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By Sarashi Samarasinghe
There is a saying that parents should always act as parents while children should always act as children. In any case, if these roles switch by any chance, for an example if a mother performs a daughter’s role and a father performs a son’s role there will certainly be problems occurring in society.

‘Sudu Hansi’ is a story which carries such a message to the out side world. To get to know more about the story, the TV guide spoke to the director, Mohamad Shaffraz in relation to the movie.

“The story revolves around main three characters such as Mrs.Ransiri, Maleesha and Anjana,” said Shaffraz.
According to Shaffraz the story begins when Anjana comes to work as the driver of Mr. and Mrs. Ransiri’s residence.
“Mrs. Ransiri starts liking Anjana because he looks more like the same when compared with her previous boy friend,” he added.

Shaffraz further emphasised that according to the story the only daughter of Mrs. Ransiri, Maleesha too starts liking Anjana for his good qualities.
“Anjana originally has a girl friend named Wathsala in his village and getting to know about Wathsala, Maleesha tries to break the affair between Wathsala and Anjana while the story carries on with a lot of confusion,” said Shaffraz.

Shaffraz further emphasised that it is the ‘Sudu Hansi’ novel which was made into a film.
“The novel is written by Gamini Wahalasooriya and the idea was given to me by one of Arjuna’s(Kamalanath) friends in doing a movie based on the novel,” stated Shaffraz.

‘Sudu Hansi’ was shot in places such as Wadduwa, Embilipitiya and in Panadura while the team had started shooting on December 10 in 2007 and had concluded by January 1 or 2.
“It only took 22 days up to 25 days to complete the whole film and to say the truth there was good team spirit from each and every member of the crew,” he added.

Shaffraz further stated that ‘Sudu Hansi’ is his first movie and he thought of directing a movie as such because there are fewer creations done in the cinema industry at the moment which emphasizes about good values which should be practiced in a family as well as in the society.

“The movie includes two songs named as ‘Sudu Hansi’ and ‘Seda Pihatuwa’,” he added.
The main three roles of the movie are performed by Arjuna Kamalanath as Anjana, Semini Iddamalgoda as Mrs.Ransiri and Amisha Kavindi as Maleesha.

Arjuna Kamalanath is performing a dual character appearing both as Anjana and Clifford in the movie.
The supporting characters are performed by Neil Alles, Muthu Tharanga, Dilani Nikahetiya along with many others.

“I worked as the local director of ‘Wasuda’ which was shown on Sirasa television (TV) some time back. I almost directed 950 episodes upto 970 episodes,” said Shaffraz.
He further stated that he started his cinema career through H.D.Premarathne.
“I started as a radio drama artiste in 1980 and studied drama both at the German Cultural Centre and at the Ranga Shilpa Shalikawa in 1987,” stated Shaffraz.

According to Shaffraz he has continued studying drama in Sarasavipaya in 1989. He has also been an active member of the open stage drama team from 1990 to 1994. He is a dubbing artiste at the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) from 1993 up to now.

“I am hoping to direct another movie related to the ‘Ravana’ era and I am hoping to do it after another three years time because it is going to be a very heavy production,” he added.
He further stated that at the moment he is involved in the process of gathering information in related to his story.

The cinematographer of ‘Sudu Hansi’ was Pushpakumara Rajaguru, music by Nawarathna Gamage, edited by Praveen Jayarathne and produced by Mr. and Mrs. Godakanda together with Sisira Hewahenna.
“I should deliver my heart felt gratitude to Arjuna Kamalanath, Mr.and Mrs.Godakanda, Sisira Hewahenna along with many others in the field for rendering their immense support in making this creation a success,” he added.

‘Sudu Hansi’ will be released on January 8 and will be shown under the CEL circuit.


The Chimes of the 70’s band is getting ready to release their initial album in 2010 under their own record label “UDESHAN”. Isura Roshan, Nirmani Rathnasekara, Vindya Peiris, Roshan Jayawardena, Osanda Gamage will be vocalising while their leader Rukshan Karunanayake is composing the melodies and directing music for the entire album. Also the eight years old child drummer, Udesha Karunanayake will also be playing drums for some of the tracks in the album. One year will be completed for the band this January and for this period they have composed nearly 40 new songs for them and outside musicians as well. The leader Rukshan Karunanayake directed music for all these songs while he did the lyrics for the most of the songs. Also they are planning to do a visual for one of their songs this year as well.
Also they never forgot to commemorate the 13th death anniversary of their maestro, Clarence Wijewardene which fell on December 13.

The line up of the Chimes of the 70’s is Rukshan Karunanayake (Leader), Sohan Anuhas, Dilshan Wijesekara, Chamara Jayarathne, Chaminda Pushpakumara, Isura Roshan (Lead Singer), Udeshan Karunanayake (Child Drummer), Roshan Jayawardena (Vocalist), Nirmani Rathnasekera (Female Vocalist), Vindya Peiris (Female Vocalist).

Also their recording studio “Studio Udeshan” was completed in last October with the latest modern recording equipments. Facilities are available there for orchestral and band recordings. Rukshan Karunanayake is the Recording Engineer at the studio. Initially three songs were recorded for an album released overseas produced by Nalin Jayawardena (Australia) and Dr. Vicumpriya Perera of United States of America (USA). Dr. Vicumpriya Perera was the lyricist for the three songs while famous author and singer Bhadraji Mahinda Jayathilake composed the melodies. Music directions were done by Rukshan Karunanayake while Bhadraji Mahinda Jayathilake, Isura Roshan & Osanda Gamage did vocals. Also a song titled ‘Kiyu Kavi Gee’ was sung by talented singer Nalin Jayawardena who is residing in Australia for his compact disk (CD) titled ‘Weli Etayak’. Because of the success achieved on the song, Nalin Jayawardena will be doing an album featuring himself with the Chimes of the 70’s where Rukshan Karunanayake directing music for the entire album.

Another album will be produced by their label “UDESHAN” for a famous Sri Lankan musician living overseas and it will also be released within this year. Rukshan Karunanayake is directing music for the entire album while he has composed six songs for that album so far. ‘Rukshan & Chimes of the 70’s’ is planning to do new songs for both professional and upcoming artists this year, as well as to come up with some concerts and gigs. More information of the band and their creations are available on www.chimesofthe70s.ning.com.



After trying his hand at acting, he turned to direction.
Jugal Hansraj talks about ‘Pyaar Impossible’, his second film after the animated ‘Roadside Romeo’.
‘It was great to have Uday Chopra write, produce and act in the film because he is one of my best friends and we were on the same wavelength while making the film,’ smiles the light eyed-director, adding, ‘Pyaar Impossible’ is my first feature as a director because ‘Roadside Romeo’ was an animated film.’
There are rumours that PI is based on Chopra’s personal life, mainly his failed relationship with co-star Tanisha Mukerji. ‘PI is not based on anyone’s personal life,’ clarifies Hansraj, adding, ‘The movie depicts the romance between a beauty and a geek. It is a fun romantic comedy. We had a ball shooting the film.’
Speaking about the promotion of the film, which is likely to focus on Priyanka Chopra’s glamorous turn as opposed to Chopra’s geeky avatar, he says, ‘We are promoting the film in the best way we can so that people get the right message. I am glad that the music has become popular and people have liked both Uday and Priyanka’s looks in the film. It is a film for the youth and teenagers, and they will identify with it.’
Vidya’s new role
Vidya Balan will play murdered model Jessica Lal’s sister Sabrina Lal who fought against the system to get justice for her sister in Rajkumar Gupta’s ‘No One Killed Jessica’.
Vidya has won rave reviews for her splendid performance in ‘Paa’ and people are excited about her bold and wicked turn in ‘Ishqiya’. She has signed on to play Sabrina Lal, Jessica Lal’s sister in the film, ‘No One Killed Jessica’.

The film is directed by Rajkumar Gupta. He saw her in ‘Paa’ and zeroed in on her for the role. The casting of Sabrina Lal was preventing the movie from taking off. It is a very substantial and intense role as the character of Sabrina Lal fights against the system to avenge her sister’s murder which happened in 1999. She was shot by Manu Sharma, a politician’s son.

Murugadoss - Surya for an edge-seated thriller
A.R. Murugadoss and Surya created high waves with their mind-boggling ‘Ghajini’, which was loosely based on Christopher Nolan’s ‘Memento’. Later, the filmmaker gained more appreciation for his stunning Hindi remake with Aamir Khan in the lead role.

It is been a year after ‘Ghajini’ released and Murugadoss had the biggest offers from leading actors of Bollywood, Tollywood and Tamil film industry. Recently, there was a buzz that Murugadoss is planning to remake Telugu ‘Kick’ in Hindi with Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone in lead roles.

Apparently, the filmmaker has denied this baseless rumor stating that he will never remake films and has not planned for a Hindi project now.

The moviemaker has decided to commence his multilingual project with Surya by March. This untitled film is produced by Udayanidhi Stalin of Red Giant Movies and is said to be an edge-seated thriller with lots of twists-n-turns on every 5th minute.