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Suranjith launches a CD of diverse music forms
By Sarashi Samarasinghe
He is a multi-talented figure who is professionally an executive but now a singer because of his never ending love for music.
He is none other than Suranjith Ratnayake who is looking forward to launch a compact disk (CD) by the mid of next year named ‘Kalo Ayanthi’.
“I have not yet done the song ‘Kalo Ayanthi’ though it means that an incident which takes place in an instance that we never think of,” said Ratnayake.

According to Ratnayake the CD comprises songs which includes three aspects such as interpersonal relationships, about the environment and also about children who represents our future.
“The CD will comprise of 14 or 15 songs which I have not decided yet,” stated Ratnayake.
Ratnayake further emphasised that the songs in the CD will focus on music forms such as western classic, eastern, folk music, straight music, the music that was used in late 50’s and early 60’s for an example in the era of Sunil Shantha and hard rock.

Out of the total number of songs, three of the songs which already completed its recordings were out to the general public on last Tuesday.
“‘Adaraneeya Samudeema’, ‘La Hiru Rase’ and ‘Sanda Tharu Eliyata Samudee’ were the three songs which were aired,” said Ratnayake.

According to Ratnayake, the lyrics of the ‘Adaraneeya Samudeema’ and ‘La Hiru Rase’ were done by himself while the lyrics of the ‘Sanda Tharu Eliyata Samudee’ were done by Saumya Dismanthi.
“The melody of the ‘La Hiru Rase’ was done by myself while the other two melodies were done by Rodney Perera,” he added.
Ratnayake further emphasised that ‘Adaraneeya Samudeema’ is a western classic which has got a classical guitar touch.
“The melody for the particular song was done 20 years before and the song reflects about a lost love,” he said.
He further stated that ‘La Hiru Rase’ is a love song while ‘Sanda Tharu Eliyata Samudee’ speaks about ones life.

This young musician has received his primary education from the St.Sebastian College, Kandana and had later on had continued his further studies in De Mazenod College in Kandana.
“I loved music from my childhood and I had a music background at home,” stated Ratnayake.

According to Ratnayake his music teacher in school has been visharada Saman Vickrama Gallege.
“I followed the Maths stream for my Advanced Level examination though I did music as a subject for my Ordinary Level examination,” said Rathnayake.
Ratnayake further emphasised that he has taken part in many singing competitions as well as in stage plays while in school.

“While I was an undergraduate at the Kelaniya University, I was still involved in aesthetics. I was an active member of the arts circle which was in there in the science stream,” he added.
Concluding his conversation with the TV guide, Ratnayake stated that he would like to thank his family members as well as all his loved ones in delivering him an immense support in the field of music.

(Pic by Ruckshan Abeywansha )

2012 Now showing at Savoy Cinema

Presented by EAP Films and Theatres

2012, the film exploits the idea of a global doomsday event coinciding with the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar’s current cycle on or around December 21, 2012 (the northern hemisphere’s winter solstice).
Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) is a divorced father who occasionally works as a limousine driver and a writer, while his ex-wife Kate Curtis (Amanda Peet) and children live together with her new boyfriend. In Guatemala reports start coming in of mass suicides in the Mayan jungles of people attempting to avoid the impending apocalypse.

The IHC (Institute for Human Continuity), a secret organisation, has realised the situation and begins constructing vast arks beneath the Himalayan mountains designed to withstand most natural disasters in order to save both humanity, significant species, and the greatest treasures of mankind for when doomsday finally happens.

There are arguments, however, about how and when the governments of the world will alert their fellow citizens and even discussions about how the remaining survivors will be selected to survive Armageddon. When they discover that the global cataclysm is happening much faster than expected, they must race to these ships to save the human race before all is lost.

Meanwhile on a day trip to Yellowstone with his two young children, Jackson meets Charlie Frost, who hosts his own radio segment and blog about his belief that the Mayans are correct about 2012. Over the coming days vast cracks are found within the fault lines in California, and despite the pleas from the government that everything is fine, Jackson is not convinced.
Hiring a private plane and gathering crucial supplies he races to his ex-wife’s L.A. home to save himself and his family from the Earth’s

crust displacement occurring all around them. After a long and dangerous race through the collapsing streets of LA to get to Santa Monica Airport, Kate’s new boyfriend Gordon uses his pilot skills to get the family to safety as the runway crumbles beneath them.
After they take off, they fly dangerously through Los Angeles as the entire city crumbles into oblivion around them. As they look back

the entire cityscape of Los Angeles has already started to crumble into the Pacific.
It soon becomes clear that it’s not just Los Angeles that’s experiencing disaster, the Yellowstone Super volcano erupts, Las Vegas is destroyed by a massive chasm that cuts through the city and an ash cloud from the Yellowstone eruption, more massive earthquakes occur in South America (one of which destroys the city of Rio de Janeiro).

Washington, D.C. is flooded by an enormous tsunami which crushes the White House, and The Vatican in Rome crumbles into oblivion destroying thousand-year old Catholic architecture and killing thousands of worshippers within seconds. As massive tidal waves began to sweep across the Earth (even at one point beginning to climb over the Himalayas), the U.S. government declares the end of the world.
A group of survivors, including Jackson Curtis and his family must fight their way to China before they can board the great arks and
save themselves from the gigantic tidal waves flooding the Earth.
2012 Crew
Director: Roland Emmerich
Producer: Roland Emmerich, Larry J. Franco, Harald Kloser
Music Director: Harald Kloser

A hilarious stage drama by Don Guy
“Guy Sinaha Rathriya” is a production of small screen artiste Don Guy, who is gaining rapid fame with some of his recent roles, is to use some of these parts played by him, in his creation to be engaged for public viewing today at Sarvodaya Vishwa Samadi Hall at 5pm.

With the backing of the Directors of the television (TV) comedy ‘And Company’ shown on Swarnavahini, where his role as Gemunu paved the way to stardom, his play is expected to be a successful comedy where you are sure to get belly aches of laughs.

Guy will entertain you to a night of maximum joy with his acting, dancing and singing doing 9 different roles on stage. The roles will include his impersonation of Charley Chaplin, Montessori Kid, Raj Kapoor, and Crazed with music, The Bride’s dilemma, Death of son-in-law due to Mother-in-law, Mannappuwa, Chicken Gunya, Male becomes Female, and Arrichchi Borrichchi that have been presented out of the conventional stage performances for two hours of continues viewing pleasure.

The other actors assisting Guy in his performance with acting and dancing will be, Damitha Saluwadana, Janadari Salgado, Jayagra Mendis, Dayananda Hewage, Keerthi Ranjith, Upali Seneviratne, Lloyd Fernando and Upatissa Balasuriya along with the members of the Moratuwa Arts Forum. The Guy Night will be shown in aid of the East Kandawela welfare society.


Will De Dana Dan be a hit?
The three musketeers are back. After the super successful ‘Hera Pheri’ and the moderately successful ‘Phir Hera Pheri’, the hit trio of Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal has reunited to entertain us with ‘De Dana Dan’.
Will the combination work this time as well? Our very own celebrity astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of the film.

“The title ‘De Dana Dan’ adds up to the number 30, symbolising mental superiority and material attitude. But it focusses more on increasing mental attitude than material happiness. Therefore, it is neither totally auspicious nor inauspicious,” explains Bhavikk.

“For Akshay Kumar, (September 9, 1967) – Number 3 is one of his strongest numbers, and so, he will benefit from the film. Ditto for Paresh Rawal (May 30, 1950). The release date of the film is November 27 – the sum total of Sunil Shetty’s date of birth (August 11, 1961) adds to the same number, so he will also gain from the film,” predicts Bhavikk.

“The period from November 24 to December 23 comes under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which is also ruled by Number 3 – the planet of wealth and knowledge. So it seems ‘De Dana Dan’ will only spread cheer and bring some ‘good news’ for the industry,” concludes Bhavikk on a happy note.

Sonam and Abhay in fire scare
A small fire broke on the sets of Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol’s forthcoming film ‘Aisha’.
‘Aisha’ being produced by Sonam’s sister Rhea Kapoor is a remake of Jane Austen’s Emma. The film is under production and during a certain sequence at Filmistan Studios in Goregaon where ‘Aisha’ was being shot, a fire broke out.

Thankfully the shoot had packed up and, there were not many people present on the sets. The fire brigade reached on and the fire was controlled in a matter of 15 minutes.
A source on the set reports, “The fire broke out due to an electrical problem, two technicians were injured but thankfully not many were hurt. The timely arrival of the fire brigade did help in curbing the fire and it is good that the shoot had wrapped up earlier. Rhea was on the sets and made sure everyone was doing okay. The reason we were scared is because Filmcity is huge and interconnected, if the fire would not have been curbed sooner, the whole place could have been in ashes today. Rhea herself confirmed the news saying, ‘Due to an electric fault, there was a small fire on the sets of ‘Aisha’ which was curbed within 15 minutes.

There was no major damage on the sets. We will resume shooting in a couple of days.’
Rhea seems to be facing quite a few setbacks with her ambitious project, the last one being Abhay views on how the script of the film was shaping up. The actor was unhappy with the type of attention being paid to Sonam’s clothes and accessories rather than the storyline or his character. Abhay has been making quite a few childish demands since then on sets and poor Rhea has to bear the brunt of it all.