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Compiled by Sarashi Samarasinghe

Music was his first love

By Pradeep Nishantha Herath
Tissa Jayawardena is a young talented musician who loved to hear childhood melodies during his early years when he was on his mother’s lap and he chose the dolkhi to play during his age of understanding. He was a most wanted character at the Polpitigala School during his schooling years as he loved songs, melodies, drumming as well as the environment. He was the leader of the school singing group and day by day he improved himself, and achieved national wise victories.

At school as well as in the University of Rajarata he proved his capability by receiving the ‘Best Singer Award’ and ‘Popular Singer Award’ at the ‘Swarna Sammana Geetha’ night which was conducted by the Independent Television Network (ITN).

From that point onwards his popularity widened throughout the island and he became one of the most lovable personalities in Sri Lanka. Still his accomplishment lasts long in a similar way to how it was in the very beginning and the public lend their immense love towards his talent in singing for him to continue in the field of music to reach the top goal.

After releasing his first album named ‘Rajapanikki Rala’ he is now preparing to release his latest album.
Presently he is employed as a music teacher and also as an English language and information technology (IT) lecturer at Sunethradevi Maha Pirivena at Nugegoda and is also preparing himself for an individual musical show to be stage shortly. As an old and present song lover, he is prepared to provide any of these on the request of the audience at any time.

He is the permanent singer and octopad player in the famous ‘Adambara 1’ music band and also he is the permanent singer, announcer and octopad player for the ‘Adambara 2’ band.
Later on, Tissa started his own band named ‘The One’ and as he was a busy singer he compelled to stop his music band for a while.
Now he has taken steps to teach guitar, organ, tabla along with many other musical instruments with the intention of giving life to music. He thinks this is the best way he can contribute his total support to the music field.
He can be contacted on the following numbers, 0718998222, 0725307308. He likes to listen to any of your comments.

Love triangle with a twist

Aravinda has spent a happy life with his beautiful young wife and with his daughter while working as a creative director in an advertising firm. The happy life of Aravinda and Chamathka along with their beloved child came to a stand still when they were compelled to seek money for their daughter’s medical treatments as she was suffering from a severe disease. This sudden hardship was understood by Aravinda and Chamathka when the fate before them changed their way of life.

Aravinda received a relief by Mandhakini’s friendship who he came across accidentally. He found a small happiness when he was with Mandhakini by forgetting his ill daughter and beloved wife for a short while. While the relationship was going on, there were so many unexpected troubles Aravinda had to face due to the friendship with Mandhakini. The clandestine affair between them had to be re paid by losing Aravinda’s entire money to thugs who forced him to pay for them. The money he found for his daughters medical expenses had to be spent for thugs to hide the affair between himself and Mandhakini.

When Chamathka came to know about Aravinda’s different attitute she came to know the illicit affair between Aravinda and Mandhakini which shocked her. Then Aravinda came to know the connection between the thugs and of his forbidden love.
Due to Aravinda’s mistakes, his beloved daughter had to pay the penalty so he decided to chase Mandhakini and thugs.

The movie ‘Dakina Dakina Mal’ ends with struggles of Aravinda, Chamathka and Mandhakini.
This is the 50th film of veteran film producer Sunil T. Fernando and the film was scripted and directed by veteran film director V.Sivadasan.
A special award was awarded to Sunil T. and Sivadasan by National film Corporation to honour them for their services rendered toward film industry on the press day of Dakina Dakina Mal film.
The cast includes Damitha Aberathna, Roshan Pilapitiya, Semini Iddamalgoda, Roger Senevirathne , Udeni Alwis, Dinuli Mallawarachchi, Nilanthi Dias, Hemantha Eriyagama, Sahan Wijesinghe, Sagarika Darmapala, Maduka Gunathilaka, Kuma Aththanayaka, Sarath Silwa, Kapila Sigera, Madushan Nanayakkara, Anura Waragoda, Sherli Samarasinghe and Taniya Pieris.

The co artistes are script writer Nihal Bandara, camera director Nobert Rathnasiri, art director Sumith Hiran Fernando, make up Narada Thotagamuwa, hair style Sam Perera, still photography Sunil Wijedeva, music director Somapala Rathnayaka, lyrics Bandula Nanayakkarawasam and Somapala Leelananda while the play back singers are Nirosha Virajini, Jayantha Rathnayaka and Mohan Raj Muththusami, editing done by Amal Udawaththa, audio mixing by Lal Dissanayaka, assistant direction by Priyantha Fernando and executive production done by Montegu Sarathchandra.
‘Dakina Dakina Mal’ will hit the screens from April 23 onwards. (PNH)


Dia’s humble lifestyle

Pretty actress Dia Mirza has been in Bollywood for almost ten years. She has starred in hits like Rehna Hai Terre Dil Mein, Lage Raho Munnabhai and Shootout at Lokhandwala. She has a normal life, despite her celebrity status.
Dia likes the simple life. ‘I am a very friendly and easy-going person. People say it is hard not to like me. I know everyone in my building, and we celebrate festivals together. There are many retired people in my building who love company, and I am happy to indulge them. All this is more important than fame or a celebrity status. Even on the sets, I talk to everybody, and I have no starry airs,’ she says happily. Co-star Arshad Warsi agrees, ‘I think Dia is a very sweet girl and an under-rated actress. She is Miss Congeniality on the sets,’ he says.
Dia is also known for her charity work. ‘I support causes related to the environment because the least we can do is make little changes that will go a long way. One person can make a difference by creating awareness,’ she smiles.
Dia has no hassles about stepping out in public places. ‘People in Mumbai are used to seeing stars, so they do not bother you, and even if they do, there is nothing wrong or disturbing about posing for a photograph or talking to them for a minute or two. I have a privileged life, so I should not complain, but I know I cannot step out freely in cities in North India,’ she says matter-of-factly.
Dia attends events often, but is rarely in the news for any rumours. ‘I would rather stay in the shadows than be in the news for the wrong reasons. I like doing my work and going home. I stay away from gossip-mongers and live my own life, which is why I am happy,’ she smiles.

Star Advice: Jimmy Shergill

Jimmy Shergill is handsome, tall, fair and fit. The Punjabi munda is very chilled out about his workout regimen and is yet lean and mean. He works out religiously, except only when he is shooting outdoors. He shares fitness tips here.
1) Go for runs on the beach. That will keep you more interested than a treadmill. Run for at least 20 minutes and enjoy the experience of the sea breeze and the sound of the waves. Do remember to warm up and warm down before and after respectively.
2) It is important to indulge yourself once in a while. When I am in Punjab, I finish shooting and go to the dhaba with my friends, where we eat dal makhni, paneer makhani and tandoori chicken. So, go out once a week for a lavish dinner with friends or family and do not count calories.
3) Eat everything like chicken (if you are non-vegetarian), vegetables, rotis, dal and rice. Eat with your family or friends and turn off the TV. I am not into diets. I eat normally, enjoying the experience of eating.
4) Stop fussing about weight and diets. If you want to diet, get a diet custom-made for yourself. It should be practical. Unless you have health issues, one must not worry too much.
5) Fitness is a way of life, and you have to make gradual and consistent changes. Do it for yourself. It should make you feel happy. We have many options now, and you have to find something that works for you.

Vivek Oberoi to speak in Tamil

When Tamil actors are going through aggressive phase of learning Hindi for their Bollywood venture, Hindi Film industry’s Vivek Oberoi is all set to astonish the Tamil viewers with his excellent command over Tamil.
Yeah! The actor, who made great waves in Bollywood, had a simultaneous release of his film ‘Prince’ in Hindi and Tamil on last Friday. The film was supposed to hit screens on March 26 and due to VFX patch-up works was postponed to this date. The highlighting feature about the film is that Vivek Oberoi himself dubs with his own voice in Tamil.

The film is about a deadly thief, who finds himself with a gunshot on his arm one fine day morning. He does not remember anything and is already wanted by the cops and mafia as well. He is on the run and does not know where his last heist was committed and the location of his treasury. Everyday morning, a girl appears to him claiming to be his girlfriend and now he is left only five days for his death and has to unravel the discombobulating.

Vivek Oberoi’s spokesperson Himalee Shah says that the actor feels Chennai to be his hometown as he has spent most of his childhood days in this city. Of course, it is not a difficult task for him to dub in Tamil as he can fluently speak it.