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Wahinna Muthu Wessak- A tragic love story

By Sarashi Samarasinghe
Drama is a series of happenings that is normally demonstrated through a television screen which carries a pack of ideas.
Sometimes the ending of these happenings will be a contented one though sometimes it becomes gloomy.
‘Wahinna Muthu Wessak’ is also such a tragedy.

‘Wahinna Muthu Wessak’ is a family story which is mainly focussed on a girl who faces a unique situation brought about by love,” said director, Sampath Sri Roshana.
According to Roshana the story is based on the novel ‘Pabalu Mini Muthu’ which was written by Ganga Shaini Gamage.

“I thought of directing a teledrama related to a request made by the Swarnavahini television (TV) channel,” he added.
Roshana emphasised that the drama has 200 episodes in it and was shot in areas such as Colombo, Kottawa and Battaramulla.
“The drama is a mega creation and we were extremely concerned in balancing the novel with the TV script,” said Roshana.

He further stated that now it is the 40th episode which is being telecast and they have received fair responses up to now from the viewers.
“We have received a very good response from our viewers within a very short period of telecasting which is something to be happy about,” he said.
Roshana further emphasised that they started shooting last December and they are hoping to finish by the middle of this year.

“We have already shot up to 60 episodes and I am receiving immense support from the cast as well as from the rest of the crew members in making this creation a success,” he added.
He stated that most of the artistes and crew members that he is working with are his friends and that he has worked with them earlier in his previous creations.
“My first making was the movie ‘Julia’ and it was a tremendous success so I hope it will be the same with my latest direction ‘Wahinna Muthu Wessak’,” said Roshana.
Roshana further stated that he has already planned on his third creation and that it will be a movie named the ‘Cat’s Eye’.

“The script is already written by Dileepa Jayakody and the story will revolve around two young men and a gem,” said Roshana.
He further stated that at the moment he is performing the character of Namal in the teledrama ‘Ridi Tharaka’ which is directed by Damitha Abeyrathne.
“According to the story Namal is a young man who is looking after an orchid flower garden and his family has to face an immense tragedy later on,” said Roshana.
The main two characters of the teledrama are performed by Dulani Anuradha as Pabalu and Menaka Rajapakshe as Anuththara.

The rest of the cast are Irangani Serasinghe, Lakshman Mendis, Giriraj Kaushalya, Gamini Hettiarachchi, Chamila Peiris, Darshani Thivanka, Dhanushka Rathnayake along with many others.
Editing is by Sarath Amaranayake, camera by Nilanka Sooriyarathne and music by Ranga Dasanayake.
‘Wahinna Muthu Wessak’ is directed by Sampath Sri Roshana and it is a production of Swarnavahini. The teledrama is shown on week days at 8.30 p.m. on Swarnavahini.


Sulagin Ahanna

Movie consisting of real life experiences

By Sarashi Samarasinghe
We stepped in to the Kashyapa studio recently which is situated in Maharagama to explore the unique movie which was being shot inside the studio premises.

It was none other than ‘Sulagin Ahanna – Listen to the Wind’ which is directed by Prasanna Jayakody.

“It is hard to pick a story line as such but it carries a basic idea of a series of incidents which I have experienced in my life,” said Jayakody.

According to Jayakody the story revolves around the life of a cancer patient.
“The concept of the story was mine and what I tried to say was that ones outer appearance is totally different from his or her inner character,” said Jayakody.

He further stated that he tried to emphasise on the bonding which each individual has from inside his or her mind and the feelings which they try to express.
Jayakody further stated that there are only three characters in the movie namely Piyal, Amanda and Nadi.
“Amanda is a cancer patient and Nadi is her boy friend who is a musician. At the moment what we are shooting is that a concert which Nadi is going to conduct,” stated Jayakody.
According to Jayakody they have started shooting on the 15th of last month and they are hoping to conclude by the 14th of this month.

“We did our shooting in Colombo as well as in Galle and Kurunegala and we are hoping to show the movie by the end of this year,” he added.
He further stated that he is fairly satisfied in relation to the shooting which he has completed and he is looking forward to receiving responses which he will be receiving from his viewers.
“I received immense support from my cast as well as from my crew members in making this film a success,” said Jayakody.

Commenting over his latest creation, Jayakody emphasised that he developed one of his own feelings in life in to a movie.
“This is my second movie creation. My first film was ‘Sankara’ which was released in 2007 in which Thumindu Dodanthenna, Sachini Ayendra and Nilupa Heenkendaarachchi played main roles,” he added.
According to Jayakody ‘Sankara’ has won three awards in 2008, one at the Cairo Film Festival and another two in the Kerala Film Festival.

“The plot of ‘Sankara’ was different from the movie which I am working on at present. ‘Sankara’ carried a story line which conveys a message about the bond which a monk has towards worldly entities,” said Jayakody.
Jayakody further emphasised that professionally he works as a creative artiste and that he stepped into the multi media industry in 1989.
“I have also directed four teledramas and out of the four three were telecast on Rupavahini and one on Sirasa television (TV),” he added.
According to Jayakody the four teledramas were ‘Nisala Vila’, ‘Ima Diya Mankada’, ‘Sanda Amawakai’ and ‘Hada Vila Sakmana’.

The main three characters in the movie ‘Sulagin Ahanna’ are performed by Jagath Manuwarana as Piyal, Michelle Herft as Amanda and Nadika Guruge as Nadi.
Camera direction is by Palitha Perera, music by Nadika Guruge, Editing by Bhathiya Dunusinghe, Make Up by Narada Thotagamuwa.
The script is written by Jagath Manuwarana and Prasanna Jayakody while the direction is done by Prasanna Jayakody.
‘Sulagin Ahanna – Listen to the Wind’ will be shown under the CEL circuit soon.



Actress Rekha speaks Tamil in Screen Awards

It was A.R. Rahman, who proudly uttered the Tamil lines – ‘Ellam Pugazhum Iraivanukke’ during his speech after fetching academy awards. Now, it looks like the Tamil speaking actresses in Bollywood have started speaking in Tamil.

Recently, during the award ceremony of Star Screen Awards, yesteryear actress Rekha was invited over to the dais to announce the nominees for ‘Best Actress Award’. When it was Vidhya Balan turn to receive her award, she proudly said - ‘Ah! Namma Ponnu’ (meaning she is our girl in Tamil).
Apparently, Vidhya Balan stepped up for counter-complimentary saying that she is been drawing great inspiration from Rekha by dressing up like her.

SRK: I am very sad right now

After taking My Name is Khan all over New York City, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) is currently in London, promoting his next release. The actor has spent the past 48 hours preparing England and most of Europe for his much awaited film, which also stars Kajol.

But with the Shiv Sena issuing all sorts of threats against King Khan, it would have been impossible for SRK to interact with the press without being questioned about the Sena and Thackeray.
At the press conference in central London recently, SRK, who has made it quite clear that he is in no mood to apologise to any political party, did offer an apology to someone else.
“I am sorry to director Karan Johar and actress Kajol. I am also immensely sorry to all the other business partners that - because of what I say and believe in - the film and their work is going to be affected. I have no idea how to change that,” said Khan - the actor and businessman, “I am very happy when a film is about to be released. I am very happy about taking my film to the world and interacting with the audiences, but I am very sad right now, as this is a very special film.”

Khan spoke quite candidly to the press about Shiv Sena’s reaction and threats to the superstar.
“I just request everybody to leave the film alone and deal with what I have said as an individual. I have no idea what I am supposed to apologise for. If I am in the wrong, I would like to apologise, but someone needs to explain to me what is wrong,” he told the huge turnout. “I have no idea why there is so much confusion about what I have said and, if you have differences in ideology, why should that not be allowed?” he questioned.
And for all of us who have known Shah Rukh to pull at our emotions on the screen, how could he not achieve it when this time he was fighting for a cause that most of his city-men were supporting?
“I will not comment on this on a larger scale not because it is not nice for a Hindi film hero who is thought of as a hero to say this, but it scares me to say anything now because the stakes are very high,” he said as he signed off.