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Supper Club experience at Cinnamon Grand
Relive the Supper Club experience as the Cinnamon Grand recreates all your favourite 70s and 80s songs at the elegant champagne bar, Sequel on Friday, November 20. Unforgettable tunes by prominent artistes that performed during the Supper Club era headline this event with free entrance and happy hour from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Come enjoy the music, traditions and experience of the Supper Club era!

Enjoy the elegant atmosphere of Sequel as it brings back the glorious old days. An event brimming with nostalgia and class promises to be the highlight of your night, evoking fond memories of artistes from another time. These artistes performed in the hey-day of the Supper Club era and are sure to be firm favourites of any Supper Club fan!

The Supper Club event features the vocal talents of Sohan and the X-periments with guest performances from Priya Gunathilake, Anne Nathan, Jayantha from Pearls, Christopher Prins and Antoinette de Alwis.
Call 2497382 for reservations.


Raja Bojun celebrates 10th anniversary
It is undisputed that Sri Lanka boasts of a unique culinary tradition. As it represents not only our culture, but also our identity as Sri Lankans, it is up to us to hold utmost standards when it comes to the presentation of our food.

This is especially significant given the fact that there is a high demand for traditional Sri Lankan food from foreigners residing in Sri Lanka. Some of their favourite dishes are polos ambula, malu embulthiyal, kos eta maluwa. And, Raja Bojun, one of the flagship restaurants in Colombo, catering to the palates that favour Sri Lankan cuisine, celebrated recently its 10th successful year.

Anniversary celebrations were inaugurated with the lighting the oil lamp by Eastman Narangoda – Chairman Seylan Bank, R. Nadarajah – Executive Director Seylan Bank and Ajitha Pasqual – GM/CEO Seylan Bank.

Raja Bojun has provided peerless service to its customers throughout the past decade.
Efficient service, delicious food and the value addition to the Sri Lankan food culture are few key factors that attract customers to Raja Bojun.


Potpourri and natural paper
Sri Lanka is a land blessed with herbs and spices which are used abundantly in our daily cuisine. However, Zden has added another twist to these common culinary delights and now offer them to you as a decorative alternative! Sri Lankan Herbs, Spices and Grains in an unusual form, in winnows and decorated mirrors to adorn your walls as well as a special gift to those leaving this paradise isle.

Not forgetting the special aromas that come in the form of potpourri in little glass containers that will transform your days and nights as in ‘Silent Lake’ ‘Ocean Dream’ ‘Silky Night’ and so much more. Our little scented sachets are ideal to hang in your closet and place in your handbag.

Complementing this is our range of recycled and natural paper products – from miniscule books to gorgeous notebooks, boxes, frames, telephone pads and cards decorated with beautiful flowers and leaves. Come and enjoy a part of nature, you have never experienced before.


Spiced tea and ice creams at Galadari
Try something unique; try something new at the Galadari Hotel! Spiced tea and spiced ice cream promotion will be held at the lobby of the Galadari Hotel from November 9-14, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. to coincide with the Spice Food Festival organised by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board.

Spiced Tea Menu
Doonagaha brew
Low grown tea with cinnamon
Gampola Connection
Mid grown tea with cardamom pods
Root and Flower Harmony
Ginger and honey flavoured tea
Galadari Special Spiced Tea
Spices simmered in fresh milk
The Misty Mountain
Iced mint and strawberry tea
Root and Citrus Dream
Iced Lemon & Ginger Tea
Accompanied with spiced tea flavoured
date cake – Rs. 175/= NETT

Spiced ice cream menu
Island Pride
One scoop each of pineapple ice cream & soursup ice cream topped with candied pineapple & lemon grass sauce.
Wildness Beauty
One scoop each of ginger and bee’s honey ice cream and wood apple ice cream, served with cherries and sweet cumin sauce.
Bedouin Delight
Date ice cream, served with cardamom flavoured espresso, topped with cashew nuts and trickle sauce.
Rs.195/= nett