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‘Hadawata Malyayai’, now on silver screen

By Ishtartha Wellaboda
The 10th cinematic venture of director Ananda Wickremesinghe, ‘Hadawata Malyayai’ is now on the silver screen at the CEL circuit cinemas. The landmark film for the director which takes a different turn compared to his previous works will be unique as the plot does not involve an antagonist. This is a clear contrast compared to the director’s previous works which were mostly action packed thrillers.

Wickremesinghe who made main stream action films like Dinuma, Satana and Danaya this time has taken up a light romance staring Chaturika Pieris and Channa Perera. The film relates the romantic tale of two friends who realise the special love that they share for each other. The director who refuses to share more details about the story, promises that it would be a refreshing experience.
When asked why he decided to drift away from his usual style Wickremesinghe said that after seeing the violence that took place in the country he thought that the people in Sri Lanka had had enough to do with violence and chaos to last for three decades.

Apart from the lead star pair the film boasts of an ensemble star cast with Sanath Gunatilake, Tennyson Cooray, Mahinda Pathirage, Rajeeva Nanayakkara and Thanushi Warnasooriya, heading the list.
The film was also written by Ananda Wickremesinghe and produced by Thilak Kodikara. The cinematography was handled by M.A. Gafoor and edited by M.A Thaliwan. The music in the film was composed by Ranga Dasanayake with beautiful vocals by Sanka Dineth, Jayani Maleesha and Manjula Nuwanthi. The songs were written by Saman Chandranath Weerasinghe.


Star studded event of the year

Season 3- Sirasa Super Star

By Sarashi Samarasinghe
It is one of the star studded events of the year. After a satisfactory conclusion of ‘Season 1’ and ‘Season 2’, the stage is now set for the most awaited ‘Sirasa Super Star – Season 3’ to be on stage.

Being one of the glamorous events of the year scheduled in the calendar, ‘Sirasa Super Star – Season 3’ will be staged on May 8 at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium.
Addressing the gathering at a recently held media briefing held at Cinnamon Lakeside group director of Maharaja Television and Maharaja Broadcasting Corporation (MTV/MBC), Nedra Weerasinghe stated that ‘Sirasa Super Star’ is one of the most popular reality programmes among many other similar TV shows.

“I would like to request all our viewers as well as ‘Sirasa Super Star’ fans to be a great strength to the Capital Maharaja, MTV/MBC network in all our endeavours in the future as well,” said Weerasinghe.
Addressing the same gathering channel head, Sirasa FM, S.M. Marikkar stated that there was a new boost among Sirasa TV and Sirasa FM viewers and listeners when they first launched ‘Sirasa Super Star – Season 1’.

“We were able to make a clear difference when it came to ‘Season 2’ and now it is the ‘Season 3’ which we are looking a head to conduct it in a grand scale,” he added.
He further stated that in future they are hoping to produce one album each for the last 12 participants under a similar procedure as what they did in Season 2.
“There is a bit of a delay in producing these albums at the moment because we have to put out something which has a high quality in music and something which is rich in creativity,” stated Marikkar.
Commenting at the same media briefing, channel head, Sirasa TV, Susara Dinal stated that the usual short message service (SMS) and tele voting system will be changed from the boundary round until the final round of the ‘Season 3’.

“The viewers and the listeners will be able to vote from Saturday 9.00 p.m. to Sunday 9.00 a.m. We have limited the time of voting from 36 hours up to 12 hours,” said Dinal.
He further stated that the last 12 participants of the ‘Season 3’ are extremely talented and they have their talents in different fields.
“We do not want to publicise the SMS voting received by the participants because the enthusiasm of this contest depends upon the voting which is received by each participant. But I want to make it clear that the voting which is being received by each participant is calculated by the internal audit unit of our company as well as being calculated by an external auditing company,” he added.
According to Dinal, Ajith, Malith, Shihan, Amila are former participants of the ‘Season 1’ who came into the scene as stable artistes later on.

“Even when we consider ‘Season 2’, participants such as Pradeep Rangana, Gayani Madhusha, Sankha Dineth, Surendra Perera and Amila Nadeeshani are well established artistes at the moment in the field of music,” said Marikkar.
“We have also helped a lot of former participants who took part in ‘Season 1’ and ‘Season 2’ by giving them financial assistance as well as job opportunities, educational assistance and foreign tours,” added Dinal.

Pic by Pushpakumara Mathugama



Arshad Warsi in new comedy film

Arshad Warsi, who has just given a critically acclaimed performance in his latest film Ishqiya, is very happy with the way his career is developing.
“I think today, everyone knows me by my films. They love me, my characters. So, I have no regrets about doing multi-starrer films at all,” says Arshad.
Sources close to Arshad inform that he has signed a new film. “Arshad has lots of offers. Recently, he signed for an action comedy called Akkad. The rest of the star cast is yet not finalised, so Arshad has not told us who the director is,” the source said, “But he was saying that the script attracted him, and if everything worked out properly, it would make for quite a good film.”

Bhavana speaks on divorced actresses

We feel so happy when a film celebrity gets married and of course, when a heroine finds a perfect match, it is a big sensation for the young lads if she happens to be their dream girl. But when, the same actresses divorce their spouses, it literally puts down the image of every actress in town.
In the recent times, some of the media channels scrupulously published rumours about a certain married actress lacking interest in family life. It has precisely resulted in complete disorder amongst the family members.
But look how Bhavana feels when she reads some articles about an actress divorcing?

Kangana to open an ashram

Kangana Ranaut’s film Kites has been delayed long, but is being released in April. But, sadly, she does not know how important a role she has in it. “I do not know what the thing is with Kites now... but it is releasing this April, I heard,” says Kangana.
She says she has already moved on to her next film and is concentrating on No Problem.
Kites stars Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori and is being produced by Rakesh Roshan.
Kangana has high ambition for her work, and it is not just obsessed by money and fame. “I believe one should always do good work, which can help others. Before I die, I want to make an ashram in my hometown Manali, where everyone, from kids to older people, can stay in peace. Here, they will study, work, worship God and help others. But it will be an ashram, which will have a lot of meditation camps and yoga.”