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A talented actress

By Sarasi Paranamanna
Being an actress who has starred in well-liked, popular teledramas, Nayana Kumari has captured hearts of many and her talent in acting is not just seen in teledramas but she has contributed to the theatre and cinema as well showcasing her brilliance in performing arts. The TV Guide had a recent chat with this popular actress about her experiences in the field of acting and drama.
Nayana Kumari has stepped into the field of performing arts during her schooldays, taking an interest in the field of drama. With the interest and desire for arts she has pursued dramatic studies as a subject to enhance her inborn talent and proving her talent and luck she had taken up her first role on stage as Desdemona in the play of ‘Othello’.

Afterwards noticing her skill on stage she had been called by several directors to play much acclaimed leading roles in several stage plays including ‘Macbeth’. She has had the opportunity to participate in several prestigious stage plays taking part as the main female character and all these plays had been translations. “I was lucky that I got all the leading female roles even though I was pretty new to the field,” said Nayana awakening the sweet memories of the past.

Inquiring about her latest works, she said that she is currently playing a role in the teledrama ‘Allapu Gedara’ which is now being telecast in Swarnavahini. Apart from that she is going to play a remarkable role in an upcoming teledrama named as ‘Pabalu’ and it will be an interesting experience for all the fans of Nayana Kumari as she will be playing a role of a mother who is in her mid-fifties. “This is a different kind of a role and this teledrama will be telecast in ITN after the teledrama ‘Paba’ comes to an end,” said Nayana.

There is more exciting news for Nayana’s fans as the much awaited second part of the much loved teledrama ‘Chathurya’ is going to start its shooting this month so the enthusiastic fans can look forward to another hit in the ‘tele-world’.
Nayana Kumari has not only shown her talent in teledramas because her skill in cinematic works was also praised by many people. Coming in to the field of cinema through the film ‘Kasthirama’ she has taken part in four films so far. “My contribution to the cinema is not very large scaled because I have concentrated more on teledramas,” says Nayana. However, she has been capable to create a large fan base because of her many roles she has played in popular teledramas as all the roles she played were much loved by people of all ages.

Nayana Kuamari is not only a
famous successful actress but she is also a dear wife, a loving mother and a successful business woman. Talking about the recent inroad to the beauty culture industry Nayana said that she opened her own salon recently. “I opened my own salon on May 1, even though I happened to learn beauty culture when I was studying drama and performing arts.” Finally talking about her future plans Nayana said that she is planning to produce a teledrama together with her husband. “We first produced the teledrama ‘Samanala Wasanthaya’ and we are currently organising the necessary work for the second production,” said Nayana hopefully.


Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe

A film for all young lovers

By Pradeep Nishantha Herath

Dhammika Sirirwardana produced ‘Asai Man Piyambanna’ ‘Rosa Kele’ and ‘King Hunter’ all with record earnings. Before that, he successfully produced about 20 teledramas, and today he has put his hand into his first direction of a large screen movie ‘Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe’.
‘Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe’ is a film for all hot young lovers and is now showing at Savoy cinema and at the entire EAP circuit.

Ayeshmantha is the son of a wealthy businessman and manages the business owned by his father quite successfully. He loves his girlfriend and she loves him in return. But suddenly she makes a move to leave him without any notice. Now he is broken-hearted and even his business matters are neglected and therefore suffers the consequences.
He gets an invitation one day from his girlfriend to attend her wedding. He gets very upset over it and his father Basil who is unaware of all that blames him for what has taken place with the business managed by him shouting ‘if you are unable to manage it properly leave it and find some other job’.

Ayeshmantha who is hurt and upset walks out from his home aimlessly. He tries to take his own life thus walking out. Rashmi, a young female who sees this tactfully saves his life by focussing his thoughts in another direction.
After learning about him by questioning she takes him to the house of her aunt and mends his broken-heart in the guise of a long-standing friend. May be his mind got focussed on her? Then coming to know that she has a lover he is saddened but does not show it.
However, through her intelligent guidance she sends him back to his father, she also gets his mother and father together after being separated for 15 years and also advices him on getting back the business to life. She then leaves to get married with her lover. He wishes her well.

Ayeshmantha gets the business back to life and lives happily with his parents who have also got together after 15 years. After about three months Ayeshmantha’s mother tells him she wishes to look up his friend who got them together and brought happiness to their family. Her insistence makes him to go looking for Rashmi.
But unfortunately, he finds out, due to some personal reason she has been refused by her lover Prasad. Ayeshmantha knows with what sort of wishes regarding the future that she sought the hand of Prasad. He keeps on looking for her and suddenly discovers Rashmi by surprise, while the story carries along with a lot of twists and turns between Ayeshmantha and Rashmi.

In this film depicting young lover Pooja Umashankar and Roshan Ranawana play the major lead roles. The film is on large screen with DTS sound technology. The shooting was done in Colombo, Nuwara Eliya, Ambewela, Mahiyangana and other beautiful location in Sri Lanka. Jayanath Gunawardana did camera directions while music was done by Rohana Weerasinghe, Mahesh Denipitiya and Ranga Dassanayaka. ‘Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe’ brings out Shiran Mihiranga’s first effort as a film play back singer. Uresha Ravihari, Nirosha Virajini, Amila Perera, Erosha Ortam, Shiraz and Billy are the other musical contributors.

Srimal Wedisinghe, Maureen Charuni, Ramani Siriwardena, Rex Koddippili, Janak Premalal, Richard Manamudali, Ishan Gammudali, Dayadeva Edirisinghe, Gayathri Dias, Pubudu Chathuranga, Himalee Siriwardana, Rajah Ganeshan, Shiran de Silva, Sandali Welikanna and Shanudri Priyasad were the rest of the contributors who helped the film to be attractive.
Basuru Siriwardane as the executive producer, Donad Jayantha as the assistant director, Lal Harindranath as the camera director contributed with their efforts. Ajith Ramanayaka with editing, Boopathi with the background music Shan Perera with choreography direction, Indika Udara Lanka as make up and hair styles artiste were the others who contributed.
‘Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe’ was written and directed by Dhammika Siriwardana.



‘I want to do meaningful cinema’ - Emraan Hashmi

Kissing King Emraan Hashmi (Now he must be tired of reading that description!) is sure to shake off his image with the next release.
The trailers of Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, an Ekta Kapoor movie in which he is playing a don, are out and he looks lethal. Indian media told Emraan that they are looking forward to the movie after seeing the trailer.
“So am I! It was nice working with a great star cast and I am looking forward for it to totally,” says Emraan.
Emraan is happy with his Serial Kisser image but says he also wants to do something different. “I am the only serial kisser in Bollywood, which is good! I have no issues with my image but it is just that I want to do some quality films. On the other hand, the serial kisser image is something which came first. People tag you with it,” adds Emraan.
“You come to Bollywood to do something meaningful and entertaining,” feels Hashmi.
Emraan too wants to do something different, “You should do something for which people will remember you for long. Not just for matter of days. I choose my films with lots of patience for they should have something different from other films. It is very important to be a successful star in Bollywood,” adds Hashmi.
“It is important to give back to those who have invested in you apart from being a good actor,” he added.

Bipasha Basu talks about Lamhaa

Bipasha Basu the Bong bombshell is renowned for her sexy avatars. Bip has always maintained her raunchy image, and frankly it is hard to remember anything of her performances other than the fact that she looked sizzling.
But she says that might change with her next movie, Lamhaa.
“I am playing a Kashmiri girl in Lamhaa who fights against corruption. It is a wonderful film and something different,” says Bipasha.
Talking more about her character she says: “Lamhaa is a social thriller which tells the story of intelligence officer Vikram, played by Sanjay Dutt, who finds out about a plot and is sent to investigate it. I accompany him. That is what the film is all about.”
Talking about her preparation for the role she said, ““It was initially tough because I do not really understand Urdu. But I am never one to shun the urge to learn. I think it is great fun. And my director, Rahul Dholakia, is very patient and chilled out and he helped me a lot.”


Trisha says to adopt stray dogs

PETA India is producing an Ad film about the security of stray dogs. Trisha has been appointed as their brand ambassador and she is acting in this film. A formal event was organised. Trisha released the symbol for this film.
Trisha after this while speaking to the media said,” In India, dogs are brave and beautiful. We should not import dogs from foreign countries. We should be the guardians of the stray dogs. We should move with them affectionately.
I love dogs among other animals. I am having a lot of dogs in my house. There is also an Indian dog. When I was going for shooting I found a dog with injures. I took this dog to my house. I have named it Cadbury. I will not permit animals being tortured in films. I am always supportive to PETA.”