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History making Shanika visits home town

By Harshani Weerarathne
Shanika Madumali from Polgahawela created history this year when she won the ‘Sirasa Super Star’ contest …. And with the pride of a winner she spoke to the ‘TV guide’.

Q: In the final round of Sirasa Super Star were you in complete control with the role that you had to play. Was there a threatening feeling facing the final round?
Definitely, I was in full control because I had the backing from viewers who backed me to be their choice with SMS’s since the beginning of the second round. I was never in the deep end. I was the only one to enjoy such popularity. With that I knew I would be in the final round.
My victory was due to being the people’s choice. They always kept my hopes up by selecting me as their choice. But, the nature of the contest was always threatening, therefore the doubt of winning kept coming back. I kept my spirits up by believing I the could win.

Q: What went through your mind when the announcement was made naming you winner?
Uncontrollable joy! I could not believe that I had won. I just held my head and turned the other way. I even forgot where I was. Reminiscing of it, today I think how much people really loved me.

Q: You were the first female star of the ‘Sirasa Super Star’ parade, what do you feel about it?
As a contestant you have to be able to sing and have a good personality as well. Many are of the opinion that there will always be only singers but I was able to beat them all to become the first songstress to win the ‘Sirasa Super Star’ and I am very proud of that achievement. I am thankful to ‘Sirasa Super Star’ for making the world believe that there are people like us. It is an unforgettable achievement!

Q: Shanika, you began with a Sujatha Attanayaka song and ended ‘Sirasa Super Star’ with one too, is there any special reason behind singing her songs?
I loved Sujatha Attanayaka’s songs from my childhood. Also my voice suits that singing style. There is no other special reason. Those who enjoy her songs put their arms around me during the contest. Therefore, I confess that a part of the victory belongs to her too.

Q: When facing the contest in the beginning did you expect to win?
No way. I have watched phase 1 and 2 the thrill out of that made me send in my application too. Being selected to be one of the 100 contestants did not have any special appeal. Going through selections with the elimination rounds people knew about who Shanika was. Amal Perera said it would be a pleasure to see me in the final rounds. That was a blessing for me. When I was chosen for the first 12, I made up my mind to be one of the two contesting the final. I made it and that made me happy.

Q: What blessings did you receive from your family with the win?
My father is not among us today. Even my mother was not by me when I entered the super star show. My aunt and her children and some of my relations and friends were the ones with me. But my mother was at the finals. That was a real joy. My mother returned from abroad only three weeks prior to the final. She was deeply moved by my victory. She said after the win that her joy was to see me happy. My aunt who stood by me in my victory was my strength and a blessing that made it happen.

Q: If one were to say that you are swollen headed and proud, what would you say?
I cannot be concerned with what people say. I know that I am not swollen headed or proud and all my fans know it. I can say it with conviction from the responses of my fans. The Shanika Madumali before she entered ‘Sirasa Super Star’ is the same today. That I am a superstar has not created someone different. If you ask anyone who sees me on the road, they will tell you whether I am a proud person or not. When popular artistes are so humble why should amateurs like me be proud?

Q: How was the reaction of the people of Kurunegala after you won?
It was great they embraced me with joy and the response was tremendous. They celebrated my victory with big parties in areas like Kurunegala, Kegalle and Pinnawela. Giving Kurunegala a win like this the people there were proud of me, and I was happy to do it for them.

Q: What is your next goal?
I have not studied music beyond a certain level and to remain in this field that is important to improve my knowledge about music. So learning music is a necessity to remain with it. To be close to the people it is important to give them what they like. Whether they will take to my music like they did with my singing of popular songs of well known artistes is left to be seen? My next biggest aim and wish is to give my fans new creations which they would like.

Q: There would have been many behind your victory. Any special thanks that should go out to anyone?
My fans were the ones who stood behind me like a shadow in this victory. I bow to them with all my heart at this moment. I like to thank, the Chairman of Sirasa TV, Susara Dinal and S. Marikkar along with Sirasa production team, with all my heart. I would like to remember with great affection the students of the two schools I studied at, the staff and teachers there, the principals, the three forces and the pradeshiya sabha Polgahawela and the police.

Pix by Rukshan Abeywansha

Maya Roo

New cinematic venture

By Sarashi Samarasinghe
‘Maya Roo’ is a new cinematic venture found in the recent history of the teledrama industry to quench the thirst of the viewers who are having an ability of high indulgence.
The main intention of creating a tele film series as such was to retain the standards of the local teledrama industry.
“This is a time that the real art of teledrama has fallen into a precipice from creativity as well as from quality,” said director Anuruddha Jayasinghe.
He further stated that ‘Maya Roo’ tele film series was created to attract the attention of the viewers and that the tele film series is a new excitement filled production.

“The tele film series had a creative entry into the teledrama industry,” said Jayasinghe.
Each tele film carries a running time of 45 minutes though it is being telecast in two episodes for the convenience of the television channel.
“There are 24 episodes in the ‘Maya Roo’ tele film series and one episode each is being telecast in every week,” said Jayasinghe.
The most experienced actors and actresses in Sri Lanka will be performing in each episode and a lot of talented actors and actresses that are not been seen in common mundane teledramas are also contributing towards this magnificent creation.

Jackson Anthony, Sriyantha Mendis, Mahendra Perera, Palitha Silva, Saumya Liyanage, Gihan Fernando, Bimal Jayakody, Kumara Thiramadura, Roshan Ravindra, W.Jayasiri, Athula Pathirana, Thumidu Dodamthanna, Nilmini Tennakoon, Dilhani Ekanayake, Upeksha Swarnamali, Manjula Kumari, Himali Sayurangi, Grace Ariyawimal, Semini Iddamalgoda, Piyumi Shanika, Ayesha Weerakoon, Gayani Gisanthika including many other artistes have contributed towards this tele series.

“We have already shot 12 episodes and there are 12 yet to be shot and the proposed actors and actresses for the rest of the 12 are Kamal Addaraarachchi, Joe Abeywickrama, Suminda Sirisena, Buddhadasa Withanarachchi, Jayalath Manoratne, Siril Wickramage, Roshan Ranawana, Dushyanth Weeraman, Suraj Mapa, Niroshan Illeperuma, Sarath Kothalawala, Sangeeetha Weerarathne, Wasanthi Chathurani, Jayani Senanayake, Nayana Kumari, Damitha Abeyrathne, Sujani Menaka, Chandani Senevirathne, Kaushalya Fernando, Chathurika Pieris and Nirosha Perera,” said Jayasinghe.
According to Jayasinghe ‘Maya Roo’ is the only tele series in the country that a gigantic team of artistes are contributing.

The camera directions are by Ruwan Costha, Chandana Jayasinghe, Prabhath Roshana, Chinthaka Somakeerthi, Priyantha Malawige and Sherli Sandaruwan.
Production management is by Raja Ranasinghe, production coordination is by Mahesh Bandara, assistant directions are by Daminda Madawala, Chaminda Meemanage, choreography by Priyantha Dissanayake and Wasantha Purnawansa and art direction by Jagath Imbulbe.
The tele film series is directed by Anuruddha Jayasinghe while scripted and produced by Nimal Senanayake.
‘Maya Roo’ is telecast every Monday at 8.35 p.m. on Rupavahini.


Lara, Riteish and Boman to host IIFA

After successfully hosting the IIFAs last year in Macau, the trio consisting of Lara Dutta, Riteish Deshmukh and Boman Irani will be hosting the award ceremony to be held in Sri Lanka in June.
The three stars were present at a press conference held recently when the announcement was made.

“This year will be my fifth where I will be hosting the IIFAs. Everyone has seen what an amazing event it is. There is a lot of hard work that goes behind it and we are tremendously honoured to be a part of this family and we are extremely excited to bring our brand of wit and wisdom to Colombo,” says Lara.
Boman who is known for his humour and rapport with his co-hosts says his association with IIFAs goes back six years now. “My first IIFA was in Singapore in 2004 and during the six years that I have attended, I had a huge family and now I have a great extended family,” says Irani.

Also speaking about hosting the IIFA weekend in June, Riteish Deshmukh says he is looking to extend his three years as host. “It is a great association and this is the third year that I am hosting the IIFAs. The IIFAs has been and is, an extended family to us. We are proud to be associated with the Micromax IIFA Awards and the Videocon IIFA Weekend.”

“We plan to do things that we have always done. Pull our friends’ legs and generally have a fun filled weekend. It is an opportunity for the industry to get together under one roof and have a good time. And that is what will happen this time too. The script is to have fun,” adds Deshmukh.
The IIFA Weekend will be held in Colombo from June 2 to 5. The weekend will consist of a fashion show, a charity cricket match, a world film premiere and the actual awards ceremony.

Raveena in Bengali film

One-time bombshell Raveena Tandon might be back on screen very soon. She has been signed on by National Award-winning director Raja Sen to do a Bengali film called Laboratory.
The film is based on one of Rabindranath Tagore’s novels (Char Adhyay). Raveena will play a Sikh woman, who is married to a Bengali scientist. “I will be playing a Sikhni called Sohini, who will get married to a Bengali scientist, who is much older than her. The film is about how my life changes.”

So, what made Raja Sen choose Raveena for this character? He says, “She best suits the character of a Sikh woman who becomes a Bengali. And I am confident that she will pull it off because I have seen her in offbeat roles like Shool and Satta. She is a superb actress.”

Sabyasachi Chakraborty plays Raveena’s husband in the film. He dies suddenly, and she takes it upon herself to continue his research. Arpita Chatterjee (Bengali actress) plays her daughter and Saheb Chatterjee plays Arpita’s suitor. Ranjit Mullick plays Sohini’s husband’s friend, whom she has a relationship with.