When Sri Lanka moves from Cuban Tapas to Nuevo Latino Cuisine

A nuevo gastronomic experience surfaced at MLH with Executive Sous Chef Indika

Nuevo Latino Cuisine at Mount Lavinia Hotel invites diners to experience the vertigo of consuming a reinvented version of Latin and Contemporary American food while enjoying a cosmopolitan technique of cooking structure. Executive Sous Chef Indika, the newest addition to the Mount Lavinia Hotel’s kitchen brigade reproduces colonial desire by aestheticising and commodifying traditional meals. Chef Indika states, “Contemporary American Cuisine has emerged as a fashionable consumer trend and creating a new experience with two of my favourite cooking techniques: French and Japanese, and combining it with the Latin American influences indeed surfaces my specialty.”

“Ultimately, what I want to do is to educate people in different tastes and styles that are in Contemporary American and Nuevo Latino cuisine,” says Indika. “I want to showcase some of the best locally sourced ingredients that Sri Lanka has to offer and the best techniques and present them in a not-so-traditional manner. Most ingredients are local , but the presentation has some flair to it. The thought process behind the dishes created is a little more in depth, with emphasis on individual flavour profiles and textural elements in the dish.”
Diners will realize that there is something different about Mount Lavinia Hotel the minute they consume the dishes prepared by Chef Indika.

Menu items will include Wagyu beef tataki, scallion-ginger condiment, garlic chips, Yakitori sauce and tempura octopus with honeyed miso-pepper sauce; Citrus and vanilla vodka infused Seafood ceviche with cassava chips, chili oil with seared scallops, salsa roja, Creole onions and cornbread wafers.
The appeal of this exciting, food lies in its bold combinations. Indika fearlessly mixes metaphors in his favourite creations by using French, Japanese and Latin techniques with local ingredients in dishes as stated above, the combinations are a twist on the traditional, but new to Sri Lankan palates. Salsas and mojos (spicy salsas with garlic, citrus and olive oil) fairly crackles with flavour surprises. Indika’s roots are organic, but his influences are broadly Latin American, Japanese and

French. Indika occasionally does wonders with locally sourced ingredients and local seafood however with the techniques taking on global influences. But on the whole, bright Latin flavours and Indika’s unfettered enthusiasm combine in an array of dishes that definitely needs to ventured.
Executive Sous Chef Indika Jayawardena who has been influenced by the Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson at Washington Square, his stint at Ecuadorian American Chef Jose Garces’ Nuevo Latino restaurant: El Vez (both in Philadelphia) , Chef David Felton at the Pluckemin Inn in New Jersey and as Sous Chef at the Adaaran Watervillas in the Maldives, indeed are his highlights in the world of culinary arts.

“My devotion to experiencing new culinary techniques and pushing those boundaries to surface new and exciting flavours using influences from many cuisines is the foundation of my love and passion for cooking,”he said.
A Sri Lankan who grew up in the US, Indika describes his food as “Contemporary American cuisine with an emphasis on Nuevo Latino American cuisine,” but since then he’s expanded his repertoire to include his own interpretations of dishes from across the world, and now surfaces a Nuevo blend.


Cinnamon grand wins Spiced Tea competition at World Spice Food Festival

As part of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority’s World Spice Food Festival, competitions were held in a variety of categories, celebrating Sri Lankan culinary creativity, flair and presentation. Cinnamon Grand won the Spiced Tea competition and was also the runner-up in the Spiced Ice Cream category; accomplishments reflected the hard work and dedication behind the hotel’s brand.
Selected judges visited the Cinnamon Grand’s Serendib Restaurant on 19th July, where they sampled the hotel’s creations for the Spice Festival. Serendib Supervisor, Nadeesh Wickramasekera created the spiced tea in front of them, while explaining the procedure and the origin of this unique beverage. The spiced tea has been dubbed Minchi Kahata and its ingredients comprise Mlesna Tea, Mlesna Mint Tea, Mint leaves, Black Crushed Pepper and, of course, Cinnamon. The judges had nothing but high praise for the concoction, noting that it was “the first time they tasted tea with black crushed pepper.” The judges were thereafter invited to sample another unique Cinnamon Grand creation: Savoury Chocolates.
During the World Spice Festival closing ceremony on July 24, at Water’s Edge, Cinnamon Grand was presented the certificates for the Spiced Tea competition and the Spiced Ice Cream category by Managing Director, Mlesna Tea Dinendra Perera. Keeping to its promise of savoury indulgence the Cinnamon Grand has done it again with a win at the World Spice Food Festival!


Cheesy, juicy Pizzas @ the Galadari hotel

An ultimate solution for all Pizza lovers!

If you love a buttery, flakey crust, sweet and tangy tomatoes, gooey mozzarella cheese, perfectly seasoned sausage, and other fresh ingredients - Then be at the right place as we have the perfect Pizza for you.  We at the Galadari Hotel pride ourselves making each handmade pizza just the way you like it.
Our Pizza’s a huge hit last year with customers of all ages and to give everyone another chance to taste a variety of delicious pizzas added to our Pizza menu. Enjoy our innovative Pizzas with family and friends, and we’re excited to give our Pizza fans the taste of tastiest!
A crispy cheesy Pizza of ours will be an experience to our customers of pulling and popping the irresistible cheese-filled bites into their mouths before digging into the pizza slices. Small, regular and family Pizzas are also in line to fulfill each ones need and all Pizzas will be served with a chilled bottle of Coke to complete your meal.
CHEESY PIZZA PROMOTION at the Coffee Shop - Try our cheesy, juicy Pizzas on August 2 to 8 from 11.00am to 11.00pm.
There’s something for everybody 


‘Weekly Specials’ at Cinnamon Grand restaurants

“Weekly Specials” is the latest culinary indulgence from the Cinnamon Grand, bringing customers a unique dish every week at the hotel’s most popular outlets. The focus of this new concept is placed squarely upon offering culinary variety to loyal customers with new creations showcased at Lagoon, Cheers Pub, Tao, Taprobane, London Grill and Echo.
The ‘Weekly Special’ dishes are available at their respective restaurants during restaurant opening hours in addition to the normal menu. An extra dish will also be featured at each restaurant weekly up to a grand total of 24 unique dishes during each month, to see a brand new set of dishes continuously. Each dish reflects the unique concept of its restaurant with a seafood dish at Lagoon, Italian flavours at Echo, International cuisine at Taprobane, Fusion platters at Tao and so on. This will be an ongoing concept, keeping to the Cinnamon Grand’s promise of indulgence.
“This new concept gives guests the opportunity to sample new dishes weekly at their favourite Cinnamon Grand restaurant,” said Executive Chef Morugama. “This is a perfect opportunity for our loyal patrons to broaden their palettes with a constantly changing range of dishes,” he said.
For more details please call 2497361/62.