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Gayathri – Woman of many parts

By Sarasi Paranamanna
Gayathri Dias is a woman who plays many roles. Being an actress, a loving wife and a caring mother she has managed to climb the heights of success through her business venture and today, apart from her many roles she is also a successful business woman and an entrepreneur. This affable, talented personality had a chat with the Nation about her journey in acting and beauty culture.
Gayathri has stepped into the field of acting after participating in the Miss Sri Lanka Pageant. She had won the title of Miss Photogenic in the Miss Sri Lanka Pageant and after winning the title of Sirasa Beauty Queen in 1994, opportunities had flown in to take part in teledramas. ‘Udara Geethaya’ was the tele drama that opened the doors to Gayathri to start her career in the field of tele dramas. Then she worked under Eranga Senaratne, and from there a role in ‘Hoduwawe’ which had brought her fame and love from her fans. She has acted in eight teledramas but had given a rest to her acting career after marriage. “I have always acted just as a hobby and for my liking and after marrying Channa I gave a break to my acting career as I wanted to devote my time to my family,” said Gayathri. Gyathri is married to Channa Perera who is a well known film director and actor, and she did not forget to mention about the support she receives from her beloved husband. “He always encourages me in every way, I even came to the field of beauty culture through his support,” said Gayathri.
As a successful business woman, Gayathri is now a renowned beautician, managing three of her own salons. “When I was at home after my marriage I had a lot of free time and Channa kept on telling me to do something like beauty culture to make use of my time. That is how I became a beautician,” recalled Gayathri going down the memory lane.
Obtaining the basic knowledge from Thirani Pieris, had aspired her to learn more about this fascinating and glamorous subject. After getting a thorough knowledge about beauty culture while she was studying the subject in India she had decided to make use of her talent in Sri Lanka. Today, as a well recognised beautician, Gayathri has opened her own salons in Nugegoda, Malabe and Kiribathgoda. Showcasing her talent at the international level, Gayathri has won awards from global contests like Hair Asia Pacific and Hair World as a beautician. “I participated in the Hair Asia Pacific Contest in 2002 and won 1st runner up in the nail art category. In addition, I was awarded the outstanding Sri Lankan competitor in this contest and I got the opportunity to participate in the Hair Asia Contest as well,” said Gayathri, proudly.
Gayathri’s latest teledrama, ‘Pabalu’ which is being telecast over Independence Television Network (ITN) these days has once again enabled all her fans to enjoy her acting skills. Gayathri plays the role of Aparna. “Aparna is a mother of two grown up children and I readily accepted this role as it was a different character and I felt I could do something different since the character was not in accordance with my usual image,” said Gayathri of her latest teledrama.
Gayathri has reached out to her fans not only through tele dramas. She has captured the hearts of audiences once again through the famous new movie; ‘Suwanda Denuna Jeewithe’. “My role in this movie is a very positive role and the character is Pooja Umashankar’s aunt who is always caring,” explained Gayathri. Apart from this latest movie, Gayathri has acted in movies such as ‘Asai Man Piyabanna’.
Speaking about her current work in the field of beauty culture, she said that she is hoping to update her academy classes as she is willing to share her knowledge with others who aspire to be successful in the field of beauty culture. She added that she is hoping to start beauty culture lessons in Kandy. She also intended conducting more such workshops including positive lifestyles with her friend, Nayana Kumari.
Finally, as to her future plans, she said, “I am a mother of two and with my busy life style I will not involve in acting full time. As I said earlier, I have always performed just for my own pleasure and I will always look forward to develop my salons and share my knowledge with others.”

(Pix by Ravindra Dharmathilake)

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya - Brand New blockbuster

On Shakthi TV  

‘Vinnaithandi Varuvaya’ is one of the most notable movies in Tamil cinema this year. It was a huge success in theaters and was well acclaimed by critics. Shakthi TV brings this brand new blockbuster to your small screen as the movie of the month, this July.
‘Vinnaithandi Varuvaya’ is pure magic! It works a lot with the viewers who easily identify their own flashback or current memories while watching the lead pair. We know what its like to cross the sky and get into another dimension called love. Right from the word ‘action’, the film creates ripples of expectation among director Goutham’s fans. He has surely tried his maximum to live up to the expectations.
The movie is made with high values- Exceptional music, background score, rerecording, classy camera work, foreign locations, etc. All the technicians involved must receive that imperative appreciation for they have done their work with much finesse.
The first in the list of technicians who have to be appreciated would be, undoubtedly A. R. Rahman. This is his first movie after the Oscar phenomenon. His music is one of the main reasons to the much acclaimed hype. The re-recording and the background score are really amazing. If you have listened to his songs in your personal stereo, then its only half of the magic you have experienced.
Do not miss to watch it on Shakthi TV on Sunday July 25 at 1.00 p.m.



Middle East countries ban ‘Lamhaa’

Director Rahul Dholakia’s film Lamhaa, which tells us the untold story of Kashmir, has been banned in the Middle East. The movie, which was released last Friday, will not be screened in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.
The exact reason for the censor board to ban this film in the above mentioned countries is not yet clear.
Bipasha Basu is literally shocked with this news.
She tweeted: “Ban on honest film? What happened to freedom of expression? Sadly, people of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and UAE will not be able to watch our film.”
Sanjay Dutt, who plays a sharp shooter in the film, too was disappointed with this development and shared Bipasha’s feelings.
“First, the film could not be premiered in Kashmir and now the Middle East has banned the film,” Dutt wrote on Twitter.
Well, I wonder what went wrong.

Pakistan bans Indian film ‘Tere Bin Laden’

Indian film Tere Bin Laden which was released last Friday has been banned in Pakistan because of references to Osama Bin Laden.
According to reports, the members of the Pakistani Censor Board saw the film and unanimously agreed that it was not suitable for viewing in Pakistan because it spoofs Osama Bin Laden.
The film tells the story of a journalist (Ali Zafar) who dreams of making America his home. But he fails to get a visa to the country. He hits upon a unique idea when he chances upon a look alike (Pradhuman Singh) of Osama. Thereafter, he starts producing fake videos of Osama that make him famous overnight but also bring him to the notice of American intelligence agencies.

Vijay forced to remove MGR film’s title

The Malayalam film ‘Bodyguard’ which had Dhilip and Nayanthara in the lead roles was directed by Siddique. This film is being remade in Tamil. Vijay and Asin are in the lead roles. Raj Kiran is donning an important role. Siddique is also directing the Tamil version. They had planned to title the film as ‘Kavalkaran’ which was the title of the yesteryear hit film of MGR. ‘Kavalkaran’ is the film produced by Sathya Movies which had MGR and Jayalalitha in the lead roles in the year 1967. Sathya Movies have now objected to the use the title for Vijay film. Sathya Movies have written letter to the Producers Council in this regard. In the letter it has been stated that, “There is news that the film Vijay is acting is to be titled ‘Kavalkaran’. We have not given the rights to anyone. Hence,it should not be permitted to use the title.”
Tamil Nadu Producers Council has also written to the producer of Vijay’s film. In the letter it has been stated, “While using the old title, the permission has to be sought from the concerned producer and also get a No Objection certificate. So, in the absence of these, there is a rule in the Council that the title should not be used. Hence a fresh title should be used.”