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‘Pingala Danawwa’

– Story woven around patriotism

‘Pingala Danawwa’ is a story that is woven around a well known ‘walawwa’ in Sri Lanka in the 70’s. An array of impressive episodes concerning members of the same family and those submissively attached to the walawwa and their conflicts with the prominent personages of the village are conveniently unfolded in this story.

The womb of this story contains traits of our heritage, the salient features of our culture, the traditions we are endowed with and the indigenous medicine which was very much apart of our then way of life.
The above mentioned unique features have been brought into sharp focus in this work of art.
This story as it unfolds explicitly depicts the valiant endeavours made by the characters to protect the invaluable treasures endowed by us from the invaders and traitors who tried to gobble up this great land.
To achieve their treacherous ends, they manipulated a wide range of strategies in an obscure manner.
Many were their designs to do so by enlisting the help of the local opportunists and place hunters in this country.

The defiance directed against them by several patriotic people is highlighted in this saga.
The cast includes Nilanthi Wijesinghe, Robin Fernando, Paboda Sandeepani, Dhananjaya Siriwardhana, Ruwan Wickramasinghe, Sanath Wimalasiri, Giriraj Kaushalya, Umayangana Wickramasinghe, Dayadewa Edirisinghe, Ureni Noshika, Sujani Menaka, G.R. Perera, Madhuka Harshani, Janith Wickramage, Thusitha Weerasinghe along with many others.
Music directed by Kapila Pugalaarachchi, lyrics by Dr.Ajantha Ranasinghe, costume designed by Ajith Kumarathantri, art direction by Sampath Wanniarachchi, edited by Duminda Premathilaka, camera direction by Priyantha Pradeepkumara and produced and directed by Prasad Wijesooriya.
‘Pingala Danawwa’ is telecast on Sirasa TV on weekdays at 8.00 p.m.

The All New yesfmonline.com

Human connectivity is what radio is all about, even though that is not how the world likes to perceive this dinosaur of an entertainment provider.
From the inception of “Yes Fm” back in 93, they have had this in mind and even after launching yesfmonline.com several years back, they had to satisfy the drive and urgency in them to make radio much more personal than it was!
Let us face it. No one stays home based all their lives, plus technology was changing like Gaga’s hair-do!
And that is where the All New yesfmonline.com came in!

After years of extensive planning and creating, the All New yesfmonline.com was launched on July 27 at an exclusive launch party at the Cinnamon Lake Side, which a few lucky listeners were chosen to be a part of and three others winning themselves a high tech Ezy Slimbook Classic courtesy Ezy info tech.
This state of the art website although likened to several social networks that have become application jungles, is really, radio becoming alive and active on cyberspace creating a global playground for interaction and exposure of sorts!

Created for all Yes – Die hard’s, the site includes the chance for listeners to share their Yes-experience and interests like music, sports etc n post up links of all their digs!; Plus a chance for them to get to know what is going on the air on a daily basis, What is Hot on the PHAT 30, Posting, buying and selling on the market place, creating their own events, connecting with the Jocks while they are on air, take part in various interactive promos, requesting live and a whole lot more!
Not that they are bragging, but nothing really does come close to this easy to use, reality radio cyber platform!

Stop staring at this page already!...log on right now and check it out for yourself!

The West Wing on Channel One MTV

Channel One MTV will be launching The West Wing (Season 2 and 3), an award winning American television serial drama with effect from August 14. The drama will be aired from 8.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m. during weekends. Following is a brief synopsis and more info.

The West Wing is an American television serial drama created by Aaron Sorkin that was originally broadcast from September 22, 1999 to May 14, 2006. The series is set in the West Wing of the White House—where the Oval Office and offices of presidential senior staff are located—during the fictional Democratic administration of Josiah Bartlet (played by Martin Sheen).

The West Wing was produced by Warner Bros. Television. For the first three seasons, there were three executive producers, Aaron Sorkin (lead writer of almost all those first four seasons), Thomas Schlamme and John Wells.

It first aired on National Broadcasting Company (NBC) in 1999, and has been broadcast by many networks in several other countries.
The show received positive reviews from critics, political science professors, and former White House staffers. In total, The West Wing won three Golden Globe Awards and 27 Emmy Awards, including the award for Outstanding Drama Series, which it won four consecutive times from 2000 through 2003. The drama was popular among high-income viewers, with around 16 million viewers, a key demographic for the show and its advertisers.


Asin’s films banned in US!

Asin is in deep trouble. The Southern actress is already in the bad books of the South Indian Film Artistes Association (SIFAA) that has formed a joint consultative committee to decide on the action to be taken against actors visiting Sri Lanka. The actress recently visited Lanka to shoot for a Bollywood film ‘Ready’ opposite Salman Khan.

Along with SIFAA, yet another organisation has taken up the issue against Asin. The Federation of Tamil Associations of North America (FeTNA), an umbrella body of more than 30 Tamil organisations across the United States, has decided to boycott films starring the actress on the same grounds.
Palani Sundaram chief of FeTNA made it clear in a recent statement, FeTNA will boycott films of Asin because of her visit to Sri Lanka despite a ban by the Tamil film industry.”

But the actress is unperturbed. Asin claims that she did not flout any diktat of the Nadigar Sangam as she stayed away from the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) award ceremony in Sri Lanka. Asin sticks to her ground that she was in Colombo strictly for professional reasons.
Asin also reveals that she has spoken to SIFAA president Sarath Kumar and is ready to abide by the joint committee’s direction. Now only time will tell what fate the committee decides for Asin.

Bipasha has something new for her fans!!!

Bipasha Basu fans!!! We have some news for you guys. You can now be woken up in the morning with the voice of the Bengali bombshell by subscribing to a service being provided on Bipasha’s website.
The actress has added a couple of exciting features on her website. One of them is a cell phone service in which users can get tips from Bipasha on a variety of issues including health, fitness or relationship woes. There is also a wakeup call service. Those who opt for this service will get a morning wakeup phone call from the actress.

“I avoid shouting” -Pooja Pihal

The character essayed by Pooja Pihal a.k.a Shravani of ‘Pavitra Rishta’ is annoying people because of her shouting. Her unleash of anger on Archana (Ankita Lokhande) and Manav (Sushant Rajput) in the show is earning her irritation of the audience. But the truth is that the actual Shravani, that is Pooja, is not what is portrayed in the show. In fact, she is exactly opposite to what she is in the show.
While into a conversation with Pooja she says, “I do not like to yell and shout while I am angry. Most of the time when I get angry or I had a fight with someone, instead of shouting I keep quiet and control my anger. Actually I do not talk with anyone at that time and continue with my work till I get totally settled with my anger”.
This was all about your anger and shouting, but what about talking? “I do not even talk much. The pages of dialogues which Shravani gets to deliver are actually too much for me. Sometimes there are almost four to five pages of dialogue which I have to mug up and deliver non-stop, but actually in real life I never talk much with anyone in such a big length and fighting verbally is some thing not my cup of tea.”
From this whole conversation one thing can be said that ‘Dikhavepe Mat Jao, Apni Akal Lagao’.