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“Cannot give predictions on my marriage at this moment”
By Harshani Weerarathne

“The ever popular Athula Adhikari is again involved as the music director in yet another Derana Dreamstar programme being staged now. To get the latest news of Athula we decided to have a chat with him”.
Q: Athula, what is new in your musical surroundings?
I am mostly involved in work related to the Derana Dreamstar programme these days. I have not been involved in performing in musical shows abroad for the last five years. But, soon after the Derana Dreamstar, I hope to embark on some musical shows in Australia, France, America, Italy and Germany. At present, I am getting prepared for it.

Q: There so many reality programmes why did you choose Derana Dreamstar the show that creates so many stars as your first reality venture?
I was invited to be the music director for Derana Dreamstar by Laksiri Wickramage but I am unaware as to why I was chosen for the job. I thought that maybe they wanted to use my talents. The offer was not accepted blindly, I refused it earlier on. That was due to my being distant with music at the time. However, with reluctance I accepted Laksiri’s offer to take part in the first episode of the Derana Dreamstar. Being involved in it I soon realised that it was a novel idea being experienced. I must remind you that there were not many reality shows going on then.
There were many viewer compliments for the first ever Derana Dreamstar show. The show created many a star and able contestants took part, I had an idea of doing something for them with music.

Q: What support role do you play to the contestants as the music director?
I am inclined to support anyone who looks to me for help. Some do not like to ask for help. During recordings when something needs attention and correcting the music is halted and I guide them on the correct path. The contestants lack technical know how. They are given an understanding of it. In short all what they seek out from me is given.
Senior musicians claim that only stars are created and no talent is unearthed by these reality shows; what have you to say about it as a music director of such a show?
Some are of the opinion that seniors are the most able. Seniority depends on the number of years spent on the field. There are those with ability amongst seniors too. But, the new generation has more talented contestants. They bring out new creations that are their own with which they introduce novelty. Seniors did not have that opportunity when they started. Therefore one cannot say that these ‘star shows’ do not bring out talent. The people choose a popular person based on talent. Therefore I would like to say that a star also has talent.

Q: When is the new collection coming out?
Already two songs have been recorded. ‘Sandakinnara Landa’ a love song to which lyrics was written by Ajantha Ranasingha. I provided the music. You will be able to catch it on air soon. We are hoping to do a video of it soon. My collection of numbers with lyrics and music done by both seniors and new talent will be out by April.

Q: Athula, has your popularity dwindled?
A musician with knowledge and talent will always hold sway in the field of music. I entered the field in 1981 and became a singer in 1988. From thence I have held my position in high esteem with the people getting the same level of acknowledgement even today. Due to my commitment to Derana Dreamstar and related work there has been a delay with new productions. That has made people to get the wrong impression that my popularity has dropped. I am still getting positive responses from people that make me happy and they have not reduced.

Q: Is there any truth in the story you getting ready to quit the field?
I am ready to go on for another five years full time in this field. There after I will present new creations to my fans in whatever manner possible. Like in the old days I will not commit myself completely to music. It might even change you never know.

Q: There is gossip that the small family of Athula and Samitha has broken up, will you divorce Samitha?
No not really. I can say it only if there is something taking place for sure. At the moment there is no such decision. The future is to be seen as there is no certainty in life. With such uncertainties we cannot predict what is there in store for us. Therefore what you say might come true or might not come true. That I cannot say for sure.

Q: Can you update us with your family information?
My elder girl Kavindya Devindi is thirteen years and she is a student of Buddhist Ladies College. My son Shane Athula Adhikari is a student at Gateway International School and he is seven-years-old.


Sociology, the theme

By Ishtartha Wellaboda

It has been a while since the comedy ‘Political jokes’ by director Lalith Pannipitiya. The film which stars Wijeya Nandasiri and Upeksha Swarnamali did not do too well at the box office. However this time, despite his previous film’s short-lived success, Pannipitiya has turned his attention to a new theme and plot. Turning his attention to a sociological theme.

Pannipitiya has directed ‘Sangili’, the true story of an orphaned child. The story which was initially named ‘Loku Duwa’ was later on renamed ‘Sangili’ due to copyright issues.

The main character ‘Sangili’ will be played by Dulani Anurada of ‘Aba’ fame. Anurada’s character’s younger version, played by Oshadi Liyanage is orphaned at a very young age and is sent to live under the guardianship of her aunt and uncle, where she becomes an outcast in the family. Her aunt, played by Veena Jayakody, who is intimidated by her niece’s beauty, refuses to give her the traditional welcome she deserves when she reaches adulthood. Since then the isolated ‘Sangili’ falls for the little attention that she receives from the men in her life and is subsequently raped by her uncle played by veteran actor Sanath Gunethilake. Since then, she becomes the uncle’s mistress. Thus she goes through a turbulent journey in life experiencing various hardships while been betrayed by four different men who pretend to offer her salvation.

Other actors such as Saranga Disasekara, Vimal Kumara De Costa, Mohan Hettiarchchi, Lionel Wickrema, Anusha Sonali, Rebecca Nirmali, and a new comer from the stage Susantha Kahandarachchi. Actor Naleen Pradeep Uduwela will be playing the role of a radical Buddhist monk in the film.
The movie was produced by Shirani Dias under the J.M.A Films banner. The script was written by A.H Karunaratna, while the camera was handled by Nilantha Mularathna, makeup by Sujath Wasundara, art direction by Hemachandra Perera and the film was edited by Praveen Jayarathna.

The film has been shot using the latest high definition technology with a Sony EX3 camera, though this type of cameras have been used before Pannipitiya has taken the technology further by adapting different lens for his film. The director has promised that his new film will set new boundaries in the local film industry.

The shooting of the film has commenced in picturesque locations in the Dambulla Kulanduwa area and Kittulgala. The crew has picked many picturesque locations to shoot there especially the area where they have set up the movie set for Sangili’s little village cottage also appears in the film as a lush green portrait.
The film is set to hit the theatres under the CEL circuit in May this year. Be sure not to miss out on this unique film.



Prediction for Veer
This director has delivered one of the biggest blockbusters of all times in ‘Gadar–Ek Prem Katha’.
Now he has one of the biggest stars in the country acting in his film.
Will ‘Veer’ – Salman’s most ambitious project (in his own words) till date ‘brave’ the box office tide?
Very recently, the celebrity astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi ‘courageously’ decodes the fate of the film.

“The title ‘Veer’ adds up to Number 18 (9) – this octave of Number 9 is not considered auspicious. The symbol of this number is a rayed moon from which drops of blood are falling. A wolf and a dog are struggling to lick this blood. A crab is moving hastily to join them. Creepy, isn’t it?” asks Bhavikk.
He continues “But, luckily, 2010 benefits Numbers 3, 6, 8 and 9 people the most, and Salman falls directly in this bracket (December 27, 1965). Plus he has now entered his 45th year, and this is the year for ‘apna Sallubhai’ – Be it personal or professional success!” proclaims Bhavikk, oozing dollops of confidence.

“In this male-dominated industry, the luck of the main lead is considered of prime importance, and Salman has ‘lots’ of it this time. Going by this theory, the film is already a winner in my eyes,” predicts Bhavikk.

What happens when X and Y come face to face?
Catfights are old in the film industry, and taking someone else’s boyfriend is common throughout the world.
Recently, a few press people were invited for interviews at Mehboob studio, where Deepika Padukone and Farhan Akhtar were conducting photo shoots. “Suddenly, Katrina Kaif was seen walking inside. There was pin-drop silence when everyone saw Katz, as she was looking freaking hot, without any make-up on her face. And what was more interesting to watch were Deepika and Katrina face to face. “As we all know, Deepika and Ranbir broke up with each other when Katrina and Ranbir became close friends,” said a source.

“Both of them just had a few seconds’ eye contact, and both did not even bother to recognise the other. Later, Deepika became busy with her photo shoots and Katrina went back into the studio, and everything became normal again,” said a source who was present there. However, no one dared to ask Deepika anything as, recently, she walked out of an event when asked about Ranbir. It was a private photo shoot.

The Ranbir-Deepika break-up is now official, but the Katrina-Ranbir affair is still not. So, we have to wait for any announcement from their side.

Trisha wants to be a Mumbai Kudi
If there could be one perfect celebrity who is worth living in Mumbai, it can be none other than actress Trisha for her very lavish lifestyle… Indeed, when it comes to profession, she gets her part done well with perfection and does not fail to miss any parties as well.

As a matter of fact, she has hosted a large number of parties in town that sometimes landed her in trouble. Now, she is so excited about her Bollywood debut ‘Katta Meeta’ with Akshay Kumar…What makes her so happy is the fact that Akki bhai has signed her up for a few more projects.

Apparently, the actress and her mom have planned to get settled in Mumbai for the next couple of years. Of course, Trisha’s mom is so invigorated with her spirits when it comes to enjoying a great life… So, it is gonna be a great time for both mom and daughter.
Maybe, they have already got a big rival there –it is none other than Asin…