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Tribute to Clarence

By Pradeep Nishantha Herath
One of the most popular musicians and a famous singer, Clarence Wijewardene is a well known Sri Lankan artiste who changed the style of music the other way around. He once became the most adored musician in the island. The music lovers in our country turn themselves towards Clarence because of the way that he introduced his unique style of music in this country.
He sang a number of songs which were very popular and famous in the island. We are unfortunate to hear some of his songs which we could not hear straight from him because he died shortly. He passed away in his early 50’s and after his untimely death his adorable songs kept us alive.

Recently, after almost a decade, a new singer named Damayantha Kuruppu, came on board to release whatever songs that Clarence could not sing for the public. The songs that Damayantha Kuruppu supposed to release are some of the famous hit numbers of Clarence Wijewardene and the entire power of attorney for this worthy cause has been given to Damayantha by Mrs.Wijewardene.
Therefore, he is free from all encumbrances to release Clarences’ songs what Clarence could not sing for his fans while he was alive. Damayantha is proud of releasing the compact disc (CD) under the name of ‘Clarence Sangawunu Gee,’ which was marketed and distributed by Torana Music Box and produced by DK promotions.

When conveying something about Damayantha, he is the one who introduced some of the most popular singers in our country to the stage. He is the one who brought several foreign artistes like Sir Cliff Richard and many others to our country and the money which was earned out of the musical shows was given for the welfare of the needy.

Damayantha also wanted the 70’s music style to remain. He felt that the music of the 70’s is running down fast. Therefore, he came forward to entertain the fans who love the music of the 70’s. He is the only one who staged the first musical shows of Milton Mallawarachchi, Dalrene Suby, Mignonne Fernando, Vijaya Corea, Harold Pieris, Ronnie Leitch and of Corinne de Almeida and he was the man who wanted Clarence Wijewardene’s voice and style to be alive forever among his fans. The first CD of Damayantha was ‘Suhadanane’ which was successfully released and produced by DK promotions.
‘Clarence Sangawunu Gee’ is the second CD of Kuruppu which also includes a tribute for Clarence.
Some of Clarence’s songs which we could not listen to are ‘Ruhunata Adipathi’, ‘Guwan Thotupola’, ‘Sihinen Obamata Pawasude’, ‘Paren Eha’, ‘Nuwara Wave’, ‘Wilak Thibuna’, ‘Genath Dunna De’, ‘Sanda Kelme’, ‘Inga Sunga’, ‘Liyanna Ba’, ‘Pasale Pathu’, ‘Rosapata Mal’, ‘Manike Mage’, ‘Kirilli’ and ‘Guitaraye Thath Atharin’.

All the above songs are included in the ‘Clarence Sangawunu Gee’.
Though he is an international consultant to the hotel trade his intention is to keep the 70’s musical field alive. He is looking forward to an opening in order to engage him self in the field of music forever.

Maiden attempt with a different theme

By Sarashi Samarasinghe
This has been the maiden attempt taken by Sunil Aruna Weerasiri to direct a movie which has got a different theme. It is none other than ‘Tikiri Suwanda’, which is a story that revolves around a little child.
“This movie is not only reserved for children, even adults can watch it and be entertained,” said director Weerasiri.

According to Weerasiri the main plot rotates around Tikiri who is a little boy who lives with his cruel uncle.
“Tikiri has not received any kind of love in his childhood. He has only been adored by his grandmother and by his friends in the village,” he added.

He further stated that Tikiri is a great example in this story and eventually he bridges the gap between the village and the temple by making his uncle into a virtuous person.
“I always wanted to do something different and I guess that my attempt at making a movie quite different succeeded with my latest creation, ‘Tikiri Suwanda’,” said Weerasiri.
Weerasiri further emphasised that the movie will be screened within this year under the EAP circuit.
“I received a very good corporation from all the artistes who performed in this movie. I used a mixture of artistes in it. There were very prominent artistes as well as apprentices,” he added.
The shooting of the movie has been done in places such as Narammala, Dambulla, Kurunegala and in Kiribathgoda.

The shooting commenced at the beginning of last year and was concluded by the beginning of this year.
According to Weerasiri there are three songs in the movie such as ‘Uyan Dore Kal Balanne Ai’ sung by Tharshana Madhava Perera, ‘Mal Peedila Hada Madure’ sung by Nanda Malani and Senanayake Weraliyadde and ‘Thawthisa Pure’ sung by Rodney Warnakulasooriya.
The lyrics of the songs were done by Rambukkana Siddhartha Thero and Bandula Nanayakkarawasam.
“When reviewing the movie I am extremely satisfied about it. I received a very good backing even from the National Film Corporation including its Chairman, Jayantha Dharmadasa,” he added.
According to Weerasiri ‘Tikiri Suwanda’ is his first movie direction.
“I have produced two movies earlier. One is ‘Sapata Dukata Sani’ in 2001 and the other is ‘Clean Out’ just two years after,” said Weerasiri.

He further stated that he is looking forward to directing another movie which is something similar to ‘Tikiri Suwanda’ but with a different kind of a plot.
“I have still not decided about a name for the movie but at the moment I am working on the script,” he added.
The main character, Tikiri is performed by child actor Malisha Samaratunga who is a newcomer to the field while the rest of the characters are performed by Joe Abeywickrama, Anula Karunathilake, Jayalal Rohana, Giriraj Kaushalya, Sarath Kothalawala, Sarath Chandrasiri, Rodney Warnakula, Priyantha Senevirathne, Janaka Ranasinghe, Saranapala Jayasuriya along with many others.
Apart from Tikiri the other child characters in the movie are performed by Pramod Mihiranga, Nayani Kaushalya Weerasiri and Nalaka Gihan.

The story and dialogues are by Lal Pagodaarachchi, camera by K.D. Dayananda, editing done by Ravindra Guruge, music by Rohana Weerasinghe, assistant direction by Priyantha Pathirage, choreography by Nimal Rajapakshe, dance direction by Kulasiri Budawaththe while art direction is by Sumathi Kudaligama.
The script, direction and production are by Sunil Aruna Weerasiri.


SriLankan Airlines flies in King of Bollywood

King of Bollywood, Amitab Bachchan made a flying visit to Sri Lanka on April 20, on board a SriLankan Airlines flight from Mumbai. Bachchan was here as the Brand Ambassador for the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA), Bollywood’s most extravagant film event which is to be held in Colombo this June. The Indian Film Awards which is taken to exotic locations around the world each year found its way to its neighbour’s capital this year, in an event which will see the cream of Bollywood flying down to Colombo from Mumbai to participate in this glittering event. SriLankan Airlines is the official partner airline for the event and will increase its capacity to Mumbai to fly in the Bollywood stars and their entourage for the awards ceremony to be held at the Sugathadasa Indoor stadium from June 3 to 5.
Deepika loves Lafangey!

Deepika Padukone, who is right now busy shuffling her time between shooting for two of her films and attending IPL matches for her probable ‘good friend’ Siddharth Mallya, has many things to be happy about!
Firstly, she has bagged two films opposite two superstars. First opposite Sallu Miyan and then his Shishya Hrithik, and then, her team RCB is conveniently winning matches and she is happy for junior Mallya. Moreover, she recently met Shammi Kapoor, who showered praises on her. Her film Housefull is also ready for release, and people are loving the promos. Also, her Sony CyberShot camera commercial has been received very well.
fantastic in it. Things are going really well for Deepika.

Now, she says that she is having a happy time shooting for a song for her forthcoming film Lafangey Parindey opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh. “I am shooting a beautiful song sequence for Lafangey Parindey. I love dancing. I feel like a ballerina,” gushed Dips.

Hmm. When you have Farah Khan as the director in your first film and you have grace, you ought to love dancing, right Dippy?

Hrithik’s obsession with food

Hrithik Roshan is a perfectionist, and while other stars may crow about their six-packs and eight-packs, he is actually perhaps the only star in Bollywood with a world-class body.
Hrithik has got there by being extremely particular. He is conscious of the way he looks, the way he looks on screen and how his acting progresses. But for his next film Guzaarish, Hrithik had to put on weight, as he plays a patient in a wheelchair. Being the perfectionist that he is, he obsessed about looking right, and so, he ate and ate, and then ate some more.
Now, as we are reliably informed by sources, he has brought his waist size up to 36! It was only 32 earlier, so disproportionately was the star tucking in his food. What was alarming was that his triglycerides level shot up, and now, his doctor has asked him to take it easy with the eating.
“His doctor was really worried, but Hrithik assured him that once he finished the shoot, he would go on a strict diet and take care of his health, but now, he just wants to feed up on the good food. All for his character, of course!”