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Suraj presents


Popular actor Suraj Mapa will present his dancing act together with few female celebrities, namely Nirosha Perera, Paboda Sandeepani, Nilanthi Dias, Nehara Peiris, Nadeesha Hemamali, Sachini Ayendra, Udari Warnakulasooriya and Himali Sayurangi, on stage on May 14 and 15 at the Bishops College Auditorium, Colombo.

“ ‘ELEMENTS’ is purely a dance event at its best with persisting requests from my fans and wanting to share my talents and experience, I believe that it is the right time to bring in a show of my own,” said Mapa at a press conference held recently at the Taj Hotel, Colombo.
He also said that “This is my premier dance production and I believe that it will be a novel experience for all its viewers. ‘ELEMENTS’ is a diverse kind of event of its breed. We believe that the blend of connoisseurs and debutants in the field of dance coming together to perform its many variations with the latest technical resources would be a first of its kind in Sri Lanka,” he added.


Embarking on the path of fame in 2002 as an actor and dancer, Suraj, is today an accomplished star of many forms. A Trinitian, hailing from the hill capital of Kandy, Suraj is a well established actor both in Tele dramas and Cinema and also a versatile dancer. Suraj has played the main role in over twenty Tele dramas and some significant roles in Cinema. He has won the award for the most popular actor both at Sumathi and Raigam Tele awards. Nominated as the best upcoming actor in 2003 he won the award for the most popular Sri Lankan actor in the UAE in 2005. Suraj’s talents in both these fields have today made him an aspiring star. Being in the performing arts industry for the past eight years, Suraj boasts of extensive experience coupled with immense talent. Trained as a dancer under the guidance of Neomi Rajaratnam, Suraj has come a long way as a successful dancer, performing professionally in a wide array of events and winning international championships in Latin American dance including the championship in ‘Footwork Dance Sport 2002’ Furthermore, Suraj’s dancing talents are prominently recognised in his field of acting as he has continuously been performing in entertainment events such as ‘Ridee Reyak’ and many other notable shows. He is well known for his outstanding performances which has gained him international recognition and a large circle of fans worldwide.

Comprising many genres of dance ranging from Traditional Sri Lankan to Latin, Indian, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Bollywood, Bhangara and more, the show will feature a special Michael Jackson dance act and include performances for popular Sinhala movie songs. The show is also expected to tour for an international performance in London, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Australia later this year.
“‘ELEMENTS’ are the most powerful forces of nature, for these are considered the building bricks of the universe. Nature itself holds the key to much inner knowledge of our own nature, and the part we play in the great cosmic plan. It is astounding to realise that these same elements could be interpreted as also functioning within ourselves. These elements I consider as the Bridge and reflection of Creation” explained Mapa as to why he gave such a title to the show.

“‘ELEMENTS’ will also present the dancing talents of a number of performers from renowned to amateurs. With the completion of a successful auditioning round in search of the hidden dance talents of Youngsters Island wide we have been able to first-rate 20 out of more than 100 participants coupled with this young talented group of novice dancers and it would be the crème of the crop. The show will have present celebrity performers and a guest performance by the legends of the past like Malini Fonseka, Sriyani Amerasena, Sabeetha Perera and Dilhani Ekanayake,” added Mapa.

“The funds raised by this event will mainly be donated towards an under- privileged university student’s education and a hole in the heart child patient’s surgery. Besides the funding raised for charity we also believe that this would be an event that will bring out the unseen talents of Sri Lanka. This will undoubtedly be an exposure for many upcoming young dancers to secure a successful career in the field of dance. These youngsters will be given the opportunity to be trained and perform in unison with the professionals in the Industry. Through bridging the gap between the proficient and the novices we intend to lay the stepping stone for these talented youngsters to merge as stars in the future,” he added.

Mapa thanked the Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL) Foods International (Pvt), Ltd and Toyota Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., for coming forward as the main sponsors for the event. “It is with much appreciation that we pay gratitude to them for supporting especially a maiden production and helping to take Sri Lankan talent to a new level,” said Mapa.

Tickets are now available at the Bishops College Auditorium, Odel, Vibrations, Salaka, Torana, Sarasavi (Nugegoda), Maxmara (Kohuwela), Fingara (Nugegoda) and online bookings are also available at www.tickets.lk.
Be there…this is an event you do not want to miss.

‘Gamani’- mirroring the atrocities of terrorism

By Sarasi Paranamanna

Peace has brought a halt to the firing of guns in areas which were once war torn and smeared with nothing but tears and blood, but the families which went through the bitter experiences of war will continue to sigh because their losses are unbearable and the grief is so overwhelming that even today some tragedies are still raw in their memories. Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara as an individual who witnessed some of these tragedies in his time of office has created a motion picture to relate one of the tragedies we will never forget.

Sarath Weerasekara has based his film on the 1999 massacre which happened in the area of Gonagala. Speaking to The Nation Weerasekara said that he wanted to create something about the atrocities of terrorism because most films screened are based simply on the theme of war. The terrorists killed and mutilated more than fifty seven people including women and children in Gonagala and the calamity is portrayed in the maiden attempt of cinematography by Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara. ‘Gamani’ being the first direction of Weerasekara has been quite an experience and this film has the scene which has had the most number of coffins filmed in one scene in the history of the Sri Lankan cinema.

The film will be coming to theatres at the end of May as the movie is in the stage of making the final adjustments in India. Upali Rajapakse is the producer of this movie which had required the cast coordination to be on a huge scale. The task of editing the movie has been performed by Ravindra Guruge while Nadeeka Guruge being the director of music. The tragic account of the massacre of Gonagala has been filmed in Karuwalagaswewa and in area covering the Puttalam district.

The insightful story of ‘Gamani’ is made more moving by the song sung by the famous songstress Deepika Priyadarshani Pieris. The melody of the song is done by the veteran musician Rohan Weerasinghe. Sarath Weerasekara himself has written the lyrics of the system. The director of ‘Gamani’, Weerasekara speaking about his initial endeavour of directing a movie stated that the experience was very easy going. “Directing the movie was not very challenging even though it is my first effort because I was lucky to have a very professional crew with me. They supported me throughout and I did not take it as a challenge and the whole experience is unforgettable”. The cast of ‘Gamani’ includes versatile talented actors and actresses such as Dilhani Ashokamala who is playing the main role in the film, Bimal Jayakody, Sujani Menaka, Sanath Gunathilake, Kumara Thirimadura, Geetha Kanthi, Jagath Chamila, W.Jayasiri and many other experienced artistes. Hence ‘Gamani’ will be gaining good responses from the audience as they are always looking forward to a new experience and with the sensitive story line the film will attract many people who are looking forward to a unique cinematic experience.


Rahman scores Raavan in a month

For those who have worked with A R Rahman, this news is no surprise. The musical genius, who has fans the world over, is known to work and re-work and still re-work a lot of his work for movies till he is satisfied.
And his satisfaction, well, it can come even just a day before your album is all set to be unveiled. And that is how things worked for Mani Ratnam’s Raavan as well.
“As always, this album all came together only last month. But it was a lot of fun working with Gulzar and Mani,” says Rahman with a mischievous smile.
A source from the film tells us more. “Mani was quite clear that he wanted Rahman to work on the soundtrack of his epic film – both the Hindi and Tamil version. But AR’s manic schedule meant things were not signed and sealed till the last minute. In fact, he did record some tracks and send them to Mani to listen to. Everyone loved what they heard,” says the source. “But last month, Rahman called Mani and said he had re-worked tracks and was sending a new lot of scratch material for him to hear. It was these new tracks that have become the final album,” adds the source.
This is not the first time that Rahman has called back his scores and re-worked them. Whether it has been Hollywood films like The Couples Retreat or, even closer home, Subhash Ghai’s Yuvvraaj, Rahman has often called back his work and redone them till he himself is completely satisfied.
It is no wonder then, with such dedication and passion for his work, that Rahman is dubbed as the Mozart from Madras!

Shilpa’s happily married

Shilpa Shetty, who is now Mrs. Kundra, is enjoying her married life. She feels nothing has changed at all in her glamorous life, and it is just that her name is different.
“I do not feel anything has changed at all. Just a name has been added; otherwise; I am the same girl,” says sultry Shilpa.
Marriage usually means responsibilities, but Shilpa says it is hubby Raj who takes care of everything: “I am like a kid to him, so all the responsibilities are handled by him. But I am now helping him in his business, so we share our responsibilities, and I take one thing at a time and concentrate on it. So, it is fine,” adds the beauty.
The one thing she was working on, the Indian Premier League (IPL), is just over. So, presumably, Shilpa will have more time to attend to other things now. Such as.... love?
“You know, I have always been romantic, but it is just that I needed someone to shower it all on, and when I met Raj, I showered it on him (laughs). I cannot be happier today,” says Shilpa on her romantic life.
Though her Bollywood career has long been in decline, will she concentrate on films again? “I will, but now, I am more of a businesswoman. Once I am done with all my pending work, I will look forward to films because that is my base,” says Shilpa Raj Kundra.

Shruti Haasan accepts her failures

Not many actresses are just like Shruti Haasan and she has inherited the exact traits of her father and proves to be a practical personality. The young actress has openly confessed that her Bollywood film ‘Luck’ has been a flop and yet her performance was well appreciated amongst the film critics and audiences over there.
Now the actress is all set to make her showpiece with A.R. Murugadoss’ untitled next.
Says Shruti Haasan: ‘I am so happy joining hands with Surya as I am his great fan. Also I have a great role in this film and it will be one of the greatest Indian films in ages to come…’
When asked about the rumours linking her up romantically with Siddarth, she said, “I do not take such issues seriously as most of them are buzzes and we are professional friends.”
It is good to see that a young actress is so mature in her talk and gestures and let us hope she becomes a great actress with right attitudes.