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Derana Dream Star – Season 2

“Our talents aren’t underestimated on Derana Dream Star”

Full name : Dulaj Dhanushka Gayashan Fernando
Age : 18 years

Q: You are still schooling right?
Yes I am studying in the commerce stream at Joseph Vaz School in Wennapuwa. I was planning to sit for the Advanced Level (A/L) exam in 2010, but since I am now completely focussed on Derana Dream Star, I have decided to sit for the exam the following year.

Q: How old were you when you realised you had the ability to sing?
When I was in grade four my teacher Suminda, noticed my ability for music and singing and he encouraged me to join the school choir. When I was in the school choir we were able to win competitions at the different age categories. I also joined the school band and played the side drum. Being part of the church choir helped to improve my singing ability.

Q: What other activities did you take part in school?
I took part in school dramas. I have also taken part in miming workshops. I was keen on joining personality development workshops as well.

Q: How did you come to enter Derana Dream Star?
Actually my mother saw an advert on Derana television for applications for this particular show and encouraged me to enter the competition.

Q: When there are so many reality shows, why did you choose Derana Dream Star?
Our talents are not underestimated on Derana Dream Star. That is the main reason. Even if we are eliminated we can leave with our dignity intact. The judges truly care for us and give us valuable advice for us to improve ourselves. Another fact is that all the contestants on the show are like a family, which I have not seen on any of the other reality shows.

Q: Now that you have reached the top 10, do you think the next rounds will be more competitive?
I am very happy of my journey up to this point in this competition. Now that we are in the final stages of the competition and all the competitors are extremely talented I expect the contest to become very competitive. However I am determined to move forward in this competition.

Q: Is there any particular style of music or musician you aspire to be?
I like all types of music and do not want to fence myself into one particular type of music. I like musicians like Jothipala and Milton Mallawarachchi and enjoy most of their songs.

Q: What are your future plans?
My dream is to be Derana Dream Star. Once this show is over I have a plan to record a few new songs. I plan to further my education.

Q: If I were to thank those who helped me…
The first would be my parents and my brothers. In addition I would like to thank my school Principal Father Sylvester Jayakody who has a keen knowledge of music and whose advice and blessings have helped me throughout this journey. In addition I would also like to thank my teacher Suminda Sir, for his encouragement. And thanks to all my friends, teachers and everyone in my town.

Dulaj Dhanushka
No 520 V Ulhitiyawa, Wennapuwa
E-mail: dulajdhanuskha@yahoo.com

Hector live in concert

By Pradeep Nishantha Herath
The ‘Suranganavi’ - Hector Live in Concert will be staged at Avenra Garden Negombo on March 7 at 7.00 p.m. onwards. This show will be staged along with a release of his second album.
Let us get to know something about Hector Dias. The first album of Dias was released in 2005 under the name of ‘Rathriya,’ though unfortunately the expected result could not be reached due to the tsunami effect. The second album, ‘Suranganavi’ is about to be released with a hope of success.

He selected Negombo to stage this show as it is his home town. Though the ‘Marians’ are in the field of music for 24 years, Dias himself successfully tendered 12 years to manage a music band as a saxophone artiste and a vocalist. He played a major role with ‘Marians’ on their visits locally as well as abroad.

According to him he was born and bred in Kochchikade, Negombo and studied at Kochchikade Maha Vidyalaya. Later he joined Wennappuwa Joseph Vas MV until his higher studies were concluded. He started his music career at the age of five. He was guided by the music teachers Joseph Pieris and Malcolm Fonseka. It is very proud for him to say that his first cassette was released during his school days in 1988. Thereafter he continued his music carrier up to now.

During this period he was highlighted by Nalin Perera the ‘Marians’ band leader and invited him to take part as a member in his band. He is happy to say Nalin Perera helped him a lot to come up in this field and that it is a very much unforgettable incident in his life.
The idea came through to him to release one of his own albums and to conduct a concert by the encouragement of his fans. Dias has no intention of leaving the band and to do his own release but he along with the ‘Marians’ would like to release different creations to his fans within the coming years and this is the first step of such an idea.

Dias is expecting to give a helping hand to the needy along with the deaf and dumb school which is run by the Colombo Bishop Foundation out of the profit which he gains through his upcoming release.
Dias has several combinations of music included in his album. The most popular artiste Sunil Perera is also presenting some of his songs as a guest singer in ‘Suranganavi’. The music is supplied for the album by Prasanna Rosa, Teja Iddamulgoda, Nandana Wickramage, Nalin Perera along with other members of the ‘Marians’. The show will be presented by Narada Bakmeewewa and Surangi Kodituwakku. It is also expected to include a female singer to this show.

Dias has also received an invitation to conduct a musical show at Melbourne shortly and this show will be sponsored by several well wishers of his.
Dias invites all of his fans and public very warmly to be a part of his show on the coming Sunday, 7.00 p.m. onwards at Avenra Garden, Negombo.


‘I live for Prabhu Deva’ - Nayanthara

It looks like few journalists have been permanently vigilant on Prabhu and Nayan. They are almost behaving like the Vodapone puppy roaming behind the pair. Here is news about them, reported by such a reporter….
Last Friday Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara had gone to a theatre in Chennai to see the Hindi film My Name is Khan which has Sha Rukh Khan and Kajol in the lead roles. They celebrated the Valentine’s Day in Chennai the day before yesterday. There is also news that they will be getting married soon. Recently, while speaking to the media in Kerala, she said,” If I like a person I will do anything for that person. Many are asking me why I have tattooed Prabhu Deva’s Name on my hand. I do not understand what people think. We are living for people who live for us. That is the truth. This will apply to everyone. I am also doing this. I am not bothered about what others think of me. Many are also asking me about my marriage. I am currently acting with Arya in the Tamil film Boss Engira Bhaskaran. I am also acting in Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. I have not thought of marriage for time .”

Neha Dhupia: Firm against domestic violence

Actress Neha Dhupia may not have churned out a hit in a film in a while, but there is another ‘hit’ that she is definitely going after. The actress spent her Tuesday afternoon rallying for the cause of Women Against Violence in suburban Mumbai.
Speaking about her decision to support a cause such as this, Neha says, “The statistics that I have been reading are shocking. It seems, 60% of women go through domestic violence. That is just wrong! And I am here today to let people –women – know that they have an option…a solution to get out of this cycle and save themselves.”

So, what according to her can someone do if they find themselves in an abusive relationship? “Please talk to someone. The most important thing is - never be scared. Outside of your home, you have the support of the public, your friends, the police and people like us. Another thing that stops many of us is the feeling of bringing shame to the family. But I just want to say is that if you step out and raise your voice, you can save your life,” says the actress.

Dhupia adds that many times, we forget about issues like this because we only look at the big cities that we are staying in and forget about the rest. “Please just do not look at the big cities like Mumbai. That is not the heart and soul of India. Go to the small cities and villages, where there is so much violence. I mean even if you get out of Bandra and go up to Dharavai, aapko dikheyga wahan par kitna atyachar hota hai. And I see no reason why it should be like that. Women are, as it is, the stronger of the two sexes… they are known for their strength, and it is only a matter of raising your voice. Just because we respect people does not mean those very same people come and commit violent crimes against us only!” she added.

“We talk about progress and moving ahead, but I do not think we can truly progress till the time we can eradicate a crime like domestic violence. We have to learn to respect the women of our country,” she adds vehemently.
Other B-town stars have also pledged their names for this cause, including Katrina Kaif, Saif Ali Khan, Harman Baweja, Mugdha Godse and Minishha Lamba, as well as rapper Hard Kaur.