiterates his party’s position that the unit of power devolution should ideally be at the local government level.
Q: What is the view of the Jathika Hela Urumaya as a constituent party of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) on the All Party Representatives Committee (APRC)?
A: All though it’s called All Party Representatives Committee or APRC it does not represent all parties. It does not have main... SEE INSIDE

No cause for panic – Says Dr. Peiris
Q: The First Influenza A (H1N1) patient came from Australia and on Friday three others from England and USA were found with the flu. Does this mean that our preparations at the airport to screen people with the flu is inadequate?
There are thermal scanners not only at Bandaraniake International Airport but in any airport in the world. The thing is that a thermal scanner can only identify only if a person has fever at that particular moment. But the thing is that thermal scanners cannot identify a person during his/her
 incubation period. SEE INSIDE

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