Vogue’s ‘Bridal Haven’ redefines wedding dream

Vogue Jewellers on July 24 redefined the paradigms of the bridal dream with the introduction of Sri Lanka’s first-ever ‘Bridal Haven’ and totally personalised ‘Bridal Nest’ at its flagship showroom in Galle Road, Colombo 03.

The ‘Bridal Haven’ is a dedicated space with its unique bridal ambiance in which the bride-to-be can leisurely go through a wide range of wedding jewellery with her fiancé, family and bridal dresser. The entire ambiance created is that of a wedding reception replete with wedding décor and even a giant wedding cake structure, in fact a simulated version of your dream come true.

Within the ‘Bridal Haven’ is the adjacent ‘Bridal Nest’. This is a specially created, intimate and personalised enclave in which the bride can not only try on her jewellery, but also sail on a journey to experience a total ‘pre-view’ of herself with her bridal attire, hair and make-up. Indeed a delightful recreation of the most memorable day of her life.

Director of Vogue Jewellers, Nandadeva Perera said that the ‘Bridal Haven’ and ‘Bridal Nest’ redefines the bridal shopping experience and gives it a totally new dimension beyond the traditional norms of convention. “Such a facility has been a long felt need for Sri Lankan brides for many years. It is their own space, totally dedicated to their needs in which they can physically and emotionally have a complete first-hand experience and a total preview of what they will exactly look like on the most dreamt about and romantic day in their lives. As ‘The Bridal Jeweller for Sri Lankans’, we are both happy and proud to introduce this industry first”.
Managing Director of Vogue Jewellers, Anura Hemachandra said that with its nearly half a century old heritage of excellence, Vogue Jewellers is happy to be recognised as a household name today. “We enjoy a growing clientèle across all social strata in Sri Lanka with a strategically located branch network. In keeping with our credo, we maintain strict quality control on all our products using modern techniques, machinery and expert craftsmen under the supervision of trained technicians and jewellery designers.

Present at the launch were several leading names in Sri Lanka’s bridal dressing industry who expressed great pleasure at this new facility. The first copy of the new Wedding Catalogue was presented by Chairperson of Vogue Jewellers, Mrs. Chandra Hemachandra to Vogue’s newest brand ambassador Melissa Solomons.


Luxurious Spa Ceylon Ayurveda

Ancient healing touch in luxury!

By Shabna Cader
“From the teardrop isle of Sri Lanka comes natural wellbeing rituals drawn from holistic practices of age-old wisdom, deep rooted in the culture of the island”

What can be more comforting than relaxation, rejuvenation and healing? Modern medicine and modern forms of treatment of any kind may claim to know it all, but deep within it all there lies the fact that ancient healing forms and treatments can do the same thing or even much better. Our country has been known for centuries, to have a rich heritage that includes the practice of Ayurveda.

As we all know, Ayurveda is a term derived from Ayur, which means life, and Veda, which means pertaining to knowledge/science. The kind of medication that Ayurveda claims is still used in many parts of the country, and has been given a modern twist with the introduction of Spa Ceylon Ayurveda. The Nation met with Shalin Balasuriya, who, along with his friend Shivantha Dias, came up with this concept in introducing Ayurveda in a luxurious form.

“The forms of Ayurveda have been in existence in Sri Lanka for over 3,000 years, and there are, obviously, so many spas around that don’t use its techniques, or treatments or products in its luxurious form. This is mainly the reason why we thought we should introduce such a range. The product range was brought up first and, as every Lankan knows, Ayurveda products usually have strong aromatic scents. Ayurveda is about polished wellbeing. So what we have done with our products is, used everything herbal in its right forms, but also made sure that they not only smell good but also feel good. None of our products are medicinal, but they do in fact relieve tension, pain and stress, when used correctly” said Shalin, as he went over the history of Ayurveda and the introduction of their products from the get-go.

Spa Ceylon is a concept that captures the essence of Sri Lanka. Everything about their products denotes luxury. In ancient times, our kings and queens were known to have lived a very luxurious life. They turned to Ayurveda to keep their bodies strong and healthy, and what Spa Ceylon Ayurveda has done is simply brought up the idea of reviving that sort of comfort wellbeing and living. Therefore, every product and every gift pack has a story behind it.

As accepted and followed by Spa Ceylon, Ayurveda itself is the balance between three ‘doshas’ – namely ‘vata’, ‘pitta’ and ‘kapha’ that the mental and physical health of every individual is determined. “An individual can have the characteristics of two or more of the ‘doshas’, and that alone does not mean you have to follow by it to use any of our products. Many of our customers simply decide what they would like to use by smell” Shalin added. As an avid user of Spa Ceylon products, I too must admit that I don’t go by the characteristics determined, but simply by the attraction to my senses. Regardless of what is picked, hair is silkier, skin is softer and body at peace always.

With a new product out almost every two months, that is formulated using only the finest natural ingredients, there is always something new and refreshing to try out, that will refresh, rejuvenate and heal your body. Balms and Hand and Foot Care products that offer comfort, calms and refreshes feet, can be found at all the boutiques located around Colombo.

“The response to our products and treatments has been overwhelming. We also have a huge foreign client base and our products are only available at select exclusive location around town. We also supply amnesties for hotels, including Tintagel, Paradise Road Villa and Casa Colombo. All these locations are handpicked” said Shalin, “and speaking of the costs, the prices of the products and also the treatments are at a premium; more than at any other spa, simply because the ambience and treatment contents are unlike any other” he added.
So, whether it’s to soothe, hydrate, purify or treat your skin and body, Spa Ceylon Ayurveda has it all!

The Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Foot Spa and Boutique
The Foot Spa located at Park Street is open from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm daily, and is ideal for those who wish to feel pampered after a hard day’s work. It’s the ideal way to relax, relieve tension and stress, sooth and calm senses and body muscles. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, if you feel like you need to get away from the stress of a bad day at work, or if you’re after a hearty meal and need to just relax or maybe perhaps want to find a way to soothe your senses with your partner, you can find all that comfort and more at the spa.

The treatments available are very different to others offered elsewhere. What Spa Ceylon Ayurveda offers is not rustic Ayurvedic treatment, as it also includes a couple of modern techniques as well. The entire combination of the old and the new gives any customer more than just the satisfaction they need. With a calming balm rubbed over your temples, inhale tranquillity and leave the rest up to your masseuse. After my experience at the foot spa, I now know what it truly means to let your inhibitions out of the window and relax under authentic Ayurvedic luxury. Believe me, luxury takes on a whole new meaning at Spa Ceylon Ayurveda, and you definitely should not miss out on an opportunity to try one of their massages.


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Where is the foot spa of ‘Spa Ceylon Ayurveda’ located?