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Chaminda reaches out to teenagers

By Sarashi Samarasinghe
He has been in the field of music for more than a decade and has come across new pathways in tune. He has been able to cater to the hearts of teenagers as well as youth through his melodies up to now.
Indeed, the young and talented Chaminda Samaranayake, who released his latest creation of compositions named ‘Sanda Ahankara Ai’, is going places.
“Sanda Ahankara Ai” is my second album and it is being distributed by M Entertainment,” said Chaminda.
He went on that his first album was ‘Warshawe’ which he released two and a half years earlier through the same distributor.

According to Chaminda, ‘Sanda Ahankara Ai’ consists of 12 songs which were penned by Kanchana Dassanayake and Sajitha Amaranayake.
“The album was launched on June 18 while music, mix and mastering were all done by me,” he added.
Chaminda enthused that ‘Sanda Ahankara Ai’ is a mixture of pop songs and love songs.
“The album consists of songs such as ‘Kandulu Isina Dunhinda’, ‘Sanda Ahankara Ai’, ‘Ra Sihinen Awe’, ‘Sanda Payana Ra Kale’ along with many others,” said Chaminda.
The album carries six to eight modern patterns of music which includes R and B, Hip Hop together with much Hop and many others.
“The album was developed at my own studio which is situated in Malabe, namely ‘Studio Dream Works’,” he added.

Chaminda started his music career in 1993 through his own band named ‘Red Heart’.
“In the year 1997 I came to Colombo and did a one man show and afterwards I performed solo in weddings and parties and in the year 1998 formed another band named ‘Rhythm of Rain’,” he added.
Chaminda emphasised that he did some music creations in 2005 and later on did some music concerts.
“I have created many songs for the super stars and have created songs for almost 50 artistes which include new artistes as well,” said Chaminda.
According to Chaminda he is hoping to release a new collection album named ‘Tharu’ in August together with five superstar artistes.
Chaminda is a product of Richmond College, Galle and he has always dreamed of becoming a top notch musician.

“My first ever tutor in music was Visharada Deepa Nanda Kudahetti who was teaching at St.Aloysius College, Galle at that time,” said Chaminda.
Chaminda recalled that he has already done music for one episode of a tele drama and also a couple of jingles.
“I would like to state my heartfelt gratitude to Jayantha Maddage for the M Entertainment, Sampath Fernando, Shane Jayakody and Manoj for rendering me immense support to make my carreer a huge success,” he added.

Concluding his conversation with the TV guide Chaminda stated that at the moment he is providing music for Sirasa Short Stories which is directed by Bermin Laili Fernando and telecast on Sirasa TV on Saturdays at 10.30 a.m.


‘Amanda’ – Lots of twists and turns

By Dyan Pathiravithana
‘Amanda’ is a story with a new flavour depicting carefree adolescence, youthful bondage and love growing out of it yet to be seen in a Sinhala tele drama with heart rendering music that could be watched tastefully by the entire family together.

Amanda Punchihewa is a pretty 25-year old commerce graduate. She is the eldest daughter of a family that did not possess much. Her father, Sepala Punchihewa, a retired dancing teacher, used to indulge in astrology as a hobby and used it as his only income earner. The house they lived in had been put up with money he got from winning a lottery 25 years ago. His tough talking wife Girlie took care of home expenditure. Sepala’s pension took care of most of the schooling Brittany’s needs, and Kathy who had completed her A’ levels.

Amanda could be called a big hearted daughter, always making an effort to make their house into a home full of happiness, though they were always short of money. But, Girlie always took the line on Amanda as milk that you could not throw away, yet could not be consumed because it was too hot. That was due to Amanda not being her own daughter. A secret Sepala did his best to keep between him and Girlie. Sepala won the lottery during the period Amanda was brought into the house. Girlie had been impressed by the event which worked in her mind.

The drama begins with Amanda facing an interview to gain employment and fails. She comes out of the office rather upset with herself. Meanwhile, Thejan the son of Indrajith Dunusingha, a wealthy businessman, on an excursion with some friends, have decided to take a rest in the vicinity Amanda is passing through. Thejan has accepted the challenge to catch the nose of the first girl to go past them. Amanda, who is angry at the distasteful actions of Thejan, speaks her mind out at him and pushes him away. He falls and hurts his arm quite alarmingly.

The head of ‘Life’ a promotional company, Indrajith Dunusingha is the owner of several others as well. Dunusingha who believes in proper management and justice provides both his workers and children alike. The wife of this strong husband weaves herself around his way of life and carries out her responsibilities regarding their children accordingly. Devaka, their eldest son, who is a doctor marries against the wishes of his parents and lives overseas as a result. Dunusingha does not allow other family members to have any connections with him. The playful Thejan is their second son. Merry making with friends and music, while looking out to keep away from the fathers’ ventures, are his main concerns. Thejani, their 19-year old daughter leads somewhat a radical life style. Unconcerned of his poorness or suitability she is in love with a dramatist named Manendra. There are two more special characters in the Dunusingha household. Dunusingha’s mentally handicapped sister Wasanthi who is always cuddling a doll and her maid Airy. The mystery revolving around Wasanthi’s life is known only to Dunusingha and his wife.

After joining ‘Life’ through her old friend Thejani, Amanda meets Thejan while employed there. It is when she sees him seated in a comfortable room that she is reminded of the youth with whom she had a battle the previous day. Thejan, who notices Amanda is an employee of the company, becomes furious. Amanda gets to know about Thejan being the son of Dunusingha thereafter. Thejan does his best to remove Amanda from working for the company. But, Dunusingha who is satisfied with her approach to work and her personality, gets her to be Thejan’s private secretary with added responsibilities for him to be involved with the business of the company. Although it is the most undesirable undertaking, Amanda accepts it due to the high salary that comes with it. This makes further angers Thejan. He forces a fellow employee to begin a love affair with Amanda with the idea of toppling the good thoughts his father has conceptualised about her. Hemantha, the youth Thejan tries to use, does not fall prey to the coup because he is in love with the girl.

Hereafter the story carries along with a lot of twists and turns which is an entire human related jigsaw unravel on screen with added curiosity and beautiful locations to go with it.
‘Amanda’ is telecast every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7.30 p.m. on ITN.



Anushka loves the sea and hills

Anushka Sharma, who shredded her girl next door avatar and sizzled onscreen in Badmaash Company, recently shares some travelling memories and tips.
Places that have fascinated me:
I usually love the beach. If I were to get away in the summer, I would go to the hills. Also, I hope to get away to Scotland for a few days.
Favourite destinations?
My favourite destinations are US and Paris. I love both the places. They calm me
Favourite holidaying place in India?
I love Mumbai and Lonavla. Like I said, earlier I like the sea and the hills. But my favourite places in India are Darjeeling and Sikkim. They are heaven on earth
What do you wear when you are travelling?
Whenever I am on my tour, I usually wear jeans and t-shirts. When I shop, I usually try and buy the local garment. I also ensure that I buy local bags or antiques so the memory of the trip lasts forever.

Dino’s fascinations

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but there is one thing that they agree upon. Has this got you thinking? Well, tick tock! We are talking about watches!
Yes, it is something that both the genders have a common passion for. You need it during your exams or to get to work on time, as well as to be on time for your date. Nowadays, watches are available in innumerous colours, shapes, sizes, brands, designs; you name it and you will find it!
Even Dino Morea loves them. “I love stylish and trendy watches,” says Dino who was recently selected as the brand ambassador of a branded watch. He adds, “Since childhood, I had a fondness for watches. I have more than 50 watches in my collection.”
Watches are one of the things that have Dino going ga-ga about, “I am quite a shoe person, you know? I have a collection of shoes too. I love playing sports, especially cricket. Apart from that, I love travelling. That is something you can say is my hobby. Whenever I visit a place, I always buy watches or shoes from that place,” says Dino.

Madharasapattinam – From Rs.5 Crores to Rs.20 Crores

It is so illogical about commencing a project at Rs.5 Crores and later approaching your producers saying that ‘Sir, it is going to cost Rs.15 Crores to complete this project’. Oops! It was really shocking to hear that director Vijay had uttered these words that are most disgusting to hear. Let us forget it as this is between producer and director.
Kalpathy Agoram’s previous film ‘Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam’ was made at a cost of Rs.12 Crores and producers struggled to get a collection on half of it. Getting on to speak about the pre-release expectations, the musical score by G.V. Prakash is not being a great one on charts. According to some of the officials in audio outlets, they have mentioned that the sales are pretty low when compared to other albums.